34 thoughts on “Kevin Blanch with StillJill, Vgirl, and Bobby1.

  1. yup… excellent conversation, and Kevin only started recording halfway thru the excellent conversation… ppl don’t know.. ppl don’t know…

    • I should have stabalized the camera when I realized Kev’s arm was not the ideal tripod… but hey, the audio is clear, and concise and chock full of pertinent information. beautiful and again, beautiful

    • yes! over a course of a few days, we were emotionally spent the day he left from attempting to digest all he imparted to us. Thank you Kevin, and thank you Bobby for the day you said, “Hey, check THIS guy out”…a couple of years ago…

    • Bobby I am so grateful to have found you. Despite the horror that confronts all of us, it is the bravery of people like yourself (and company) that makes life living no matter how it ends. I have accepted the reality of probable early death. For me it is now about the journey. You have made this journey more peaceful.

  2. I am a whole new Activist,…Cancer Patient,…and Fully Conscience Human Being AGAIN now with Kevin Blanch’s infused, SUPERCHARGED power!

    Kevin Blanch is THE Johnny Appleseed of Anti-Suppression! He travels without a net,…and speaks without notes. I WAS MILKTOAST,…..but not anymore,…….:-)

    He makes me want to be a better Steward of This PRECIOUS Planet!

    My thanks go to VGirl! This was ALL her baby! The rest of us THINK Kev’s too busy,…VGirl said,…”What if?” Then she called him,…..having never even emailed him before,…so she was a total stranger!
    Her FAITH,…..like flying to Cali. to pick up a total stranger, (me),…and drive for 6 days,…spend $2,000 of her OWN money,…….Well,….as I’ve said for almost 27 years now,…”God takes care of FOOLS and DRUNKS, of which I’ve been both”!

    I am in AWE!

    • ha! I am both! a fool and a drunk, so go figure! STILL not flyin by the seat of my pants the way Kevin does… He’s got me beat hands down!

      • That’s EXACTLY the PURPOSE I was going for!!!!!! πŸ™‚

        You’ve retrofitted my heart many sizes bigger than I knew it could stretch! You ALL have! And I thank you so!

    • drfox!! Yes!!! It was EXACTLY on point! That was the abbreviated version of what was being said Tuesday in DC!!!! But hey, we let a few ppl elaborate…. πŸ˜‰

  3. You are beautiful souls! This conversation is sharing the wisdom of the heart. If only people have listened to it from time to time…
    On the other hand, may be there is a chance – we do not know enough to give up. You are the positive examples how to come out of the impossible. The old story about the grain of hope comes to my mind. Thank you!

  4. lookin at Kevin’s discussion page, going down down, and ran into this…..many ppl were saying that their comments weren’t going up, or that they were suddenly
    ‘unsubscribed’ from Kevin’s page without doing it themselves and the like…

    Vgirlification1 year ago

    is there anyway to get this to work”? i can’tο»Ώ leave you the blog address of my son’s dad’s fuku page…

  5. just found another one…funny now, not so funny then…

    Vgirlification1 year ago

    i shit you not, they do not want youο»Ώ to have the blog address

    • Vgirlification1 year ago

      i have attempted about ten times, the only messages of mine that go up are the onesο»Ώ WITHOUT the blog address in them. just look up Bobby1’s blog. that is the name of the page, see if that works for you

  6. Yes,…there are ‘games afoot’!

    Pissin’ off the Devil, and cheatin’ the hangman all in one fell swoop!

    We LOVE our jobs too! πŸ™‚

  7. What forces of light, truth and love! Every real revolution started around a kitchen table. Thanks for your bravery and generosity. πŸ™‚

  8. I don’t come on your blog nor comment nearly enough Rob. Over the last couple of years I’ve had so many meaningful conversations with Kevin on the phone and I hope it has meant as much to him as the words meant to me. Great to see the people I respect meet up to exchange stories and recharge inspiration as this fight is so draining emotionally, mentally and ultimately physically. We need to draw strength from the positives whenever possible.

  9. I am so blown away by this video. Kevin – you brave warrior, Jill you too and Bobby I just met you and will be living on your blog. Hero’s all.

        • Thank you so much. I am so inspired I have tears in my eyes having found such incredibly decent people in a world I thought they no longer existed. This blog bring me so much comfort (thank you Bobby) that I have been inspired to pen a New Years piece of writing that I will share when completed.

          • You do our ‘ragtag army’ a great Honor Sheri,….for we know not what ‘we’ do! You bring a fresh perspective,….ALIVE with gratitude. We are indeed weary! So,…damn girl,…”WELCOME AGAIN”!!! πŸ™‚

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