It was uranium poisoning.

It looks like my recent toxic exposure event, which started around May 5, was the result of uranium exposure. At least the symptoms are consistent with it. On April 21 and 22, explosions rocked a Japanese chemical plant in which depleted uranium was stored. In addition, the spent fuel pools at Fukushima contain a considerable amount of uranium-238 and -235. The uranium could have come from either or both of these sources.

Uranium is both chemically toxic and radiotoxic. It is a heavy metal which affects the kidneys and also causes neurological effects. My body is highly sensitive to heavy metals, due to an autoimmune disorder resulting from fetal exposure to radionuclides released from the Castle Bravo nuclear test. Nephritis and proteinuria (which was already there to some extent, but increased drastically) results from uranium exposure in rats. The proteinuria was way beyond anything I ever experienced. Briner discovered from experiments with rats effects on brain catecholamines, and reduction in DOPA, which might explain the strange cognitive effects, and also some of the skin effects I experienced. Anorexia and weight loss are common symptoms of exposure to uranium. The metal taste in the mouth I had is a common symptom of exposure to radioactive substances.

I’m sure there was a slew of other radionuclides too. I’m still dealing with fatigue… the last two days I have been crashing by 1 PM.

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  1. Hey Bobby,

    I need to become seriously regimented (per your request) in my ‘reporting’ to you daily on how I slept, and how I ‘felt’ etc, daily, so that you can begin a log by which we can perhaps see a pattern develop in regards to these particular toxins or what have you. I love you Bobby, Happy Father’s Day. Our son is an amazing amazing person. Morgan (sister) concurs….

    • Vgirl, there is a heat wave moving in, let’s see what happens by Tuesday or Wednesday. It will get hazy and polluted, and see if your pain & sleeping problems get worse or better when this happens. If you are R+ and can’t handle volatile organic-based pollutants, this will show up then.

  2. Bobby might it also be from plutonium?

    I think, but may be mistaken, that plutonium is even more radiotoxic than uranium.

    Japan reprocesses plutonium and has been stockpiling it en mass.

    I’ve been researching the history of their breeder program and the country has been reprocessing fuel (producing plutonium) for a long time and it no doubt is stockpiled in many places.

    I’ve written my argument here with some interesting citations you may find intriguing

    • majia, I’m not thinking plutonium wasn’t in there too, but the extreme proteinuria makes me think it is uranium which targets the kidneys. The cognitive effects too are consistent with uranium… this was more a sudden chemical poisoning event. Plutonium targets the liver, but I didn’t turn yellow.

  3. Hi bobby, I suffered for over 15 years with a curable condition that made me almost kill myself because to doctors it’s relatively uncommon and the treatments for what they “assume it to be” make it worse, so I went untreated, but the other day after fits and starts of research on trying to figure out what’s rongg with me “because I want to live for crying out loud” I found out what I have and it’s curable. 15 years of EXTREME torture and suffering.
    Funny story, they’d sample and confirm the bacteria causing my dogs itchy, stinky, wet ears for a $100 vet visit, but for me in CANADA I couldn’t even bribe a doctor with $1000
    I would have suffered till I died “naturally or otherwise” unless I figured it out by myself.
    There is a CURE!!!!!!!! for my horror and suffering, thank god almighty, praise the lord!

    • Believe me when I tell you if I didn’t have such a strong constitution, a will to live and incredible technological advances that I developed to build, I would not be hear, I had been on a razor’s edge for many many years but kept on going no matter what.

  4. It felt to me like when the u.s goverment infected southern u.s african americans with syphillis in the 70’s and then flagged their names so that they never recieved treatment for an easily curable condition and suffered immensely. SHAME!!!!

    • Yeah, we shouldn’t be surprised the government doesn’t give a damn about us, they have been doing stuff like that for decades, infecting people with syphilis, etc. They pumped a California subway with LSD gas as an experiment… then they throw people in jail for life for selling the same substance. This is the “nanny state”… but nanny is evil.

  5. I hasten to add, with that any many close brushes with death “growing up on the streets, construction industry, temporary labour, extreme sickness/malnutrition, attempts on my life, being hit and run by a truck while bicycling” I should be dead 7 to ten times over.

  6. Take solace in the FACT that through my lifetime of research and developing many things “holy smokes would be a correct description of what I’ve done”, under the auspice that “I can do better” I will be building prototypes of “thx to an inheritence in lieu of proper family” technologies that are aimed SINGULARLY AND SQUARELY at those who wittingly or not, are essentially DESTROYING /ALL “the whole gamut including even genetics!!!!!!!!!!!!”.
    I do not lie period, and that is final!
    They are in for a real treat, rightfully so and well earned I might add.
    Here’s hoping this is not an ELE as all life depends on it.

  7. That’s very interesting Bobby1. Are there any uranium (beagle) type tests?
    I agree with you that the kidneys are now involved! The protein waste is here, Yes,…the anorexia,…check,…….the CDD, “Cognitive Deficit Disorder” (Did I make that up?) 🙂 The skin issues, the sleep disturbances,….and of course,….the PROFOUND fatigue! Add to that people acting very strangely,….it’s all there! 🙁

    • Hey, StillJill! Uranium isotopes are 100x as deadly as iodine and cesium per becquerel. But it’s only 1% as deadly as plutonium. Uranium is an alpha emitter, it also goes into your bones, but it doesn’t stay there your whole life like strontium and plutonium. It will stay there a few years.

  8. I’m sorry about the most recent toxic event, Bobby. I hope that you are feeling better. Very disturbing to think about the uranium inside of us, but why wouldn’t it be? My friend who had hair analysis done showed high levels of uranium 238 last year. I was supposed to find a lab last year for Enenewsers (I remember majia was interested) that would test for Uranium 235 (and failed except for a random lab in Hungary). Today, I ran into this German lab that seems to be associated with Busby, and does testing for Cesium, Strontium, etc., it may be worth pursuing.

    I was a fool, and flew to Portland June 6 and back on June 10. From post on enenews: At 37,000 ft, we did a 10 minute average and it was 1, 060 CPM on the way there (6/6), and 1, 072 CPM on the way back (6/10). Our readings were very similar to those described on Enviroreporter back in January, Collins states that it is supposed to be about 200 CPM. Following Collins, we wore the N95 masks just in case they might help (my husband said, “we have now crossed the over the line into crazy”), but no one blinked an eye, it made me wonder how common it is now.

    I have been so sick since, had the “stomach flu,” thyroid swelling, swollen glands, fatigue, now 9 days later, finally feel better.

    Our lowest readings in Berkeley and San Francisco have been 32 CPM with sun and the highest 41.8 CPM with very light rain (6/4). Generally, about 37 CPM.

    • NoNukes, thanks, and I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well. Looks like the N95 masks didn’t do so well… but I wonder how bad it would have been without them.

      By the way, I am seeing people wear masks more often in public. It’s not crazy.

      I am hoping that the uranium came from the chemical plant explosion. If it came from Fuku, that means there is a fantastic amount of plutonium out there, and I shudder to think of what that means.

      • I saw a guy at the flea market Sunday with a mask…. and I am sleeping remarkable well for the past three nights…except a fit of painful gas and constipation that woke me because I ate a sandwich like two days in a row, shame for shame on me!!!!! gotta stick with those lentils! (A blood type) We don’t have high stomach acids. among other things. Eat right for your blood type is a good book. altho now we would have to alter our choices depending on the radiation etc..

  9. According to this, the amount of uranium in my skeleton is still increasing.

    Because of the AM’s efficiency in sequestering foreign particles, the intracellular dissolution dominates the dissolution process of the DU particles. The presence of the precipitation of dissolved uranium oxides as uranyl phosphates limits the amount of DU that will be uptaken by the organism, but it also ensures the permanent sequestration in the lymph nodes of a fraction of the precipitated insoluble uranyl phosphates. The estimated amount of uranium absorbed is not insignificant since the estimates of the total body burden of uranium in the human body vary from 2 to 90 ug (34,54). The amount permanently sequestered in the lymph nodes is 10% of the time-zero lung burden. The amount of uranium in the skeleton will monotonically increase for 747 days to a value of 0.11 ug and then will slowly decrease. Thus, 17 y after contamination, 5E-3 ug of DU will remain in the skeleton, while after 27.4 y the amount is 4E-4 ug. It takes a long time for the
    uptaken DU to vacate the body.

  10. Female army medic, 31, exposed to deadly uranium has weeks to live unless she can raise £100,000

    Katrina Brown, 31, was exposed to depleted uranium – radioactive dust in bombs in bullets – while treating injured comrades at a field hospital in the war zone in 2003.

    After years of failing health she was diagnosed with debilitating immune disorder so rare that neither the NHS or the MoD recognise or treat sufferers.

    Doctors in America told the brave Army wife she could have pioneering treatment in Chicago to reboot her immune system, but the life-saving procedure would cost a whopping £100,000…

    Four years later she visited her doctors because she was feeling constantly cold and numb, with aches and pains all over her body.

    She was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis – a condition provoked by proximity to toxic chemicals but not treated or recognised by the MoD.

    The rare disease of the blood vessels and immune system means her body produces collagen which binds the body tissues together, attacking and hardening her organs, skin and joints.

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