List of symptoms since March 2011.

I have compiled a list of symptoms I have experienced since the beginning of the Fukushima catastrophe. Some of them were common prior to this, due to autoimmune disease, and I have listed them if the severity of these symptoms is over and above what it was prior to March 2011. I’m sure I forgot some of them. They are in no particular order.

Keep in mind that I spend most of my time in a house with quality air filtration, and I have changed my diet to mostly imported food. It is likely that the radiation dose I have absorbed is less than that of an average American.

Severe back, neck and leg pain
Severe psoriasis symptoms
Swollen thyroid
Swollen mouth
Metal taste in mouth
Tingly tongue
Kidney inflammation
Inability to concentrate
Sleep disorders
Abnormal dreaming
Weight loss
Hair loss
Heel spurs
Nail discoloration
Loose teeth
Macular degeneration
Lens clouding in eye
Eye pain
Flashes in vision
Migraine headaches
Sore throat
Chest pain
Slurring of speech
Decreased muscle coordination
Skin discoloration
Racing heart
General flu symptoms
Cold sores

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  1. Bobby, So sorry that you are experiencing so much discomfort. Have you tried supplementing with magnesium at all? Just a thought as some of the symptoms might be helped by a high magnesium dose. I realize it is all more complicated than just adding another supplement. Perhaps some black strap molasses would help with the energy levels. I hope you find something that quells the pain.

  2. shinethelight, thanks. Today was a better day. This is because I was good yesterday in taking my supplements, I have been slacking. Drove to the city to pick up imported deli meat, and went through the trouble to make lamb curry later.

    My problem is I have too many supplements to take already. I’ve got Australian bee pollen I got for my son, I should be taking it too.

    • I am so sorry that this list exists. Bobby1, shinethelight has me on this magnesium spray, I have the “Life-flo” brand for now. It does help me sleep, I think, and it is good to skip swallowing another pill, because I am not a fan of pills.

  3. You need to say what you are doing to deal with the problem. What approaches are you using? Are you allergic to any of the horrible things in American food? What kind of cleanses/detoxes have you tried, and how did they turn out? When did the problems begin? Is there any evidence of EMF sensitivity?

  4. That deserves a long blog post. I will say that I spent all day investigating how to reduce prolactin, which is a major component of the skin symptoms and fatigue. I am thinking of ordering hydergine from Europe, which directly increases dopamine and reduces prolactin. I try to stay away from pharmaceuticals, but this seems relatively benign compared to most of them.

    Dopamine decreases in the brain are caused from heavy metals in the environment, in this case radioactive heavy metals like uranium, plutonium and lead-210. I can’t see how anyone, healthy or not, can avoid this without avoiding these heavy metals in the first place, and it is hard to avoid them completely.

  5. Anne with a very nice link on Enenews:

    BARC officer claims to be radiation victim

    MUMBAI | 30th Mar 2013

    “A retired scientific officer from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai, who has joined the anti-nuclear protest at Jaitapur, claims that he was a victim of radiation during his tenure at BARC. R.K. Gupta, 73, was handling the plutonium department at the plant for 15 years.
    “Gupta, who stays in Deonar, in the neighbourhood of the BARC plant, says that he first realised he was affected by radiation in 1980 when he was working as a scientific officer in the plutonium department. ‘At first I noticed patches on my skin that oozed water and blood. It wouldn’t stop and I later found out that it was psoriasis, which later developed into skin cancer. Despite knowing this fact, BARC authorities continued to let me handle plutonium and ignored the fact that I am contaminating the surroundings and becoming sick,’ he says, showing the effects of radiation on his arms, stomach, back and behind his ears….”

    • It should be said that there is a large outbreak of eczema in Japan. This is a disease similar to psoriasis, except that it is a Th2-dominant immune disease, while psoriasis is Th1.

      Th2-dominant is an underactive immune system, with a reduced number of natural killer cells. Th1 is an overactive immune system, with a reduced number of Treg regulatory T-cells. Both are immune deficiencies.

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