Japanese radiation symptom reports.

Fukushima Voice has published the August 10, 2012 summary of results from the FRCSR (Fukushima Radiation Contamination Symptoms Research) project. To quote some of the salient points from this excellent summary:

As I have stated from the beginning and as I insist on stating repeatedly, physicians in every specialty medical field all over Japan need to acquire understanding and discernment in regards to medical care for radiation exposure: this is an obvious and urgent matter…

At the present time (September 2012), we are beginning to see health effects on thyroid gland and leukocytes (white blood cells), and onset of cancer: This fast progression is understandable when considering the effect of potentially involved radionuclides. In addition, the fact that an abnormally prominent increase was seen in complaints of bone pain, which quadrupled from January to February, and muscle pain, which doubled from February to March, is thought to reflect the effect of high-concentration/high-dose radionuclides…

The number of symptoms per person increased from 4.9 in January to 5.6… Each category showed an average rate of increase of 1.1 to 1.2 times since the previous survey result. Categories whose rates of increase exceeded the average rate of increase are: upper gastrointestinal system including vomiting and nausea at 1.3 times; tumors including pituitary adenoma and cystic tumor at 1.4 times, and endocrine system mainly related to thyroid gland at 1.6 times.

Reports of tumors have begun to come in. There has been a rapid increase of endocrine symptoms, which might be a preliminary stage before tumors appear. In addition, there have been multiple reports of pediatric thyroid cancer from the Kanto region and the Metropolitan area, 250 km away from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power station. In other words, even before a diagnosis of thyroid cancer is established by physicians, it seems that cancer was germinating and growing within one year of the Fukushima nuclear accident. In Chernobyl, pediatric cancer developed over a period of 5 to 10 years after the accident; but in the case of Fukushima, it appears that canceration took only one-third of the time. The effects of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accident on human body revealed an onset of cancer within one year to one and a half year; the speed of symptom progression is three to five times that of Chernobyl.

In the thyroid examination conducted on 38,114 Fukushima children, 13,460 which represented 35.8% of the total examined had thyroid nodules and/or cysts. In Chernobyl, 5% of the population had some physical findings/symptoms one year after the accident: In Fukushima the occurrence was seven times as many as Chernobyl in one year. Consequently, in comparison with Chernobyl, it is estimated that the speed of onset of symptoms would be 3 to 5 times faster and the number of cases would be more than 7 times as many.

From the beginning of the survey up to this month, symptoms constantly increasing include fatigue, sleepiness, headaches, dizziness, eczema, urticaria, pruritis, epistaxis, canker sores, sore throat, chest pain, cough, sputum, and diarrhea. In menstruating women, almost 100% have reported symptoms such as irregular menstrual periods, hypomenorrhea, and amenorrhea.

In addition, from winter to spring, there were unusual increases in all types of infectious diseases, such as an explosive spread of influenza, food poisoning such as E. Coli O-157 in rainy season, rubella, mycoplasma pneumonia, chlamydial pneumonia. (Refer to the Infectious Disease Surveillance Center at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases. http://www.nih.go.jp/niid/en/) It is possible to attribute an increase in infectious diseases to depressed resistance, but on the other hand, these symptoms could be attributable as early symptoms of leukemia. It is a pathophysiological fact that Merkmal of leukemia includes fatigue, cold-like symptoms, and bleeding tendency such as easy bruising and epistaxis. If the recurrent cold-like symptoms since last year are due to changes in white blood cells, the number of future leukemia cases might be beyond our imagination. Already there are many reports of abnormalities in white blood cell count and neutrophils…

Regarding childbirth, a birth weight of less than 1,500 grams is defined as a very low birth weight baby. There have been several reports of abortions for fetal weight never exceeding 1,000 grams. Also there has been a baby born with a birth weight of 1,000 grams with a hole in the heart. And there are other reports of premature births and miscarriages. It seems that the number of abortions is increasing…

The central nervous system effects include such symptoms as lassitude with fatigue, memory decline/loss, forgetfulness, agraphia, loss of mental calculation, motor dysfunction such as falling, but it is difficult to collect data because they may not be aware of changes in their own characteristics other than what they can perceive themselves for self-reporting. However, this issue is actually more serious than specific physical symptoms. It is speculated the number of these cases might be as many as or even more than the cases with physical symptoms. This constitute an extremely large social issue as Japan continues a process of restoration from now on…

The second-generation and the third-generation descendants of Hiroshima/Nagasaki atomic bomb victims report miscarriages, stillbirths, pneumonia, cancer, thyroid diseases, epistaxis, Kawasaki Disease, joint pain, cystitis and hematuria. It is speculated that sensitivity to radiation might be high when ancestors have been exposed to radiation. It is truly unforgivable that these people are exposed to radiation again.

I believe these symptoms are already occurring in the USA, with equal severity, but with a lower rate of incidence. The west coast is a few months behind Japan, the east coast is a few months behind the west coast.

The FRCSR blog summary (in Japanese) has the symptoms broken down by type. Skin symptoms are the most prevalent, with whole body symptoms such as malaise, heat and drowsiness a close second. Yours truly has skin symptoms #1 also, with whole body (fatigue), swelling (inflammation), eye (floaters and lens clouding), and endocrine (thyroid) also present, along with many of the other symptom categories.

I should also add that Raleigh, North Carolina experienced beta radiation 500 times normal last Saturday. On the EPA Radnet graph, beta was extremely elevated, but gamma radiation did not jump. It is likely that these radionuclides included sulfur-35 (rotten-egg smell), and strontium-90, which are pure beta emitters, and krypton-85, which is about 99.5% beta. The rainstorm currently in the southeast US, and moving towards New England, is likely to contain dirty radioactive rain. Please use an umbrella if you go out into it.

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  1. hi I am from the UK 31yo female, living in nagano, this year 2013 from the beginning of Spring started to have strange symptoms, many of which were neurological. i havent been to the doctor, something told me not to even bother because the symtoms are too various its hard to tell which doctor to see. I want to know more about how other Japanese people are affected as noone in my area are willing to talk about it, they brush it off as nothing, as if they were alseep. I have had twitching in my body for the past several months, numbness in hands every night in bed, numbness in half of my face, iron taste in my mouth, awful pains in the back of my ears, nausea, to name just a few. please help!

    • Hello Caroline,….I sure hear you LOUD and CLEAR! 🙂 Good for you,…the cry in the night! You are so not alone! I am NO expert Caroline,…but I concur with you on what your symptoms mean,…and the reaction you will get from MD’s! Sadly!

      I just heard your message here and simply HAD to reply!

      There are some solutions to help your ‘quality of life’. I think that zeolite, iodine, magnesium, and alkalizing minerals and foods, along with sea veggies safely sourced would be PERFECT starts! 🙂

      We’re here to help in ANY way we can Dear One!

      StillJill (Jilly) Be blessed, not stressed,…not easy,…but simple! 🙂

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