Pacific moisture movement over US. Hawaiian coral reefs dying.

The outflow of radioactive water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant into the Pacific has now, at long last, been declared an “emergency.” It has been admitted that the radioactive pollution of the sea has been going on since the beginning of the catastrophe in March 2011.

The concentration of beta emitters such as strontium and tritium has increased by a factor of 47 times in recent days. There was an earthquake in the area after the first measurement, which caused a spike in airborne emissions. It is likely that it caused a spike in liquid emissions too. It is unknown at this time whether this spike is temporary or the beginning of another meltdown at the plant.

The transformation of the Pacific Ocean into a nuclear dead zone has ramifications for organisms such as humans living on land in North America. First, obviously, the fish from there will be contaminated and not fit for consumption before they become extinct. Radionuclides such as cesium and plutonium are transferred from sea to rainfall, atmosphere and land by a process of sea salt aerosol production, while tritium (in the form of radioactive water) is transferred to the air by direct evaporation. The revelation of huge amounts of tritium being released by Fukushima Daiichi is highly significant here. Tritium cannot be filtered in a practical manner, and is ubiquitous in the environment as water is. Filtering technologies such as reverse osmosis and ion exchange are useless for removing tritium. Only people getting water from fossil water supplies or deep aquifers will escape having tritium in tap water. Americans will be breathing in tritiated water vapor for decades. Its half-life is 12 years, so it will be around for 120 years. But it is being released from Fukushima in exponentially increasing quantities, and who knows how long this will keep going on.

But as shown below, organisms such as cyanobacteria and fungi are already at work destroying Hawaii’s coral reefs. These organisms, as well as the deadly poisons cyanotoxins and mycotoxins, will also be transferred to the land mass of the North American continent. And one can only imagine the mutated radioactive organisms which will prey on the remains of sea life.

Mean moisture flux, December through February

These two graphics are found in this meteorological paper. The first one represents the mean vertically integrated moisture flux over North America for the months December through February. In short, it shows the regions where moisture comes off the Pacific, versus the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. It indicates, that in the winter months, moisture originates from the Pacific in most of the US, all of Canada, and a good part of Mexico. If you follow the arrows, you can see that the exceptions in the US are Florida, and the southeastern portions of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. This is on average, it doesn’t mean that Pacific moisture does not penetrate these areas too, but it is less than half of it.

Mean moisture flux, July through September

The second graphic represents moisture flux for the months July through September. We see here that most of the US and Mexico get moisture from the Atlantic and the Gulf. So any emissions from the Pacific will be sharply reduced in these months. The west coast states, and states on the northern tier, east to northern New England, as well as all Canada, continue to get their moisture from the Pacific. So they never get a break, and the food crops grown in the regions never get one either.

The disease destroying coral reefs on the north side of Kauai and Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands continues to increase. Dr. Thierry Work, head of USGS Infectious Diseases, has stated that this is caused by cyanobacteria and fungi. These are the constituents of the Japanese “black substance” which is highly radioactive, and is appearing in more and more areas in Japan. Marine biologist Terry Lilley, who has been investigating this crisis, is feature in the following videos. It is likely that this disease is caused, or is being furthered by, radioactive contamination of the seawater in this area.

Kauai's Coral Disease Outbreak

The Genie Show – Kauai's Coral Disease

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  1. Thank you, Bobby. Hope you are well.

    Perhaps there are lessons to be uncovered from the broad atomic testing in Oceania. Pacific has already endured a great deal of nuclear piss. More Bad on bad.

    • shinethelight, I’m OK. I’m sure there are lessons to be uncovered from previous contaminations, but they are all classified. This is way way worse than all the testing put together.

  2. Tritium 56,000 becquerels from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the first well

     A problem underground contaminated water has leaked into the sea at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, the 7th, TEPCO from water collected in the observation wells of Unit 2 turbine building east side radioactive material concentration of water surged to the 5th , it announced that it had 56,000 becquerels per liter detected a maximum of tritium radioactive material.
     Tritium of the 45,000 becquerels was detected from the water collected in the 6th, an increase in concentration was backed again. (Japanese)

  3. I have one question: in what state is all this tritium – as a comound of water or as a gas, dissolved in water, or both? The correct answer may help to understand what caused the problem and how it is going to behave later. The information from the press doe not give a clue.

  4. Tritium can occur as organically bound tritium, as the hydrogen component of a molecule. Or it can occur as tritiated water.

    The second alternative is what I am most concerned about. Tritium is not water contaminated with radioactive substances. It is radioactive water itself.

      • I saw your comment on Enenews:

        “A very good material on the TBS camera:
        The final part:
        In fact, I am very worried about the gradual disappearance of documents on Fukushima, because this deletion of sources will prevent historians from working properly and will enable a smoothing, or even a scrub of certain facts. While writing this post while I was checking some links, I realized once again the fragility of the documents put online and the need to save. Not only the infrared video of March 11, 2011 has disappeared, but the worst discovery for me was the deletion of the entire collection of 11 videos of 2012 proving that ‘ cold ‘ was a lie (link to the collection massacred). The creation of a francophone database on Fukushima disaster could counter this gradual deterioration and continuous sources.”

        There was an infrared photo of heat in the unit 4 reactor, which was supposed to be empty of nuclear fuel, that I saw very early on. I haven’t been able to find it since.

  5. Good point by scottyji at Enenews. Chris Busby claimed that the volume of the Pacific ocean was enough to dilute the inventory of Fuku radiation to minor levels. I pointed out in the comments that criticalities, or chain reactions, were increasing the inventory of radioactivity at the plant. A good point:

    “Busby’s arithmetic about the WHOLE Pacific Ocean’s volume is close enough, but his conclusion that “Californians can relax…” shows his glaring lack of understanding of a basic oceanographic science principle: water with different temperatures and salinity values generally DO NOT MIX readily. The Northern Pacific’s complex currents are gigantic transport mechanisms, NOT mixing and dilution mechanisms like winds and strong storms.

    The radioactive FRESH water from Fukushima is less dense than the Pacific’s salty water, and so it initially FLOATS UP ON TOP of the Pacific’s saline water and it mixes – and therefore dilutes – with the surface sea water but ONLY in the top 200+ or so! Furthermore, the Northern Pacific’s volume is only roughly HALF of the entire ocean, so right there – if Busby’s calculations are correct – you’ve just doubled his laughably low radiation concentration. Busby seems to think that Fukushima’s radiation will dilute evenly throughout the whole Pacific. That’s utterly ridiculous!
    What we’ll have for a good while is A LAYER of radioactive seawater that WILL REMAIN FAIRLY DISCRETE even over the thousands of miles from Japan to the West Coast of the United States.
    The dilution scheme and radioactivity concentration figures Busby puts forth in his article do not accurately reflect what is happening or what will occur. The dilution effect will be much less than he speculates and the radioactivity levels therefore will be much, much higher.”

  6. What the heck is this? I can’t read Japanese.

    “In high-intensity proton accelerator facility J-PARC Hadron Facility 2013.08.12
    radioactive material leakage (third report) “and” accident breakdown etc. occurrence report for submission (third report) ”

    Long lists of obscure radionuclides.

    J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex) is a high intensity proton accelerator facility. It is a joint project between KEK and JAEA and is located at the Tokai campus of JAEA. J-PARC aims for the frontier in materials and life sciences, and nuclear and particle physics. High intensity proton beams lead to a high intensity secondary beam, e.g., neutron, meson, neutrino beam.

    • Yes, there was a radiation leak from this facility – 20 billion becquerels.

      “In radiation leakage accident accelerator laboratory of Tokai, Ibaraki Prefecture village of “J-PARC”, the 12th, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, which operates the facility Nuclear Regulatory Commission the third report of the accident I submitted to the local government and party. Total amount of radioactivity in the report, leaked to the outside facility revealed for the first time the estimates and was about 20 billion becquerels. ” (Japanese)

      • Bobby, this sounds like uncurable stupidity or destruction forces raging in this country…
        I came upon some articles in Russian about one ukarnian biologist, Konovalov, who did experiments with radioactivity on fruit flys (besides gathering deformed bodies). The results show the most deformed was the third generation, and genetic recovery required 40 generations. And we have 3 succesive generations globaly poisoned – fallout, Chernobyl, Fukushima. With all chemical and electromagnetic posoning, I have the feeling we are all in a giant experiment. I just do not know what is being tested – human DNA, or human stupidity…

        • The entire industrial civilization we have built is anti-life. All the ionizing radiation, EM radiation, toxic chemicals, CO2 emissions, mining, weapons of mass destruction, wars, are killing the planet and us too.

  7. Have you heard about this newly approved anticancer and antiradiation drug – CBLB502? The way it works, by provoking the defence mechanisms in the body sounds promising to me:
    I know cancer patients who use elderberry.Berries contain cyanides and some people`s immune systems react violently fighting the poison and with it they eliminate the cancer cells too. The problem is this is not a universal reaction in everybody.

    • Yes, I read about CBLB502. It boost the amount of Th17 cells and cytokines, which increase the immune system’s removal of radionuclides from cells. In short, it gives an artificial case of autoimmune disease.

      Anyone with autoimmune disease (and the numbers are exploding) cannot take this. I have severe autoimmune disease, this drug would be deadly poison to me.

      • These exploding numbers are connected to radiation exposure! I know it, medical doctors know it, and sometimes they speak out. Sometimes, when they act as human beings, not as a part of one more crazy system, they even tell that official cancer fighting strategies worsen things with the exception of the early surgical intervention. I am not blaming the doctors, most of them are better than the industrial scientists. I just have given up searching help from them for more than 5 years, because my health is my own problem and I am doing it better than the pills. (it is a matter of luck too, and I am grateful for it!) Their science is wrong, they fight the symptom, they do not cure the body. Our bodies are not the same, and our functional states are varying, but the pill is always the same – it is not estimated even on the amount of the body mass. So – I listen to my body what it wants for food, and how much water it wants. Mine is a recod water drinker and record salt consumer, but I do not mind it if I feel ok. Not always. I have forgotten what a healthy person is – it was back in my childhood, when the old people radiated health and joy, I just remember the feeling of being near them. They complaind of their joints, and that was all.

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