Latest Fukushima plume. Worst since Sept. 2013?

Lots of alarm bells ringing. Fukushima Diary has a story about a spike in radiation after a small earthquake. This is corroborated by many other monitors nearby Fukushima. Majia has been reporting on increased webcam activity. I saw on Facebook that radiation levels in Taiwan have risen, and there are high readings in the Midwest US. And there is this reading from a rain sample in Alberta, Canada:

Radioactive Rain – July 17 2014 – 11:20pm

4.98 μSv is pretty bad. Probably 25-40 times normal background. There were previous spikes this year in January and May, but this might be worse. The Aug-Sept 2013 release was really bad. It remains to be seen if this new one is worse. I haven’t looked at sludge data yet.

I can’t tell anymore from my own health. The ME swamps everything with its own signals. Autoimmune disease was so easy then.. relatively.

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  1. Yes. We in the Midwest may think we are escaping the radiation, but we are not. We are surrounded by nuclear plants, nuclear labs, and waste dumps. The gulf stream current blows right over us from the west. The other day I saw a red squirrel with a pure white tail. Its body was the normal color, but its tail, from the root to the tip was snow white. People are sick and blame it on viruses and allergies. I’ve long realized that flora allergies are the trees and plants attempting to get rid of radiation through their pollen and oxygen releases.

    • I agree with Weez,……everything is ‘attempting’ to ‘off-gas’ this DEATH CLOUD! Watching life struggle On is beautiful in a heartbreaking sort of way! “We’ run “The Good Race”! 🙂

      Still eating apple pectin, zeolite, and other purifiers/detoxifiers,….etc

      But,….I have ‘ceased FIGHTING’ this NOW natural flow.

      Nameste! As they say, eh? 🙂

      He said to, “Be of good cheer-I have overcome the world.”

      So let’s do a little Happy Dance, just for shits ‘N grin’s, eh? :-).

      • I don’t know if you are following the world situation… but if the radiation wasn’t bad enough, the Antichrist is taking over too…

  2. Oh yes, Jill, it is heartbreaking, oh so heartbreaking. There is no way to escape it. The food—where is one to buy food that is not contaminated? I try, like the rest of us who are running the good race, but just try to buy food off the grocery shelf that isn’t from California! The water tables are contaminated now, and water aquifiers permeate one another throughout the world. My friend bought a new Toyota recently and wouldn’t listen to me that many of its parts come from Japan. Even this tablet I’m typing on is manufactured on the east coast of China below Japan, and the other main tablet maker is in South Korea, even closer to Japan. And what about all the radiation we don’t have a clue about? It is everywhere; perhaps in those areas that we may hope to be the safest are really the worst. Who knows what dumping, accidents, fallout, etc., have gone on, and are still going on everyday, most of us know nothing about and never will.
    I applaud people like Stock, who are prolonging their existence perhaps for a bit longer by going off the grid. But one must have health, support, knowledge, money, time, relative youth, and the ways and means to do that. How many of us have that? There are those who might disagree with this last statement. But I would then suggest to them, “Either you still have your health, or perhaps you aren’t really off the grid.”
    And I applaud you, Jill (and Bobby, too, I think), for having ceased to fight this “now” natural flow. Surely, if there is strength, THAT is it!

  3. Cobalt-60 is produced by free neutrons interacting with structural materials like steel. A certain amount of this is due to normal reactions in a properly functioning spent fuel pool. Elevated levels indicate criticalities have been occurring.

    It looks like Units #5 and #6 are the main culprits this time.

    Japan Newspaper: Leaks plaguing Fukushima No. 5 reactor — Experts: Indicates “deterioration in the system” — Report: Water contains up to 3,000 Bq/liter of Cobalt-60, had been used to cool spent fuel (PHOTOS)

  4. Yes,…..5 seems to be in meltdown. #6 too? I hadn’t heard that,….by my, ‘Spidey Senses’ concur! I am also hearing that the chemtrail cocktail has been TURNED up about a hundred notches too. I foresee organ ‘failures’ from lymphatic congestion to be the order of the day by fall. Remember,….no beagles died for 3.5 years post Pu inhalation. We’re not there yet from Fuku ’til Sept. 11th. Go figure!

    My last chihuahua was up throwing up ON me all night long. 5 loads today. This is how she was all of 4/2011. I too,….am having flashbacks of 2011. Even my G/I bleed I had for 5 months in 2011 is back now.

    Thanks Weez,……I am surrendered, but will NEVER stop fighting personally. My voice and pen,…(this thing),……is our BEACON to the suffering. Thanks Bobby1 for this blog,… helps! 🙂

    Glad you’re still a canary too-BTW! 🙂

    My misery LOVES your company Rob!


  5. Okotoks, Alberta was apparently where those readings in the video were gathered.

    Was there any coincidence with forest fire generated smoke over the last couple of days, where PM2.5 was predicted to be greater than 300 ug/m3?

    Quote: “The youngest needles and branches contained higher (137)Cs and stable Cs than older ones” [in Chernobyl]

    Looks like my commentary on Stock’s site concerning smoke hasn’t made it through moderation yet.
    Bioaccumulation &/or biomagnification of Fukushima’s deadly goop is not to be underestimated, it would appear.

    Have to go now & observe radio silence, my freedom is at issue now (unrelated to fukuppy) & “sword” of truth my weapon. d’oh 🙁

    • This is a common theme that will continue for a long time to come in articles, that of “record radiation detected”.

      So bitterly disappointing that Vancouver seems to have completely buried their heads in the sand, so to speak.

  6. Massive spikes of radiation have been occurring in Fukushima prefecture for at least the last couple of weeks. It seems that all radiation sources are involved. The radioactive contents of all units and pools, both underground and aboveground, seem to working in unison. This is very disturbing.

    • Perhaps wildfire has added to that via oxidative rearesolization.
      A general lack of black houselfies, crane flies, and squirrels is evidenced here. Few seem to care (about much of anything really), as these are generally considered pests. Waiting for salmon returns, though have to pass on it, as i heard allegation that all will be generally contaminated from their 4 years in the ocean after the record returns of 2010. Somebody gift Alexandra Morton a USB-connectable Geiger Counter, a meat slicer and a dehydrator, s’il vous plaît. That would most likely be a better investment that a bucket of lies from Kelp-Boy, imho.

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