LaSalle nuclear plant radioactive release.

Lightning struck the LaSalle nuclear power plant in Illinois Wednesday during a thunderstorm. The plant lost offsite power and venting of radioactive isotopes was commenced. Potrblog has posted a video, and apparently radioactive rain leaked into his basement and caused elevated Geiger counter readings indoors.

There is a cold front moving across the eastern part of the country, with associated rain and thunderstorms. It is likely that radioisotopes from this nuclear release have been caught up in this cold front.

Stay out of the rain!

2 thoughts on “LaSalle nuclear plant radioactive release.

  1. Nuclear power… what a scientifically advanced technology, huh? Lightning and rats can cause things to go haywire. With spent fuel pools near major metropolitan centers like New York, Boston, and Chicago, and enough radioactivity in them to wipe out the whole populations, simple things like lightning strikes and rat chewing cause cause unprecedented catastrophes.

    What a sword of Damocles is over our heads every day from this insanely dangerous technology.

  2. Slightly off topic,…but has anyone else thought about that fertilizer explosion with a radioactive eye? I have. Straight away. Our pot fertilizer,…NOT MINE,…I use compost and organics,…but EVERYONE else’s it seems,…is SO BLOODY HOT, HOT, HOT,……tested out in the 10’s of thousands! KaBOOM!

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