My research on myalgic encephalomyelitis.

I wanted to get this out there now. Big changes are coming… I have gotten much sicker after the cold weather started, and getting another virus infection. I am moving out of my home soon, and I don’t know how this is possible without significant muscle exertion, which will makes the disease much worse. So massive uncertainty clouds my immediate future.

I still think I will get better after the weather warms up, but right now there is more snow and severe cold in the forecast, and I don’t know when this will happen.

Most of the links are from Facebook. I apologize to those who cannot access it. There is a way to synchronize Facebook posts to this blog, but I am too sick to do it now.

Type I interferons and interferon-gamma in ME. (FB link)

Immunosuppression causes persistence of enteroviral infections in ME, is the foundation of exertion intolerance, and can be reversed by Type I interferon blockers. (FB link)

Enterovirus infections of the central nervous system. (FB link)

Enterovirus infection of the gastrocnemius muscle, IDO, and peroxynitrite. (FB link)

Serotonin, IDO, and reduced tryptophan catabolism in ME. (FB link)

Picolinic acid deficiency in ME and the kynurenine pathway. (FB link)

TGF-beta is released from muscles 24 hours after exercise, and reduces levels of interferon-gamma. (FB link)

TGF-beta reduces NK cell cytolytic activity and MHC I and II expression. (FB link)

Kynurenine as a possible treatment for ME. (FB link)

Dysregulation of the STAT-1 protein in ME. (FB link)

Activin in ME, generated from muscle activity. (FB link)

Caffeine inhibits tryptophan hydroxylase, which is upgraded after exercise. (FB link)

Swimming exercise increases serotonin levels, and decreases corticosterone, interferon-gamma, TNF-alpha, and IDO levels. (FB link)

The TGF-beta autocrine loop in ME. (FB link)

Psychedelics and the desensitization of the 5-HT2A receptor. (FB link)

Exercise-induced reduction of interferon-gamma levels is the cause of post-exertional immune exhaustion in ME. (FB link)

GABA-B positive allosteric modulators are an effective treatment for ME, but are not yet approved by the FDA. (FB link)

List of TGF-beta inhibitors. I have determined that only those medications that use the Smad pathway are effective for ME. (link)

Brief moderate stretching is effective for reducing post-exertional symptoms after exercise. (FB link)

Moderate acute exercise increases TGF-beta, alpha-amylase, and IgA 24 hours after exercise. (FB link)

Noise increases tryptophan hydroxylase levels, which is a factor in noise hypersensitivity in ME. (FB link)

Brown fat, a key player in ME. (FB link)

Follistatin increases muscle mass after exercise, reduces TGF-beta levels via the Smad pathway, and is a myostatin inhibitor. The muscle repair process recruits interferon-gamma from tissues, and is the cause of exertion intolerance. (FB link)

Interferon-gamma deficiency in “chronic fatigue syndrome” – 1990, after the name change from ME. (FB link)

Ionizing radiation exposure is part of the ME disease process, by its generation of peroxynitrite (ONOO-) via radiolysis. (FB link)

Destruction of groups 1 and 3 innate lymphoid cells and the resultant distortion of commensal bacteria is a fundamental aspect of the ME disease process. (FB link)

Psilocybin reduces the activity of the default mode network. The inability to deactivate the DMN is behind the overwhelming neurological and cognitive symptoms in severe ME. (FB link)

Actimmune (interferon-gamma) is an effective treatment for ME. It does not reduce Type I interferon levels, though, which is necessary for a cure. (FB link)

Psilocybin reduces DMN activity by activating the 5-HT2A receptors. The receptors are typically desensitized in ME due to excessive serotonin production. (FB link)

A high-fat diet restores interleukin-22, and also restores the balance of microbiota in the gut. (FB link)

Limbic kindling vs. central sensitization in ME. My response to Leonard Jason’s research. (link)

Ketogenic diet for M.E.: Can it really be this simple? (link)

How ME and radiation sickness has altered my mechanism of thinking. (link)

Origin of M.E. disease process in the immune system. I have found since this, that an enteroviral infection of certain immunoprivileged areas of the brain does the same thing. Any viral, radiotoxic, or other toxic infestation of these brain areas will cause this. It is now known that the upgrade of Type I interferons is behind the dysregulation of the JAK/STAT pathway. (link)

5 thoughts on “My research on myalgic encephalomyelitis.

  1. My thoughts are with you, Bobby. Take it slowly, one step at a time. If you don’t have to meet a deadline, rest often, stop, sit back, and proceed at a snail’s pace. But you know this. Comfort yourself that your new place will be less work. Take all the shortcuts you can, and forget about doing a perfect job. Just do the necessities, and one day the move will be behind you.

  2. Found this via Gail’s blog. OK…whaaa…are you my biochemical twin or something? I’m also an ex-“child prodigy” (girl genius, in this case) with a great memory, and I’ve had a similar obsession with TGF-Beta in ME pathogenesis, after who-knows-what-it-is destroyed my brain, body and life. I also totally get where you’re coming from with the lattice-vs-linear thinking. In my case the lattice has persisted, I just can only see parts of it at any given time, the rest continues to function unconsciously. It’s a strange position to be in, you never know whether or not to trust it, but you HAVE to.

    I also had to move, with no assistance whatsoever, about a month ago. I traded dignity for energy, lying on the floor in the elevator and the lobby of my apartment building while I packed up the basics…the rest are still there. Hope you’re through the move and also hope you don’t have to resort to desperate measures!

    Unfortunately I’m way behind you in so many areas, I never really had a chance to “launch” as an adult because illness took me down at 19: This story is only a tiny fraction, the beginning, of the insanity that would be filling thousands of pages of medical records by now, if I had bothered seeing doctors for all of it!

    I am very intrigued by your investigations into radiation and serotonin, and also the idea of a pathological dependence on the default network in the hippocampus…funny, I have little to no background in neuroscience but I knew immediately what subjective state these guys were talking about. I had vague suspicions about both of these factors but after reading this, they may be the missing pieces of the puzzle I’ve been working on.

    • Hi Katherine! I’m sorry you got sick so early in life. I was 59 when I got ME… so my whole life wasn’t ruined by it. On the other hand, having something like this in an aging body ruined by multiple bouts of radiation exposure is no picnic either… apparently it will kill me by some indirect route. I can think of 100 different ways off the top of my head.

      The pituitary tumor is certainly behind this. I dodged a bullet when my eyeball started popping out, but I received olioliuqui seeds in the mail the same day… saved me at the time. I didn’t know it was a pituitary tumor at the time. I ordered them for psoriasis, but it turns out that it was the tumor that jacked up the psoriasis in the first place. The hydergine in the seeds shrunk the tumor, but I found out later that it contained this. So I started taking hydergine in pill form.

      The ACTH/cortisol function never came back, though.

      When I got ME symptoms the first time, I thought the tumor came back, so I doubled the dose… it caused a week-long tinnitus – hyperacusis – memory dysfunction thing that lasted for a week. The 5-HT2B serotonin receptor affinity was behind this… so I knew it had something to do with serotonin. So it probably had something to do with tryptophan, which gets converted into serotonin. The next thing I tried was a double dose of phenibut (GABA-B), which made everything clear up for a few days. So I knew that there wasn’t enough GABA.

      At this point I already knew more about my illness than all the ME/CFS research from the mid-90’s till the present.

      Don’t stop your research! Who else is gonna do it? It’s your body, you’re the expert!

    • @Bobby1,
      I was in your shoes, down to the bulging eye, loss of eyesight, the loss of my brain. I was through the chronic fatigue (or whatever they call it to make it sound made-up), fibromyalgia, had melanoma (skin cancer) twice, malfunctioning memory (you can’t finish a sentence because you don’t remember what you wanted to say), dilated pupils, inactive thyroid, tinnitus, crippling arthritis (crippling like stay-in-bed-don’t-move crippling), autoimmune issues, inability to digest any food (and I mean any; I sustained myself on organic apples for about half a year, one apple per hour like clockwork to stay conscious; I had severe hypoglycemia and I would black out regularly), vicious viral infections that wouldn’t clear, chronic bronchitis (that’s supposedly incurable), and this doesn’t even begin to explain the emotional side of the mess I was in. I had been exposed to Chernobyl as a child, but that’s not what did me in, ultimately [@Bobby1, please feel free to PM me on this].
      In my case, it was a slow decline that went downhill a few years after Chernobyl, plateaued, then culminated in a total collapse of my health in a matter of months and was triggered by a medical procedure; it kept getting worse and there was no bottom in sight. I am not writing this to boast about what I went though, but to tell you that you, too, can recover. The Creator of the Universe knows how to fix you up, and will give you the intuition. Screw science (I mean it; even though I live off IT). Trust your inner voice. This is what worked for me.
      I stopped eating anything that can metabolize to glucose, because glucose will feed primitive creatures such as fungi (= psoriasis, candida albicans), viruses, mycoplasmas etc. as well as solid cancers (Dr. Simoncini cures 90% of solid cancers on the theory that they are triggered by a fungus that feeds on sugars and debris from damaged cells).
      This is easier said than done, as it means a moratorium on CARBOHYDRATES as well as EXCESS PROTEIN. Avoiding carbos equals not eating any bread (nothing baked at all), no pasta, no potatoes, etc. Avoiding excess protein means limiting protein intake to 1 g. per 1 kg. of lean body mass per day. This amount feeds the immune system with amino acids and allows for repairs of the muscle mass and bone; anything above this amount will CONVERT TO GLUCOSE and feed the cancer(s), viruses, parasites etc.
      This also means you cannot drink fruit juices or even eat fruits (you can juice greens, but not fruits, the only exception being unsweetened camu camu and similar fruits that humans haven’t up yet by breeding them for size and taste).
      This also means that I stay away from cow diary (even organic, grass-fed cow milk is a killer because of its high content of sugars and stuff that we cannot metabolize, but our parasites can).
      It goes without saying that I did _not_ replace sugary sweets by any artificial sweeteners. The only sweet-tasting thing that I consider edible is the plant stevia (and I mean the _plant_, _not_ the extracts. Rule No. 1: NEVER trust humans to make “food”).
      Once you eliminate sugars/carbohydrates/excess protein from the diet, what’s there left to eat?
      A: I eat unlimited amounts of raw greens (the likes of ruccola) for their minerals, vitamins and other phytochemicals as well as fiber
      B. I eat unlimited amounts of healthy fats, the likes of organic coconut oil, sardines, ground flax seed, hemp oil, genuine virgin olive oil, avocados and raw nuts (I have to supplement with zinc to be able to handle the copper in avocados and some nuts) etc.
      C. I eat a _limited_ amount of animal protein (quail eggs, raw fat goat or sheep cheese, grass-fed red meat… yes, you heard that right: _red_ meat that is full of healthy cholesterol that repairs my body and brain. )
      Mass-media misinformation about health is such a Fuk-up! About the only source you can trust is
      The elimination of all sources of glucose will trigger a switch from destructive glucose-based metabolism to ketone-based longevity metabolism. Our brain’s only burn sugars when they have to (and grow those pituitary cancers in the process). My brain recovered on my zero-glucose diet, running on ketones all right, and as you can see, I even get to finish a sentence once upon a time.
      The adjustment takes between 3 and 4 weeks. After that, I felt like I got a new lease of life. My hypoglycemia disappeared… there is no hypoglycemia or diabetes on a ketone-based diet!!!! You don’t have to believe me. Read up on the work of Dr. Ron Rosedale, MD. Do your own research.

      I mean it as I say it. Rule No. 1. bears repeating: Don’t trust humans to make “food”, they’d rather make money (off of you).
      I eat “God’s food for humans”. I eat like cave people. If I had a farm and I could get my hands on live animals, I would kosher-slaughter them myself and eat raw meat rather than the supermarket crap they call “food”. That’s how hard-core my health horrors have made me. I know, I’m not your usual run-off-the-mill consumer. But I recovered (most of) my health, by the grace of God. I am alive, and I was practically in the grave already. I am alive, and I am totally Fuk-ed up paranoid about what I put in my mouth or on my skin. I rather go hungry for days (something that is entirely possible on a ketogenic diet without being hungry) than eat manufactured–or rather “manufuked-up”–so-called “food”. I drink filtered water without a trace of fluoride. I don’t brush my teeth with commercial toothpastes. I don’t use the typical commercial cosmetics. There is just one company on the market that I found I can trust: Nubian Heritage (no affiliation). The rest is either totally toxic crap or partially toxic (like Weleda for example: soaps and oils are OK, but some of Weleda’s toothpastes contain “beneficial” aluminium! Bloody morons, what do they think, we are all dumb? Aluminium oxide isn’t well absorbed in the gut, except in the presence of Monsanto Glyphosate, which chelates it right _into_ the brain causing things like Alzheimer’s, and who can say they don’t ingest glyphosate? 97% of all Americans have _easily_detectable_ levels in our blood courtesy of the EPA. We may not be ingesting tooth paste, but we are absorbing the poisons it usually contains directly into the blood stream).

      I could write a book about it. You two just moved house, great. Make sure you don’t use mercury-containing “energy-saving” bulbs, stay away from scanners/copiers/printers, lead pipes and lead/arsenic paint/paint dust. I use halogen lamps; that’s cheaper than my 20.000+ per person (this is not counting the loss of income) chelation therapy to remove mercury from the brain (per Andy Hall Cutler’s PhD, PE protocol—IMHO the ONLY safe way to do it without going bananas and ending up in institutionalized care).
      Put live plants everywhere you can; many of them can detox mercury from the air better than a 10.000-per-room cleanup crew, before you can get it into the brain from house dust through olfactory nerves.

      I eat tons of raw turmeric root (can’t tolerate cooked and can’t tolerate supplements made from it, for whatever reason).
      Turmeric root is a potent antibiotic, a potent yet mild anti-fungal agent and an anti-viral medication that puts about any other one to shame.
      If it’s so truly spectacular, why isn’t it being recommended by our medical establishment? Because these people have a license to uphold so that they can make a living off of sick people. Mother Nature’s brilliant inventions like Turmeric are not patentable, so you can’t make egregious profits by pushing it on unsuspecting “patients” through a brain-washed med. establishment.
      Mother Nature doesn’t try to make money off of you. Plants like turmeric try to be healthy for themselves, to propagate their recipe for life through generations. They don’t give a damn about keeping us healthy; this only happens as a side effect of our shared evolutionary path: what works against fungi in the soil for a plant such as turmeric or thyme or lemongrass happens to work against the same fungi for us as well (assuming the rest of the plant is non-txic to us because our ancestors used to consume it).

      With the GMOcalypse looming all around, we no lonegr share the same origins of life with many of the foodstuffs on supermarket shelves.

      5. For reasons explained above, I DON’T EAT GMOS, full stop.

      Keep going. Think, research, and pray, and if you don’t pray, meditate. Seek wisdom and the Truth. There is a way out. I have been there, and I am back from the dead, from the horrors of a living hell, I returned to health and if I can, then you can, too! God bless you!

  3. > 20.000+ per person (this is not counting the loss of income) chelation therapy
    > to remove mercury from the brain (per Andy Hall Cutler’s PhD, PE protocol—IMHO
    > the ONLY safe way to do it without going bananas
    > and ending up in institutionalized care).

    The Cutler protocol itself is very inexpensive; anyone can do it on a shoestring budget (as I have). What makes it costly is the removal of metals from the mouth (all your crowns and amalgams, if you have any, must go before you can start chelating). But nothing comes even close to the loss of income I experienced why all of this was going on.
    Chelation with DMSA was a piece of cake compared to Alpha-lipoic acid, even though I did everything by the book. DMSA cleared my immune system. My chronic bronchitis disappeared completely; it’s been four years and I have not had respiratory incidents even once (and I used to bloody cough up my lungs around the clock).

    Yet Dr. Cutler says you can skip DMSA (the more expensive of the two), but you can’t skip ALA. ALA (=alpha lipoic acid) is what heals the brain. Unfortunately, it messes with your thinking, as it causes the body to retain copper for a while; copper can make you sort of “bipolar”; if you do it by the book you make breaks, supplement with zinc, and the copper clears, then you do the next round, until your brain returns to its normal, healthy state.

    Sometimes I did mess up my chelation schedule; I would oversleep, take a dose too late or too early; that’s when bad things would happen. If you are toxic, Dr. Cutler says that you must follow the protocol to the letter or you will regret it. The protocol itself has proven safe for me. I owe it my health and the fact that I am even alive.

    Read the book, on Amazon it is less expensive thatn form the author, but the author has more information about it on his website, www dot noamalgam dot com
    He also used to answer questions in Yahoo groups, a copy is on Onibasu.
    If I were in your shoes, as indeed I used to be, I would look into it ASAP. You don’t even need a medic (as of now; you can self-diagnose based on a bunch of medical tests that are discussed in the book “An Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment”, per Dr. Culter’s guidance). I would also hurry up as the med establ is cracking down on the supplements that you and I need and the door may close sooner than we think. Getting a prescription that’s _not_ feeding the beast of BigPharma with perpetual cash flow by assuring that we stay chronically sick, is not as easy as you may think. I would hurry up so long as the chelators don’t require a prescription. Remember, the FDAhas already banned a couple of harmless B vitamins. You don’t have time.

    Read the book and see if it applies to you, or I will personally send you a copy. I can’t bear reading about your suffering anymore. I was there myself.

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