My reaction to the Fukushima symposium in NYC.


I am too pissed to talk about it right now.

UPDATE: Whew. I appreciate the input of Mangano, Mousseau and others. Joe Mangano’s paper on infant hypothyroidism is very good, and I have a good idea on the massive amount of work he put into it.

It’s too bad we couldn’t hear about the 22,000 excess deaths of Americans in the first 14 weeks after the Fukushima disaster. After all, this was Mangano’s research too. Instead we got to hear somebody talk about 2,000 max deaths worldwide. Hmmm. Who was the moderator that said the hypothyroid results was the first evidence of medical harm in the US from Fukushima? What about 22,000 dead people? Is this not medical harm? (I found 53,000 dead in America for 2011.

And we heard about the Stohl data and how they use atmospheric models and CTBTO data to estimate the Fuku atmospheric release. But NONE of these papers include ANY mesaurements of radiation in the upper air or jet stream, no weather balloon or aircraft data. ALL these papers assume NO radiation went into the jet stream. But here ( we find radiation off the chart in the jet stream. There have been measurements from people in airplanes who found their Geigers have very high levels of radiation displayed. And the rain and snow measurements, too plentiful to mention, also attest to this (

And the nonsense about 80% of Fuku radiation went into the Pacific is just that. This also assumes no radiation in the jet stream.

Mangano, Mousseau and Yablokov are courageous researchers. So is Majia Nadesan. But I believe that this symposium proves the ABSOLUTE INABILITY of academia to deal with this crisis. Enenews, Jeff Rense,, Majia’s blog, this blog all have mountains of info in them pertaining to the US radiation situation. This conference was by and large, sadly deficient in presenting even simple facts like mutated sunflowers in California. It was a “business as usual” thing that degenerated in standard anti-nuclear nostrums (and some pro- ones) and wasn’t even about Fukushima anymore.

It is a cover that misleads people into thinking that somebody in Authority is actually doing something about Fukushima radiation in the US. Basically a cheap fraud.

When Helen Caldicott started her anti-nuclear crusade in 1980, there were 245 nuclear power reactors in the world. In 2011, there were 435 of them. And the world is still in hostage to nuclear weapons, the sword of Damocles still hangs over our heads. Helen Caldicott’s career has been an abject failure. Go away, Helen.

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  1. Thanks for writing this, Bobby1, I felt the rage, too! Maddening. In the Q&A it seemed like the others would go out of their way not to let Yablokov speak.

    My take-away from what I saw was that Fukushima is a tiny little problem in the corner, not a matter of aerosolized plutonium and uranium, etc., circling our heads for the known future, lapping on our shores, deposited in water we drink and our food through rain and snow, etc., into our lungs, into our placentas, into our bones and brains, etc., disfiguring and killing our babies, and our parents, our neighbors, and our friends.

    • NoNukes, I don’t know this, but it certainly appeared to me that Joe Mangano was told to not talk about Fukushima deaths in the US. Mangano got the hell out of there as soon as his talk ended.

  2. Rage here too. But not about the conference, about this post.

    I think this is the stupidest thing I could read about the conference. Let’s shoot ourselves in the foot, guys. Way to go !

    Exactly what David Freeman was saying.

    First, a conference CANNOT gather it ALL.

    Second, this conference was intended (quite obviously) to try and make AMERICANS aware the POLITICAL need for change. David Freeman said it times and times again. He was very direct and clear about it. Helen Caldicott also.

    If people want more info, they have the DAMN NET !

    Let’s analyze:these paragraphs :

    “It was a “business as usual” thing that degenerated in standard anti-nuclear nostrums (and some pro- ones) and wasn’t even about Fukushima anymore.

    It is a cover that misleads people into thinking that somebody in Authority is actually doing something about Fukushima radiation in the US. Basically a cheap fraud.

    When Helen Caldicott started her anti-nuclear crusade in 1980, there were 245 nuclear power reactors in the world. In 2011, there were 435 of them. And the world is still in hostage to nuclear weapons, the sword of Damocles still hangs over our heads. Helen Caldicott’s career has been an abject failure. Go away, Helen.”

    “Business as usual” ?? Like, this happens every day ? Once in the US, Once in France, Once in Japan ??? And then Canada, the UK ?

    “standard anti-nuclear anti-nostrums (and some pro-ones)”
    WHAT ? Oh well, here, I think we have someone who knows SO MUCH about the problem that he TOTALLY forgets that MOST people do not even have a hint of what the problem is . 0.03% of the French in the streets of Paris last Saturday… And it’s even worse in the US.

    “It is a cover that misleads people into thinking that somebody in Authority is actually doing something about Fukushima radiation in the US. ”
    Of course NO ONE with Authority is gonna do sth ! THEY NEVER SAID THAT at the conference. NONE OF THEM. They pointed to the contrary. The said PEOPLE NEED TO GET INVOLVED. Listen to David Freeman’s interventions for Christ’s sake !

    “a cheap fraud” Shoot !!! REALITY CHECK MAN ! They were far ahead of anything you can get mainstream.

    “Helen Caldicott’s career has been an abject failure.”
    Right here, I am enraged. Damn it, that woman has spent years rowing against the tide ! When I first saw her on YouTube, I was like: “wow, someone who has an academic position AND DARES !” This is such an unfair critique.

    “Go away” That how you thank someone for trying to unite people around a major cause.

    I am DISGUSTED with this type of reaction. It is TOTALLY COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE.


    • Cécile, thanks for your comments.

      I don’t give a FLYING FUCK about political ramifications.

      My concern is with children, the human race and the planet ONLY.

      Caldicott is an albatross around the neck of all three.

      • Hey Bobby, same concern here.

        What do you think you can achieve by not giving a fuck about politics and policies ?

        Has being angry and active outside of the political realm changed something ?

        This is the world we live in… you’re not gonna change it BEFORE the radiations hit us, because they have already.

        You need to gather A WHOLE LOT of people for things to change. And by pushing away people like Caldicott as irrelevant, you are going to lose “troops” instead of uniting a front. We ABSOLUTELY need to push our ideas in the political field (politics is not a bad word, politicians may be) because we live in states that are lead by groups of politicians and finance corporations.

        • The anti-nuclear movement has achieved nothing, repeat NOTHING, since 1980 since this fake decided she was the queen of it. If you want unity, get rid of Helen Caldicott.

          Let her retire to a sheep farm in Australia, where she doesn’t have to breathe plutonium particles like we do in the US.

          Somebody has to take the fall for the disgrace in New York… who else should take it, but the individual who caused it? I don’t blame Brenner, or Gundersen, or anyone else there.

          • I’ll watch the lectures I missed before I answer you.

            I think your approach is far too negative. You totally obliterate the MIGHT of the nuclear lobbies. (and the other ones that are intricate with it). It is similar to the might of the racists. They still rule.

            • I’ll agree with you there about the racists. The nuclear cabal is probably intimately tied up with them.

              Perhaps what I am looking for is a Fukushima truth movement. Sort of like the 9/11 truth movement. They didn’t accomplish much either, but they did do some investigating and published names and addresses of some of the perpetrators.

            • Cecile,
              Bobby is simply a decent man in this country with a son who has been noticeably affected by these catastrophes as well as himself, and is pretty much pissed after all the BS. I have personally watched him and his son suffer the effects of nuclear bullshit and this being his personal blog, I stand clear and let him rant. I get your idea that we all need to ‘stand together’, however political maneuvers aren’t going to accomplish shit. They are all bought and paid for by Tide, Febreeze and the like. Neatly packaged for your consumption (to your detriment). All ‘conspiracy theories’ are from crazy ppl.. etc… well. count me in among the crazy. Bobby, love you, love our precious son. Thanks for keepin on no matter how frustrating or ‘futile’ it may seem. You are helping individuals. Many crowns are awaiting you to throw at your Savior’s feet on that glory day. It’s gonna take you awhile. I’ll be there to hold your coat….

                • oh Jill, not sure I even have a coat to hold! but even THAT’S ok!!!!! I got two arms, one for Bobby’s coat, and one for yours…
                  Bubba will be holdin our keys!!!!! to our pleasure trailers….

  3. We are living in a nuclear nightmare. It is not the time for rhetoric. We should all be in emergency mode. It is not time to be polite or politically correct. Not the time to sweep things under the rug to make pretty. The rug needs to be flung far away to expose the truth.

    Bobby has dedicated much of this blog to understanding how we biologically deal with the nuclear assaults.

    We need the brightest minds from all walks to pitch in and share ways to survive this holocaust being waged against humankind and all of God’s treasures on this earth.

    When you see a burning building with women and children trapped inside you ACTIVELY aid the rescue. You don’t sit your ass on the sidewalk and intellectualize the horror when you are the one with ladder and the fire hose.That constitutes an abject failure.

    • shinethelight, thank you for your eloquent summary. You said what was in my mind better than I could.

      I want to talk about a SUCCESSFUL campaign to reduce or abolish nuclear. That is, the campaign to end the aboveground nuclear bomb tests in the 50s and 60s.

      A concerted campaign was organized with the best minds of the time.

      Albert Einstein – He developed the theory of relativity. The microprocessors we rely on nowadays would not be possible without this theory. He was an eloquent opponent of nuclear weapons and testing.

      Bertrand Russell – World-class mathematician and philosopher. He was a famous agnostic who nonetheless sang gospel songs when he was marching with Martin Luther King to end discrimination against black people.

      Linus Pauling – World-famous chemist, recipient of two Nobel Prizes.

      Thomas Merton – Contemplative Trappist monk who was the author of the runaway best-seller, “The Seven-Storey Mountain.”

      These individuals represented the cream of scientific, intellectual, and religious thought at the time. They and many others had enormous credibility. They put pressure on President Kennedy, who in 1963 announced the end of nuclear testing and the establishment of the CTBTO.

      What about now? There are no more people like this. Or if there are, they are not famous. The CTBTO itself has become corrupt, and is part of the problem.

      What we DON’T need is self-satisfied mediocre eggheads talking about rehashed crap, while the house is burning down. There has to be MORE CREDIBILITY. Or else something else has to happen with ORDINARY PEOPLE to reverse this NOW. There is no time left.

  4. You know who informed everyone of this catastrophe in the Japan Times years before it happened, in 2004? Leuren Moret.

    What did she do after it happened? Begged people to leave Japan AND the United States, to go to the Southern Hemisphere. When there is aerosolized plutonium flying by, what other ethical thing can you do? The more than half century of studies on poor beagle dogs show that inhaling plutonium is deadly.

    What did Caldicott do? After the evidence was already published in Lithuania, the study that identified that aerosolized plutonium made it as far as Lithuania…

    After the FOIA NRC documents were released, with the transcripts clearing indicating that the spent fuel pool of reactor 4 was “gone…”

    A year after Jaczko said…

    “We believe that secondary containment has been destroyed and there is no water in the spent fuel pool…”

    …a year afterwards, then Caldicott announces to the world that if spent fuel pool 4 collapses, she will evacuate her family from Boston.

    So what does this imply?

    1) That her relatives in Boston are perfectly fine inhaling the aerosolized uranium, etc. already there
    2) that the spent fuel pool 4 is presently intact even with all the indications of that it is, essentially, “gone,”
    3) that Tepco tells the truth, in spite of all evidence to the contrary! Who does this help?


    • Yes, Helen and her friend Arnie believe everything Tepco says, and simply regurgitate its lies. Even fricking Jaczko said that pool #4 was history.

      I wonder how much she got paid off. A lot more than Arnie… Helen is a queen bee, and Arnie is just a little ant scampering around.

      • All of Western civilization has degenerated badly, and the environmental and anti-nuclear movements are clear examples of this. Any hope will not come from leaders, who can and will be offered lead or silver, but from the masses. Realistically, though, the elite are now ready to roll out high-tech and get rid of a large percentage of the world’s population.

        Anyone who accepts what Tokyo Electric or the international nuclear mafia says as truth has already guaranteed defeat. You have to frame the debate.

        • Ozawa, you are making a very good point. This is actually an easy way to judge whether an anti-nuclear talking head is genuine or not.

          Does he or she rely exclusively on Tepco data?

          For instance, Tepco announced that 10 million becquerels of cesium are being released every hour. This is a lower bound. You know they are lying. Is it 10 times more than this? A thousand times? A million times?

          Arnie Gundersen has never strayed from the Tepco line since about July 2011.

      • I just realized after watching Kevin in this video for a minute that he really reminds me of YOU when you get that pissed. I have only seen you this hot about 3 or 4 times since we met in 96 so I guess it took me awhile to see it. very funny. turn it on and watch ‘yourself’ when you’re really really mad… 😉

        • let me specify..right around 1:15 there hahahaha Rob I love it when you get on your soap box, just not when I am the target of your speech!

          • haha… I was the same way just this past week when I watched that unendurable symposium. I should have shut the damned thing off.

  5. Love you bobby1, Its been as this for a long time, The wars are Just, ..there no problem with the oil and corexit in Alaska and the gulf of Mexico either ! Its all in your mind ! Welcome to their insanity ! Been there for 45 years !

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