Japanese black substance in a cloud chamber.

This very informative video was made by an individual who built a homemade cloud chamber, and put a piece of the radioactive black substance in it (cyanobacteria & fungi), gathered from Katsushika, Tokyo.

The other day, were collected black substance when I went to Katsushika direction. Results of the measurement of the radioactivity concentration… it was about 100 000 becquerels per kg in the combined cesium.

Where it creates a cloud chamber together, was observed, it was confirmed the trajectory of the particle beam such as the image at the beginning.

(Observation conditions of the cloud chamber)
-solution ethyl alcohol, coolant dry ice
fragments of (black substance) 2cm about blue-green algae were collected in and observation target Katsushika Ward
how to create ※ cloud chamber is in accordance with the video reference but I used dry ice as a coolant. In addition, those white under the blue-green algae base of Styrofoam…

As shown in the following figure, beta and alpha, have the property that bends under the action of the magnetic field. However, since (holding such experimental environment is strictly controlled continuously in low temperature state, and the magnetic field) pretty hard personally, providing an environment to observe strictly This has taken an image of the I have finished the prima facie observation by.

This is a heads-up to Fukushima webcam watchers… try to see if there are analogous visual phenomena in videos from Fukushima Daiichi.


In the latest Pacific destruction news, 1000 Bq/kg of radioactive cesium has been found in suzuki fish (Japanese sea bass). This is 10 times the Japanese radiation limit for edible food.

150,000,000,000 Bq/m3 of cesium in an outside trench.

1,400,000 Bq/m3 of all-beta radiation in hole #3 (near reactor #3).

Building an underground wall to stop contaminated water from reaching the ocean may back up, damage the reactor buildings, and cause a catastrophic radiation release.

There are no technological solutions for these exponential increases in radioactive emissions.

A very informative interview of Yoichi Shimatsu by Jeff Rense: mp3 here.

12 thoughts on “Japanese black substance in a cloud chamber.

  1. I selected 3 videos from the previous days, done by LIVE CAMERA CHECKER:
    In one of them you can see the brightening up ot the sea side, but what is really frightening is that the steam comes from everywhere. You are right about this place falling apart. I think TEPCO released this information now on purpose, but is not new to them. Why now?
    -because it has become pretty hot outthere
    -because it turns the attention from the big problem at the moment
    And why do I think it is a long term problem, not in the worst stage just now. Because there was a temperature anomaly for months near the coast, and now it has disappeared:
    Just my point of view.

    • I’m sure that the ocean releases have been terrible all along. But my thyroid keeps telling me that the atmospheric releases have been bad. I know that this is not necessarily scientific, but I don’t need a scientist to tell me something is up. If you burn your hand on a stove, you don’t wait for a scientist to publish a peer-reviewed paper about it.. you draw back your hand immediately.

  2. This experiment video is fascinating. The particle beams (read: mass radiation) are the same as on so many web cams of Fukushima right now.

  3. Your analysis explains so much Bobby.

    Thank you.

    Spiking tritium, strontium, and cesium are alarming.

    Meanwhile, the liars are quite content to let us all be poisoned.

    The only thing that will direct global attention on this mega-disaster is another explosion and I don’t see that happening.

    • Majia, the nucler mafia is closing the accounts of the people, who make video records. First they stopped the records from their TEPCO camera, now – Kat and Livecamera Checker. After their own records stopped, the picture strated to become really ugly. I am sure they expected it. My be it can become even uglier.

    • Good to see you, Majia. This is a whole other level. The contamination is not dispersing or diluting in the atmosphere any more… it just keeps coming and coming.

      I replaced my son’s charcoal filter unit of his air filter today. My thyroid swelled just by handling the old filter. The iodine is horrendous.

  4. Published on Jul 13, 2013

    FOUND UNBURNED NUCLEAR FUEL! about 10 Km away from Fukushima Daiichi.
    This week Fairewinds Energy Education interviewed Marco Kaltofen, a leading scientist who studies radiation as well as specific radioactive isotopes. Marco and Arnie discuss a recent sample that contained highly concentrated radioactive material from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident. As the sound quality of this recording varies


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