Japanese Imperial Palace grounds 15 times more cesium than Chernobyl evacuation criterion.

This Japanese blog post reveals that contamination of the grounds of the Imperial Palace, home of the Emperor of Japan, is contaminated with 7.15 million becquerels per square meter of radioactive cesium. This is 15 times the amount which necessitated evacuation of contaminated areas near Chernobyl.

According to Wikipedia, “During the height of the 1980s Japanese property bubble, the palace grounds were valued by some as more than the value of all the real estate in the state of California.” The alien and evil force of nuclear continues to destroy our wealth, our historic institutions, our lives, and our future.

Fukushima Diary has a post about iodine-131 being detected in school lunch items in Hokkaido. The earliest date of detection was June 17, which agrees with the previous discussion here about a recent criticality event at Daiichi. Certainly my poor thyroid has been detecting this as well over the past couple of weeks.

The following heartbreaking video shows the death of horses at the Hosokawa horse ranch in Iitate, Fukushima prefecture. It describes better than words the hideous abomination of ionizing radiation, and how it destroys all life.


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    • California racing saw a sharp increase last year in the number of fatalities due to cardiac failures. Eleven horses were reported as having died in this manner during fiscal year 2012 (July 1 through June 30) compared with six for the same period in 2011 and four in 2009, according to a California Horse Racing Board postmortem annual report…

      A state lab has conducted necropsies on the all horses but has not determined a reason for the rash of sudden deaths.

      “We have not been able to find the cause,” said Dr. Francisco Uzal, with the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System (CAHFS), during a Feb. 20 meeting of the CHRB Medication Committee. “We have done extensive toxicological studies. We have done, of course, all sorts of other things—pathology and histology. We don’t know what’s going on.”


      • THOUSANDS of sheep have died across the Western District in recent weeks from phalaris poisoning.

        Vets have dubbed the condition “phalaris sudden death” but the causes are not yet fully understood and are different from the more commonly-known phalaris staggers.

        Part of the reason is believed to be a build-up of toxins in the plant over a long period of dry conditions in the lead-up to the autumn break.

        Livestock Logic vet David Rendell, who is based in Hamilton, estimated “thousands” of sheep would have been lost due to the phalaris sudden death outbreak …


    • Thanks, Gail!

      African-Americans are much more susceptible to valley fever. They blame genetics, but it is likely that it has more to do with health-deficient diets due to poverty.

      • “Genetics” seems a catch-all euphemism
        for the weak minded physician afraid to admit what he or she knows
        or what may be even more frightening to them (& thereby transferred emotionally to their patient staring him or her in the eye) “I do not know or understand”.

        Whatever happened to Epi-Genetics?

        I thought DNA was akin to a blueprint for possibility;
        the biological “machinery” above it
        the “switches” and “program” in action.

        WHO’s at the switch? I certainly hope not.
        They didn’t create them.

    • I am sorry, it was 3 days ago. The next night this glow was present again with less intensity, and the whole week looked nasty. Tell your relatives, friends, whoever might listen you.

      • Pure water, the vast majority of this radiation release is going into the ocean. It will hit California around 2016.

        But there also is a significant atmospheric component, which is visible on the cams. Cesium, strontium and tritium have all exponentially increased… no doubt uranium, plutonium, americium etc. are also way up. Plus a lot of the ocean contamination will make it back to the atmosphere and rainfall.

        • Was that glow in the direction of the CSFP?
          The cloud in the second video has the appearance of marine fog, yet it appears to come from a similar direction.

          WTF is going on?

            • Well, yes of course. All it will seem to take is a 7.0 earthquake or possibly less as time goes on. The odds of that happening within the next two years make such an event seem likely.
              As you’ve noted, corrosion is also taking it’s toll on concrete, steel, etc.
              The unstopping onslaught of emissions on and in land, sea and air are and will claim a price truly nobody can afford, let alone the awesome variety of life we respect.
              I’ve also started reading Mr. Busby’s latest chapter. http://cdn.intechopen.com/pdfs/44596/InTech-Aspects_of_dna_damage_from_internal_radionuclides.pdf
              I think my testes shrank whilst reading what is contained within.
              I understand that there is no lower limit that is safe for ingestion of the numerous isotopes released, somewhat reminiscant of “asperwhatsit” – formerly the “pet project” of one Mr. Rumsfeld.

              Yet when i look at the latest videos, it is still there.
              Respectfully, is there something that i’ve overlooked?

              • Though i might experience a horrible and painful death of my flesh body while witnessing all my loved ones suffering mortally, i will remember those people in the spirit of forgiveness.

                Remember the book of Habakkuk in KJV (and the WWII “ship”).

                “For the vision is for an appointed time, but in the end it shall speak, and not lie:”

                Lean on Him in troubled times. Praise Him in good times.
                Seek Him and find His answers.

                Don’t take my word for it. Study and show yourselves approved.

                • “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” Hab 2:14

  1. On March 26th 2012, The Atlantic wrote:
    “The 78-year-old Emperor Akihito had insisted on attending the memorial service, though he had been released from the hospital for heart bypass surgery less than a week earlier. While the emperor is technically just a figurehead, he is still deeply revered here.”

    “It is rare for Emperor Akihito, an accomplished biologist and the world’s leading authority on certain species of Gobi Fish, to publicly take sides on any subject other than biology. It is said that his love for the sciences is partly due to the ease in which his colleagues can disagree with him. The reverence he commands in other spheres is so strong that, when it comes to politics, his opinion is considered a constitutionally guarded state secret. His normal silence only adds to the weight of his rare public statements on such matters.”

    “Live daytime broadcasts of the event contained the whole speech and newspapers printed it in its entirety. But, by that evening, all of the major news programs aired edited versions of the speech without his nuclear comments, which also went unmentioned and undiscussed on the heavily watches news shows. The vast majority of Japanese, who don’t watch TV news during the day, missed the comments entirely.

    Blogs and chat-rooms quickly filled with angry accusations that TV networks were censoring an important communication by the Emperor to his people at a time when his guidance is most sought.

    “Seriously?! They’re even going to whack the Emperor’s Words? ”

    “It’s so disrespectful for the media to cut the most important part of His Majesty’s speech, especially as he delivered it under such physical strain.”

    “Asahi News cut the Emperor’s words just like NHK did! This must be the Government’s work… This is the height of censorship!”

    By March 20, nine days after the emperor’s speech, outraged Japanese held a demonstration in front of NHK, the State sponsored TV network, protesting the apparent censorship.”

    You can hear his words, subtitled and with pictures and video of some of the damage in the above link.
    (Note the bus atop a two-story building at 1:52)

    His Majesty, Emperor Akihito said:
    “As this earthquake and tsunami caused the nuclear power plant accident, those living in the designated danger zone lost their homes and livelihoods and had to leave the places where they used to live. In order for them to live there again safely, we have to overcome the problem of radioactive contamination, which is a formidable task.”

    “It is important for us to never forget this disaster and hand down the lessons we learned to future generations and foster the proper attitude towards disaster prevention…”

    • The Emperor of Japan is a divine figure in indigenous Japanese mythology. This site indicates the correspondence between Japanese iconography, and ancient Hebrew and Sumerian iconography:


      From the Japanese anthem “Kimigayo”:

      “May the reign of the Emperor continue for all generations and for all eternity that it takes for small pebbles to grow into a great rock and become covered with moss.”

      The grounds of the Emperor’s home are not only contaminated now, but plutonium, americium and neptunium will continue to contaminate it for thousands to millions of years. All it took was nuclear power to destroy forever what is regarded as an eternal divine institution.

      • [quote]Roswell of UFO incident was YAP- gene[/quote]
        Is there in existence a people where an extra digit on their extremities is indicated as dominant or recessive trait?

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