One million hits.

The counter for this blog just went over a million hits, since it was founded in May 2012.

A hit is not the same thing as a visit, or a page, so it doesn’t mean that a million people have read this blog. But my years working in programming and information systems have shown me that a million of anything is a lot.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the discussion here, and everyone who has visited here.

10 thoughts on “One million hits.

  1. Thank you for this blog, Bobby1! A friend said that “it is the best blog on Fukushima that we have in the US” and she is right.

    • Thanks… it’s actually pretty good for a blog of this type. If my output hadn’t fallen off the past few months, it would be better. Every time Fukushima spits out new plumes of radiation, I have to deal with fatigue & lack of concentration & memory lapses. I am wondering if people with Alzheimer’s have blogs, and what they do about this kind of stuff.

    • Thanks, xdrfox & TechDud! The traffic here has increased in July, after being slow in June.

      The three biggest spikes have been in January, May, and July of this year. Most of the traffic is directed from search engines. So people are looking up Fukushima more often this month.

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