Iodine found in leaves of damaged trees.

Blue discoloration from iodine in Ontario, Canada

Plant and tree destruction is advancing rapidly across the globe. Theories of causes of this damage include the vapors from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf or Mexico and the Louisiana sinkhole, ethanol combustion from autos, chemtrails, and radionuclides from the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe.

Blue spots on leaf in Maryland

The blue-black spots that frequently occur on the leaves of damaged trees can be explained by the action of iodine on starch in the leaves. When photosynthesis occurs, excess glucose is stored in the leaf in the form of amylose, which is a starch. This stores energy for later breakdown into sugars.

The well-known iodine-starch test is widely used to test for the presence of starch. Iodine in the form of iodide compounds enters the leaf. Most of these compounds are water soluble, so they may be found in rainwater. These iodide molecules fit inside the coils of amylose. In the presence of an excess oxidizing agent, these iodides revert back to elemental iodine inside the coils, and the complex turns blue or blue-black.

Blue color on leaf in Iceland

So what is happening?

1. Iodine is entering the leaf via rainfall. The iodine may come from the oil fields of Louisiana and the Gulf, or may be produced in the form of radioactive iodine from the ruins of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex.

2. An excess oxidizing agent is also present, in the air from ozone, or in the rain from more water soluble PANs (peroxyacyl nitrates), from the BP oil spill and/or the Louisiana sinkhole.

3. Together they show the blue-black colors where starch is present in the leaf.

There is no easy way to determine how much iodine is coming from the oil disasters in the Gulf area vs. from Fukushima. But it cannot be caused by burning ethanol in cars. It must be coming from one or both of these environmental catastrophes.

22 thoughts on “Iodine found in leaves of damaged trees.

    • Higher combustion temperature from ethanol could change chemistry of the burn.
      Then again, could it be that GMO-roundup-ready-derived ethanol somehow isn’t quite exactly the same as traditional ethanol, perhaps?

      PS: Silver Iodide; is THAT what all that residue is on all the dead leaves?
      I”M RICH!!! WOO-HOO! … … d’oh!

  1. Hey Gail! Glad you’re still with us. I saw your photos of all the tree damage on your website.

    I meant that I don’t think iodine is a component of combusted ethanol. There are not very many possibilities of how large amounts of iodine could end up in plants over such a wide area.

  2. Has anyone considered the millions of tons of could seeding / chemtrail / geo-engineering residue (ie silver iodide) that ends up all over everything?

  3. I have increased the amount of Lugol’s iodine that I take to 2 drops a day. The radioactive iodine I am picking up is as bad now as it was last January.

    Kinda coincidental that iodine is showing up in trees and plants, huh.

  4. Me, too, Bobby. The levels of iodine don’t seem to be letting up. I have had to increase my Lugol’s too. After trick or treating in the misting rain on Halloween, I also had the burning sensation in my sinuses that was at the worst for me in March. I read a comment on the nuke pro blog that someone in MA has been measuring radiation for years and just got 2000+ cpm. Thanks for this, brilliant.

    • NoNukes, thanks. Last year, we had a hurricane that cleared things up for 2 or 3 weeks afterward. This year, it cleared up before the hurricane. I went on a field trip with my son and was outdoors for 7+ hours. This is the longest I have been outdoors since 3/11/11.

      The jet stream got caught up in Sandy and dragged the radiation with it. So this time it’s worse after the hurricane. I’ve got post-nasal drip from hell along with swelling throat.

        • I’ve got the bubbling sound when I breathe…

          It’s not a cold or flu, because my kidneys get inflamed now even when I get a little common cold… it’s straight-up radioactive gas.

          • Linda also had what she thought was a head cold when she got a haircut Saturday… I’m like yeah right…eeek. I have called St Joe’s to see if they have a Rotorest or Rotoprone bed to put her in. Altho if a lay person suggests it, it probably won’t happen…cuz what do I know right?

            • Turn that IQair up… hey it’s gonna snow Wed. night too. Don’t track the snow into the house! It has 5 times more radiation in it than rain does.

            • I do have a humidifier, we use heaters called EdenPure. They don’t ‘burn’ the air up the way conventional furnaces or space heaters do. Nice!

  5. This year in Southern Alberta the fall leaves all had those spots. Never before have I seen that in my 41 years here. The apples from our tree also had what looked like burn marks around the stems, where the water from rain would have collected after rainfall. I would lean towards the Fukushima factor or the Chemtrails more then I would exhaust gas from Brazil. We don’t get much of that up over here.

    • I’ve seen a lot of damage to pine trees in the mountains along the west coast. Pine trees are more vulnerable to radiation than any other tree. Also palm trees are damaged all over the planet.

  6. The Gulf of Mexico poisons are making radiation damage worse in humans, too. Usually you hear that you should take anti-oxidants like vitamin C and quercetin to counter radiation effects. The GOM poisons like ozone and PANs are pro-oxidants, they potentiate radiation damage.

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