Latest Fukushima plume is not going away.

On July 18 I posted about the latest Fukushima plume, and how it may have been the worst since last September. Well, it is still raging and getting worse. Majia has good info and links about recent webcam activity. I said earlier that, having come down with ME, I’m not a canary anymore, and I can’t tell about radiation, with all the noise coming from my body due to this radiation-caused disease… but I had an outbreak of dermatitis this past weekend. I don’t usually get this skin disorder, but skin symptoms (psoriasis) have always indicated radiation plumes in the past. My immune system has changed, and so now it’s a different skin disorder. Half of my eyebrow hairs fell out, too.

EnviroReporter has a good summary of the latest beta radiation figures from the EPA monitors:

U.S. Radiation Report 6 August 2014

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  1. Nuclear fuel found 80 miles away from Fukushima Daiichi.

    “[Breaking] NHK admitted pieces of nuclear fuel and reactor vessel flew to at least Ibaraki prefecture.”

    In the early morning news flash of 8/9/2014, NHK announced that pieces of nuclear fuel, fuel rods, reactor pressure vessels and the internal structure were blasted to at least 130km away from Fukushima nuclear plant.

    It was 2μm diameter particle. The ball-looking shape proves it was molten in high temperature and quickly cooled down. The particles contain Uranium, Zirconium etc, which are the same material as nuclear fuel and the structure inside the vessels. These were collected from 3/14 ~ 3/15/2011 in Tsukuba city Ibaraki prefecture by the study group of Science Univ. of Tokyo.

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