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The Helsinki cesium-137 spike. 2016/03/10

The anti-nuclear movement. 2015/11/28

Smoke rises from the Sendai nuclear power plant in Japan. 2015/08/16

Another fire in Chernobyl exclusion zone. Increasing I-131 and emissions at Fukushima. 2015/07/02

Iodine-131 detections in Finland and Norway preceded by detections in Japan. 2015/05/21

Chernobyl forest fire plume now on the US west coast. 2015/05/08

Largest forest fire since 1992 endangers Chernobyl nuclear plant. 2015/04/28

No corium in Fukushima Unit 1 reactor vessel. 2015/03/19

Fuku+4. Cancer rates start taking off. 2015/03/10

My research on myalgic encephalomyelitis. 2015/03/04

Tumors in sea turtles, Japan. 2015/02/22

Radiation as the cause of my persistent viral and neurological illness. 2015/02/18

ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) is not chronic fatigue syndrome or SEID. 2015/02/13

Cold weather and radiation. 2015/01/29

WIPP kitty litter theory takes another hit. 2015/01/16

‘Second Chernobyl’ may be underway in Ukraine. 2014/12/30

Why the International Consensus Criteria for ME needs to be immediately adopted. 2014/12/18

Limbic kindling vs. central sensitization in ME. 2014/12/11

New criticality in Japan. Not necessarily from Fuku. 2014/11/29

Uranium hexafluoride release tonight at Honeywell Works, Metropolis, IL. 2014/10/26

WIPP plutonium release next Monday, Oct. 20. Restart of contaminated fan. 2014/10/17

Fukushima radioactive contamination is rapidly warming North Pacific seawater. 2014/09/18

Ketogenic diet for M.E.: Can it really be this simple? 2014/09/09

Enterovirus 68 may cause polio-like paralysis in children. 2014/09/08

WIPP cover-up. 2014/09/06

Sick for the last 5 months. 2014/09/01

Hot rain moving through US and Canada with levels similar to 2011. 2014/08/20

The Pacific Genocide. 2014/08/11

Latest Fukushima plume is not going away. 2014/08/07

Elevated TSH levels among California newborns after Fukushima. 2014/07/30

How ME and radiation sickness has altered my mechanism of thinking. 2014/07/22

Latest Fukushima plume. Worst since Sept. 2013? 2014/07/18

Origin of M.E. disease process in the immune system. 2014/07/09

The canary died. 2014/06/30

Fukushima AIDS, part 4: ME/CFS. 2014/06/20

Uranium hexafluoride releases at Honeywell Metropolis Works, May 2012. Part 2. 2014/06/16

Uranium hexafluoride releases at Honeywell Metropolis Works, May 2012. Part 1. 2014/06/13

Every answer about WIPP provokes more questions. 2014/05/30

Fukushima activity is on the rise. Health update. 2014/05/14

Plutonium release figures from WIPP may not be fake, but simply irrelevant. 2014/05/09

Unfiltered plutonium release at WIPP for at least 20 days. 2014/04/24

Why minimum detection limits for radionuclides are misleading or wrong. 2014/04/15

Japanese sludge & more health problems. 2014/04/08

Revised WIPP map, Fuku event, skin eruptions. 2014/03/21

Homemade radionuclide concentration maps. 2014/03/18

Fuku+3. Voices from Japan. 2014/03/11

Continuing radioactive releases from WIPP. 2014/03/09

Latest Fukushima event. Health effects from WIPP in TX and OK. 2014/03/04

Plutonium release from the WIPP radioactive waste facility. 2014/02/22

What isotopic ratios from the Unit 3 debris fragments tell us about the explosion there. 2014/02/15

Iodine-131 surge in Japan. Strontium-90 nightmare. 2014/02/07

Excessive cesium-134 at Daiini. Evidence of criticality there April 2012 or after. 2014/01/30

Radiation plume from the Perry nuclear plant in Ohio. 2014/01/22

Cesium-134 and iodine-131 in Australia? 2014/01/11

Fukushima AIDS, part 3: Protracted radiation exposure, the immune system, and cancer. 2014/01/09

Unit 3 steaming and the latest plume. 2014/01/01

Radiation and the metallic taste phantom. 2013/12/26

Iodine-131 rises in Chiba prefecture. 2013/12/19

Cesium-136/-137 ratio demonstrates radiation releases from spent fuel pools. 2013/12/12

Strontium-90 is main component of beta radiation in groundwater. 2013/12/08

IAEA tells Tepco to dump Fukushima into the Pacific. 2013/12/05

Airborne radiation and congenital hypothyroidism of California newborns. 2013/12/04

Association of fibromyalgia symptoms with beta radiation levels. 2013/11/29

Radiation in American air and rain continues to rise. 2013/11/26

The Castle Bravo nuclear explosion of 1954. Part 1: The Adelaide, Australia earthquake. 2013/11/21

Some things learned from the radiochemistry symposium. 2013/11/14

New radioactive plumes from Japan. 2013/11/11

Informative banners and graphics. 2013/11/09

Kevin Blanch with StillJill, Vgirl, and Bobby1. 2013/11/07

Nuclear fuel was in the Unit 4 reactor on 3/11. 2013/11/07

Council of Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples Statement on Fukushima. 2013/11/03

Fukushima headlines 10-29-2013. 2013/10/29

Contaminated air mass over the United States. 2013/10/24

Cesium and cobalt-60 in US Pacific coast seaweed. 2013/10/20

Cancer at Malibu, California High School. 2013/10/16

Possible dual criticalities at Fukushima Daiichi. 2013/10/10

Radioactive silver in seafood caught off Japan. Cadmium risk. 2013/10/04

Email exchange with Bruno Chareyron, head of CRIIRAD. 2013/10/01

Fukushima headlines 9/27/2013. 2013/09/27

Radiation plume after Japanese earthquake. Iodine-131 cloud reached France. 2013/09/21

Radioactive Japanese fish. 2013/09/18

Tepco admits to releasing false radiation figures for 2 years. 2013/09/14

Religion & spirituality discussion. 2013/09/14

Fukushima headlines 9/12/2013. 2013/09/12

Substandard tank construction at Fuku. 2013/09/07

Iodine-131 from latest criticality. 2013/09/02

Contaminated water flowing into the sea. 2013/09/01

Fukushima headlines. 2013/08/27

New criticality. 2013/08/24

Thyroid cancer increase in Fukushima, vitiligo starts appearing in Japan. 2013/08/20

Apparent criticality in Fukushima unit 3 leads to Japan NRA outing Tepco for radioactive leaks. 2013/08/14

Pacific moisture movement over US. Hawaiian coral reefs dying. 2013/08/07

Strong earthquake rocks northeast Japan. Sudden radiation spike. Tepco lies again. 2013/08/04

Upsurge of iodine-131 in Japan. Daiichi on fire? 2013/07/30

Fukushima emissions now exceed April 2011 levels. 2013/07/27

Tepco finally admits radioactivity leaking into the sea. 2013/07/22

Record high geopotential heights over Washington, DC. 2013/07/16

One million hits. 2013/07/14

Japanese black substance in a cloud chamber. 2013/07/12

Masao Yoshida, RIP. 2013/07/09

Japanese Imperial Palace grounds 15 times more cesium than Chernobyl evacuation criterion. 2013/07/02

Enormous increase of cesium-137 in white rockfish. 2013/06/23

Strontium-90 and DNA damage. 2013/06/20

Children bathing in rain pools. 2013/06/15

Fukushima endgame in progress. 2013/06/10

Mutated cherries in California. 2013/06/06

Electrohypersensitivity from cell phones and cell towers. 2013/05/27

Take Action at Fukushima: An Open Letter to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. 2013/05/19

Supplements and treatments I have tried since Fuku. 2013/05/13

Secondary maximum of cesium emissions, Nov 2011 – Apr 2012. 2013/05/03

Xenon detected by CTBTO, blamed on North Korea. 2013/04/23

Mutated plants, fungus, dying trees (2013 edition). 2013/04/20

LaSalle nuclear plant radioactive release. 2013/04/19

EPA now allowing 27,000 times the previous limit of iodine-131 in drinking water. 2013/04/10

Radioactive black fungus in Japan, blowing to the US. 2013/04/05

THC induces fear extinction in humans. 2013/04/03

Molten corium-concrete interaction at Fukushima. 2013/03/31

“Ibonishi” sea snail disappears off coast of Japan. 2013/03/27

Strontium-90 in the Pacific. 2013/03/23

Freedom of speech ends in Britain. 2013/03/20

Power outage at Fukushima Daiichi. Spent fuel pool cooling stopped. 2013/03/18

Iodine-131 spike in Rhône river water, France. 2013/03/16

Transfer of radionuclides from sea to atmosphere and land. 2013/03/14

My reaction to the Fukushima symposium in NYC. 2013/03/12

Fukushima AIDS, part 2: Chronic radiation sickness. 2013/03/07

General discussion. 2013/03/06

Doctors ‘cure’ baby with HIV infection. 2013/03/04

Fukushima AIDS, part 1. 2013/02/26

Important Chernobyl videos. 2013/02/23

US government doctors injected patients with plutonium. 2013/02/20

Increasing thyroid abnormalities and cancers among Fukushima children. 2013/02/15

Sick doctors and crashing birth rate in Japan. 2013/02/12

Lessons of Chernobyl, with Dr. Alexey Yablokov. 2013/01/29

Auschwitz on the Pacific. 2013/01/24

5 deaths from acute leukemia in Soma City, Japan last year. 2013/01/15

Maryland requires alternative options to smart meters. 2013/01/10

Black substance destroying Hawaii’s largest barrier reef. 2013/01/04

Latest criticality in Unit 2. Plume on the way. 2013/01/02

Chinese MOX reactor possible meltdown in October 2011. 2012/12/28

The Twelve Days of Nuclear Christmas. 2012/12/24

Fungi from Japan transported into USA, in spring 2011. 2012/12/19

AIDS: I smell a radiation-whitewashing rat. 2012/12/15

Deadly meningitis outbreak in 2002 also caused by radiotrophic fungus. 2012/12/08

Huw Lloyd-Langton, RIP. 2012/12/08

Earthquakes today. 2012/12/07

Increasing nuclear chain reactions at Fukushima. 2012/12/04

Iodine-131 in France and Switzerland. 2012/11/30

CTBTO data shows daily releases of iodine, barium & tellurium. 2012/11/27

Curium detected in Tochigi prefecture. 2012/11/26

Radiation-eating fungi. They kill trees and they kill people. 2012/11/14

Radiation in rain not going away. 2012/11/13

Preliminary thoughts on the global tree die-off. 2012/11/10

Vermont town to anti-nuke protesters: Don’t pee. 2012/11/09

Enormous radioactive contamination in Fukushima City. 2012/11/08

Awesome anti-Fuku metal tune. 2012/11/07

Hurricane Valerie? 2012/11/06

Iodine found in leaves of damaged trees. 2012/11/03

Hurricane Sandy and dying trees. 2012/10/26

Global radioiodine cloud spreading? 2012/10/24

Plant destruction in my backyard. 2012/10/21

New radioactive plume moving through US and Canada. 2012/10/21

Misshapen almond kernels in California. 2012/10/18

Biosphere effects of Fukushima and the BP oil spill (part 2). 2012/10/13

Biosphere effects of Fukushima and the BP oil spill (part 1). 2012/10/13

Carbon-14, tritium and plants. 2012/10/08

External radiation danger from GAC filters in RO systems. 2012/10/05

My kidneys are acting up, dammit. 2012/10/03

Dying trees. 2012/10/01

US is conducting Z-machine tests on plutonium. 2012/09/29

The latest Three Mile Island nuclear boo-boo. 2012/09/25

Radioactive isotopes in the Japanese black substance. 2012/09/24

Another crime against humanity. 2012/09/23

Radioactive fallout killing foliage. 2012/09/18

Japanese radiation symptom reports. 2012/09/17

Testament (1983). 2012/09/13

Something stinks in California. 2012/09/11

Uh oh. 2012/09/09

A simple question. 2012/09/08

Black smoke coming up out of ground at Fukushima. 2012/09/05

List of symptoms since March 2011. 2012/09/05

Too tired for links & why do trusted pundits lowball Fuku? 2012/09/04

Iodine-131 just keeps on coming. 2012/08/31

Contaminated yogurt from New Zealand. 2012/08/29

Hurricane Isaac brings some radiation relief. 2012/08/28

Lijon Eknilang, Marshall Islands activist, RIP. 2012/08/26

Autism and radioactivity. 2012/08/22

Katie the radioactive goat, RIP. 2012/08/21

Time lag to sickness and death after nuclear catastrophe. 2012/08/14

1.3 billion killed, maimed, or diseased by nuclear activities. 2012/08/11

Radiation uptake in edible plants. 2012/08/08

Uranium in sardines off Japanese coast. 2012/08/06

Iodine-131 on the rise again in Japan. 2012/08/04

31 times as much Iodine-129 than I-131 from Fukushima. 2012/08/03

Thomas Merton on the final crisis. 2012/08/01

Dr. Chris Busby: Entomb the reactors or have ‘Mad Max’ scenario. 2012/08/01

Fukushima global radiation spread. 2012/07/30

Autism and increasing sensitivity to toxics in every generation. 2012/07/28

‘Hysterical female’ high school students were actually poisoned with pesticides. 2012/07/25

Radiation in Russia. 2012/07/19

The Canary Party. 2012/07/17

Radioactive contamination spreading across the Pacific. 2012/07/11

The mystery of the extra xenon-133. 2012/07/09

Excess mortality for selected US cities in 2012. 2012/07/07

Iodine-131 levels in Japan remain high. 2012/06/30

Chris Busby, uranium and sensitivity-related illnesses. 2012/06/28

Dust from demolition of unit 4. 2012/06/26

Enormous radiation spike in Fukushima prefecture. 2012/06/24

Radioactivity outside the jet stream. 2012/06/20

It was uranium poisoning. 2012/06/17

The Indiana high radiation event. 2012/06/12

Adventures with radiation in food. 2012/06/09

Recent health issues update. 2012/06/05

Recent health issues. 2012/06/02

Canaries. 2012/05/31

Iodine-131 on the increase. 2012/05/28

Radioactivity in the jet stream. 2012/05/27

The escalating pandemic of chemical sensitivity. 2012/05/24

Radioactive contamination of US beef. 2012/05/22

Excess deaths in the US in 2011 after Fukushima. 2012/05/18