New radioactive plume moving through US and Canada.

Early yesterday morning, the radiation detector in Eugene, Oregon spiked to 1,763 counts per minute, or around 100 times normal. Shortly later, it went over 3,000.

The Radiation Network said it must have been a defective Geiger counter. Why else would it spike? “There is no Fukushima radiation in America”… Uh-huh. What is the purpose of their site? Are they so incompetent that whenever the site is doing what it is supposed to, it must be broken? Why don’t they say anything when the counts go to zero?

Jet stream (30,000 feet) at time of detection

Radiation has recently spiked in Hokkaido, Tokyo and Kanagawa, and Kagawa. Obviously, there has been a criticality. This is one of those long, thin, snaky plumes that are emitted from destroyed nuclear power plants. The plumes are so thin that they only show up in a local area, and 50 miles away there may be no increased radiation. That is why other stations in the area did not detect it. This same process occurred in Chernobyl, and that is why deposition of radioactive particles in highly variable and irregular.

It looks like this one is hugging the US-Canadian border and will move through northern New England. But it’s hard to say for sure.

One of these plumes hit me in May. See Recent health issues and It was uranium poisoning. It wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. I now have autoimmune kidney disease.

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  1. I appreciate this ‘head’s up’! Thank you.
    There has been a whooping cough outbreak here that has ‘gone through the roof’ in early 2012. It is extremely disturbing seeing video of these children whom are in obvious respiratory distress. Media, military & municipality all conspire in silence against the public they are sworn to protect, whilst personally profiteering.

  2. The next plume may be from california:
    Quoted from:
    “Michael Collins says:
    October 20, 2012 at 10:00 am


    From Gene Stone of San Clemente Green:

    I have some interesting facts for you about what is going on today regarding San Onofre nuclear reactors.

    1) Starting today, Unit 2 will be run at full capacity with highly radioactive water flowing through the damaged tubes in the steam generators for the next 5 days! ”

    “Head’s Up” back at ‘cha!

  3. For the past two days, I have had a burning sensation in my esophagus and difficulty swallowing food. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I don’t know what to attribute the chest pain to or the burning sensation but I will let you know if it gets worse.

  4. Good call Bobby1 on the thin snake plume causing issues in a thin snake like band. Hope you’re feeling better. TechDud you hit the nail on the head with San Onofre. Here is a quote that Lily Champion placed on FB the other day on how desperate PG&E are getting in San Onofre;

    Red Alert! San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant – Danger – Without repairing the problem, Edison is experimenting with a defective nuclear reactor just to see what happens. This fact was first brought to our attention by someone who is working on unit 2 presently and found this risk to be unacceptable. It is a little known fact that we had serious problems with the new reactor head because of the more prominent issues with the defective steam generators, (see specifics on the message from the whistleblower below). It has since been confirmed by Greg Warnick (, NRC’s Chief Inspector on site. On Friday, he told me that this information was accurate. Unit 2 had several leaks in the new reactor head which was installed during the scheduled shutdown prior to the leak in Unit 3. He said that this is the only way for Edison to know if they have fixed the leaks in the many connections and fittings associated with the reactor head. He did not have the same level of concern about the defective steam tubes bursting as did our friend who is working on this project right now. Should we be concerned? I’m not sure, but I do think the public has a right to be informed about things like this in advance, and not covertly by someone afraid of losing his job.

    Here is what he told me over the phone…

    “Things are pretty bad here at the plant; Edison just hired a “union busting hot shot lawyer” and everyone is too afraid of losing their jobs to talk about anything that could make the company look worse, especially right now. I’m afraid of losing my job too, but my family and I also live ten miles away and I care more about them than anything else. We are working on Unit 2, bringing it up from Mode 5 to 4 and we are preparing to go from Mode 4 to 3 by the weekend of the 20th. They brought in the Aux. boiler, assigned 12 hour shifts, and they are making damn sure that no steam leaves the domes for fear the public will catch on. I can’t believe how audacious they are, but for all practical purposes, they are going to restart Unit 2-which still is highly radioactive-without the NRC thoroughly reviewing Edison’s application that was just submitted. Their motivation is to see if they fixed the new reactor head which leaked profusely the first time they tried it. They don’t want anything holding them back from actually restarting when they get the green light from the NRC. The NRC’s Confirmatory Action Letter allows them to take it up to Mode 3 because the reactor is not “critical”, (fission reaction is on hold). They are trying to beat the clock before time runs out on them and the CPUC (California Public Utility Commission) sticks Edison with the cost of the outage instead of the ratepayers.”

    2) Coincidentally, while this is going on, an emergency preparedness meeting is taking place today in San Clemente. All the experts will converge to discuss disaster preparedness. I am going there to talk about Unit 2 “restarting” today and to see that they don’t merely gloss over the topic of sheltering in place. If there is a radioactive plume coming our way we need to be able to get by on our own for weeks, not days. Will they discuss how to decontaminate yourself and prevent ingestion of radioactive particle that will remain in your body the rest of your life? Will they discuss the need for enough plastic and duct tape to seal your home after an earthquake shatters all the windows? We have other important questions we hope to get discussed in this forum. I hope you can join us for what will hopefully be an informative and perhaps even a lifesaving event.

    Thousands of letters have been sent to our elected officials, but more are still needed to make sure they hear us loud and clear.

    We are simply requesting that they support our reasonable expectation that the decision regarding the fate of the nuclear reactors at San Onofre should be done in a court-like setting. We can’t allow the NRC to make this decision alone because they are the ones who have failed us in the past.

    The Great California ShakeOut reminds us once again that our government agencies prefer to ignore the possibility of a radioactive disaster. This is a critical point in time where we need to be heard loud and clear. Tell our Public Servants that we want our safety to come first. An adjudicated license amendment hearing is the best way to make sure of that.

    Please send a letter to 88 civic leaders
    INSTANTLY and get others to do so as well.

    GO TO:

    Be sure to use the social media links that we provide there too!

  5. 43 CPM in SF Bay, typical. My thyroid has been bothering me for days. Minn. reactor shut down, Kauai CPMs increasing. Penn. too (Thanks, again, vital1). One Prairie Island reactor shut down for refueling
    By Leslie Brooks Suzukamo
    Posted: 10/23/2012 12:01:00 AM CDT
    Updated: 10/23/2012 12:00:07 PM CDT vital1
    October 23, 2012 at 3:09 am · Reply
    This Philadelphia Radiation Network station also had a high detection today.
    For those who missed it, go back thought this forum to see the previous alert
    level posts over the last 24 hours for Hawaii and Minnesota.

    • I ended up getting patio stones to shield against radiation from the GAC filters. When I was installing them, my thyroid tweaked pretty noticeably. I don’t know if it was from the stones (which had been stored outside… I sprayed them with a hose first), or from the radiation from the GAC filters themselves.

      • I just got a rash on my arm from handling the stones… I guess that answers that question. They’re outta here.

        Let’s see, the last time it rained was October 19, last Friday. Looks like there was I-131 in that rain.

          • What was your reaction to it last time? I have Hashimoto’s, and it is controversial in that case. I have read that it is important to take selenium with it, and vit. c and tyrosine can help moderate effects. I hope that it is smooth sailing this round for you.

            • NoNukes, I ended up with a goiter sticking out of my neck. But I think that was due to the iodine-131, and not the Lugol’s. My hyperactive immune system acts up at like 1% of doses that would bother ordinary people.

              I’m just taking 1 drop of 2.2% Lugol’s, I’ll increase it to 2 if this get worse.

              This plume means business. Vgirl has been complaining of extreme teeth sensitivity recently, and I have had it too.

              I think the iodine is in Europe already. It’s a gas and it moves in advance of the main plume with cesium, uranium etc.

              • Thanks, Bobby1. I’m so sorry about your goiter. My daughter has the Celiac dermatitis, she has such a reaction to iodine it is a nightmare. I have to try to keep it just under what will send her skin over the edge, which isn’t much. After the I-131 and I-129 got in our water, it has been a real struggle to bathe her. Keeping her out of the water as much as possible has just been a beautiful thing for her skin. I have fatigue when I increase iodine, it triggers hypothyroid symptoms and yesterday I spilled too much, oops! It is phenomenal what they have done to us all.

                • It’s tricky with iodine sensitivity. 1 drop of Lugol’s is about the same amount of iodine as in the typical Japanese diet, but even that can be a problem. It’s hard to avoid iodine-131 though when it’s coming up out of the sewers… I have the hyperthyroid variety, but it’s two sides of the same coin.

  6. There’s another one of these plumes in the US now. There was a 3,000+ reading in Oregon Friday morning. It’s a continuing feature of living in America, you never know when you’re gonna be nailed by an intense band of radioactivity. Or if you will drink milk produced from cows under one of them.

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