Mutated cherries in California.

Recently I have been navigating through a pea soup of brain fog. Unfortunately, this has affected my posting here. I try to do original research here, and typically do quite a bit of browsing in order to buttress my arguments. But now, by the time I do the research, I forget what I wanted to post about.

The image comes from a Japanese blog post. Apparently, a lady moved to California in order to escape Fukushima radiation in Japan, and she provided the photos. It doesn’t seem to be much, if any, better on the west coast of the US as it is in central Japan.

A comment on the asyura message board which discussed this issue refers to dandelion mutations on the east coast of the US:

I live East Coast of the United States. Stem of a flower in the garden or band so there is a malformation and Dattari two at the nose on one stem of the normal one here as well. But, nuclear power plant in the United States are also shut out every time a power outage or flood as someone is you say, and obvious problems are also reported several times. Now the scary, but I do not any further information always. There is also a possibility of radionuclides from Fukushima, but do not forget that there are nuclear facilities and nuclear power plant large amounts of United States.

Certainly, ordinary emissions from nuclear power plants in the US are contributing to this. But the amount of mutations seems to be unprecedented. I don’t recall seeing this discussed after the atmospheric nuclear tests of the 50s and 60s, many of which occurred in Nevada, and proportionately contaminated the US to a higher degree than the rest of the planet. So it seems that we are far beyond this. Chris Busby and the ECRR estimated that over 60 million died of cancer as a result of these tests. And this is just cancer, heart disease would have claimed even more lives.

There is more discussion of plant mutations in America at Mutation Watch.

21 thoughts on “Mutated cherries in California.

  1. StillJill here on vgirl’s PC.

    Great,…eye opening article Bobby1! Having just left Cali,….I MUST concur! 🙁

    California is already brain dead!



    • I must also cast my vote having just been there for a few minutes… yeah, it’s over on the west coast. Poor Japanese woman, she needs to head to the southern hemisphere like we all should…

  2. 60 Million plus ….you would think people would be up in arms. Too bad the bread is so tasty and the circus-life so sadly entertaining.

    • The bread is radioactive and the sociopathic clowns kill children.

      Warning people about radiation is not funny, and has no entertainment value whatsoever.

      • the ‘world’ thinks it is hilarious. i mean how can we be so nuts as to believe a nuclear plant burning to the ground for years could possibly be affecting anyone?….I have had some pretty severe responses from ppl after mentioning it.

    • Thanks Chas! I had missed that video before.

      I had a previous post about deformed almonds:

      The situation in California is like the contaminated regions near the Chernobyl plant. The produce from California is shipped all over the US. It is possible for me, through careful shopping, to obtain imported produce… but I am getting too ill to put the same effort into it, that I have for the past two years.

      • California almonds, walnuts, filberts, etc.

        All are not fit for human consumption, those being exported from California, in my own humble opinion. They have more in common with plastic than nature, IMHO.
        I am not a fan of pasteurized nuts, let alone the bulk processes used in that southern State. How much chemical am i supposed to consume to make me “healthier”?

        Makes me wonder what it is they do to peanuts in other southern States. I would hope the Honorable Jimmy Carter would know and relay fact.

        PS: my fasciated volunteer Leeks are back!
        [NOT RADIATION EFFECT] as per Mochizuki’s humor.

  3. I have gone to growing my Heirloom veggies indoors under my 1,000 watt grow lights! Finally,…I am supported and encouraged to do so! I have lettuce, tomatoes, kale, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts that came up. Now,….it’s time to Master the learning curve and pray that others follow suit.

    One good day of clean food can make our thinking straighten right out.
    This we must do in order to both survive and/or guide others toward surviving also.

    This is no longer a Public Service Announcement. This is a warning from the Father.

    I love you ALL!


    • Thanks always for your heartfelt survival, Jill!!…
      It’s commendable that you finally made a move. I had been hoping for you to take off from Cali, but it was to no avail?… I’m so glad you found a safer spot and you sound well!! 🙂

      I luckily have not been ill, although I’ve noticed a bit of gray hair creeping in. Uh-oh, I understand that hair follicles are one of the only areas that are most vulnerable on an adult?? I’m now washing up with filtered water only. It’s hard to keep up the discipline and a good attitude, but I feel protected from a higher power, thus far! 😉

      Good luck & take care!~

  4. I went to Publix Groceries Store this afternoon and they had these cherry’s there, I saw none as bad as these but did see a noticeable amount that were a bit deformed to lopsided compare to red cherries there ~ most people that would not be aware would not even have a clue !

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