My kidneys are acting up, dammit.

My left kidney is aching pretty bad. The uranium poisoning episode in May produced massive pain and an insane amount of proteinuria. In 2008 I think, I had a series of kidney stones pass (two weeks). One of them had a jagged edge (I saw it), and I got an infection. My doctor said if I didn’t immediately go on cipro, I would be dead in two days. So my kidneys were already messed up, and then I got exposed to uranium, which primarily damages the kidneys.

I don’t know if this is a stone, or if it is inflammation. I got the flu a couple months ago, and the kidney pain kept me up a couple of nights. So I now have autoimmune kidney disease.

Vgirl is picking me up some hydrangea. Hopefully this will help.

There are anecdotes about home remedies on the web… here is one of them:

This is what worked for me. In a blender mix aprox. 10 oz of cooked canned asparagus, 4 oz of lemon juice and 4 oz of olive oil, add distilled water until it is drinkable. Drink all of this with 2 ibuprofen and a massive amount of distilled water (2 liters) every four hours. It tastes horrible but it is better than staying up all night crying and bargaining with God. My experience with this was after about three hours the pain stopped and after the fourth glass I passed some nasty sludge and small gravel and the stone was gone. I’ve suffered stones for six years, hospitallized once (the first big one) and pass about two per year, the largest was 11mm and the average 6mm. The above mixture has worked as stated on my last two stones. I should note that this is for idiots like me without insurance, otherwise I strongly recommend going to the doctor. Good luck.

I am an idiot without insurance too, and I can’t take ibuprofen, taking one Advil makes me bleed for 3 days. Hopefully the hydrangea will work.

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  1. Well, I took the hydrangea and the pain has gone away. But I put some pomegranate seed oil on my skin, too. Hopefully this was just transient inflammation. I really don’t think that I could deal with a kidney stone right now. I have been holding off on taking pectin because I don’t want the heavy metals to be chelated now, and passing through the kidneys… I was gonna wait a while for this.

  2. Bobby1,….I think that home remedy sounds like a DANDY! Quite close to the Liver/GB flush,…only tailored to the kidneys! Brilliant! I hope you will try that one Bobby1!
    How do you do on Knudson’s concentrated cranberry juice? I just bought a bottle today in fact. Had a blood composition test done today,….the 6th in two years with this one outfit. Today,…they found abnormal ‘lung’ cells,…and a bad fungal infection. Protein not being absorbed well, and TONS of uric acid in my blood. Not too many white cells,…who should have been in there to ‘clean-up’,….so it’s off to the Doctor for me I suppose. But not until I try a few things myself! 🙂
    I am thinking out of the box again,……’fringe-type’,…”Zapper” therapy in fact. These viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc,……are getting the upper hand with me,….and it sounds like you too Bobby1. This makes me a little ‘nuts’,….but I will hold my head and heart together,…..that’s what will lead us out of this one! (And the Big Kahoona of course!).

    Love you guy6s,…gotta fly!


    • Jill, I was just reading about something like that last night! I ran across it researching mold. Some people reported feeling great afterwards. I bet that we all join you in the abnormal lung cells and fungal infections at this point. Don’t let the bastards get you down. 🙂

      • Bobby1, a friend who is our (amateur) naturopath, recommends Chanca Piedra, he takes the Whole World Botanicals brand preventatively.

        Also, years ago, my husband had pain and did the “broccoli cure” (basically boiling a head of broccoli and drinking the juice and eating the broccoli, you could just steam it 3-4 minutes instead), and got rid of the pain and a kidney stone easily, the recipe above reminded me of it.

        Also, shinethelight’s rec of the magnesium spray is important, I have been forgetting about mine.

    • Hey Jill! I have a ‘zapper’ and have used it in the past. I say go for it. It made my skin look younger in days and also the skin of the cripple dude who used to live with us. It is an interesting idea.

    • shinethelight, I’ve thought about a donate button. I might have to do that at some point, but I’m not quite there yet.

      I tried baking soda when I was having that series of kidney stones a few years ago. I ended up with another one. I do realize that I have to get more alkaline, though. A low pH will remove calcium from bones and make stones more likely.

  3. WOW,…did I die and go to heaven and not know it? Am I in a parallel Universe?
    Someone just ASKED to make a contribution? Shinethelight,….you have shown the light!

    Made my day!!!! O.K.,….there REALLY are still a few good humans! Pheeeeeew! It was getting scarce out there again! 🙂

    Love and blessings!

  4. Bobby,

    You might consider putting an explanation of your medical problems and symptoms somewhere that we can read. Your health may be too precarious to simply recommend, as an example, chanca piedra for kidney stones. Another example is a liver/gallbladder flush. Those are very tough on folks in a weak state.

    Really, though, you need to find a good practitioner who can see you. So many things can be discovered from touching acupressure points or looking into the eyes and at the tongue. A lot of medical matters can have several possible explanations, and we can’t tell on the Internet. You can’t go too wrong with things such as Dr. Apsley’s suggestions for radiation detox, and general herbs that are based on Dr. Christopher’s work.

    Finally, many things depend upon your schedule and finances. I like the Russian high-tech equipment from their space program called the Scenar or the better version, Cosmodic. But they are expensive. In the case of your schedule, many healing regimens lead to being unable to work properly. Is that an option?

    • I am SO in agreement, it can be dangerous to just start winging it with any therapies we have heard work. It is a total-body situation. We just want to know ‘who’ to go to. There is so much bull being shoveled around, and then the price is astronomical. Thought and prayer. Maybe you can get a ‘revelation’ from above on who to go to or what to do next Bobby.

    • WOW, I just looked at that website Ozawa, I am liking the Solaris Blanket for Bobby, myself, and our son. Bobby… let’s get on it, I am seeing different prices, but cannot seem to find out just want the metallic lining is made of inside the blanket. Maybe Lenny can make one ;), you know him! There’s probably sheets of it somewhere at Metro in dumpsters….

  5. Alkalising can be achieved with lemon water. The body converts the lemon drink into an alkaline solution. There are the Alkaline water filters.
    Pharmacy purchase of Chlorophyll mixed with water to detoxify and alkalising.
    And the baking soda, The baking soda Cancer treatment should be mixed with 1 part baking soda without metallic additives and five parts pure Maple Syrup or Molasses. simmered over the stove and stirred to produce an mixture that can be taken up to three times per day tea spoon per dose.
    Both of these are natural alkaline sugars that are supposed to trick the cancer cells into taking the Alkaline BiCarb soda into the cell and as Cancer cells do not like alkaline environments they are according to claims prevented from growing as Cancer feeds on Sugar. But the difference is Alkaline sugar solutions trick the cancer cells. As Cancer cells have tough protein walls conventional treatments often fail to get past the cell walls.
    H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide 1.5% food grade treatment for stage 1 and stage 2 cancers to oxygenate the cells. Stay away from Gold Cross brand as they have placed Phenacetin into the mix without labelling it. Phenacetin is a Grade 1 Caner causing agent like asbestos. In QLD there is a health place that mixes H2O2 with Colloidal Silver much better option as Colloidal Silver is an antibacterial, Fungal or anti biotic. Used in bandages and some military socks to prevent foot odour. Promote faster healing where anti biotic s do not work.
    Lots of Information can be found on some anticancer and Natural health or alternate health web sites. With Chemo and Radio therapies unless the Oncologists get it right and if the cancer cells do not mutate during treatment you are taking the risk of having more harm or death eventuate.
    I had two parents die from cancer while getting the Radio and Chemo therapies. Conventional therapy combined with medical stuff ups caused their deaths at faster rates.
    The reason Doctors say if you survive up to 7 years you are in the clear and remission is due to our bones that rejuvenate or replace all the cells on a seven year cycle. They do not explain this I had to research and found some information that linked the two.

    Since the bones make the blood cells this seems to be a key factor.

    A friend of the family has survived cancer 3 times using alternate treatments including herbs and juices and recently the Vitamin C protocol. However, she did have relapses now she has to be on a dialysis machine as her kidney (had one removed) are virtually at below 40% functioning capacity.
    Foods and diet.
    My brother in law just had lung cancer stage 1 and had it surgically removed. One chemo therapy session almost killed him after surgery. I advised my wife to tell him to go alternate and ask my nephew to translate some of the information I gave them to take back to China. He did and went to see a Chinese herbal Doctor. After a few treatments, his condition improved, he gained weight and was walking around no signs of cancer and no problems after four months.
    Berries, Asparagus and almond or apple seeds look up anti cancer foods such as fried tomatoes.

    This is only a guide with no guarantees.

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