Possible dual criticalities at Fukushima Daiichi.

There are multiple things going on at Fukushima right now. I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get some rhyme or reason as to what is happening there recently. It’s pretty baffling.

From a comment I made here on Oct. 8:

on October 8, 2013 at 11:31 pm said:
There was some kind of event on Oct. 7 at Fuku… I don’t want to say it’s a criticality… spikes in radiation on the 7th and 8th…


Plus smoke observed on the webcam. Supposedly somebody inadvertently turned off the cooling system in the reactors… that wouldn’t cause this. I’m thinking this was some kind of cover story…

Also 230,000 Bq/liter of tritium from groundwater measured near tanks… This might be a tank leak, maybe not. Beta radiation 680,000 Bq… enormous…

Cesium levels increased by a factor of 10 on Oct. 9 vs the day before, inside the silt fence at the seawater intake of Unit 2:

http://www.tepco.co.jp/cc/press/2013/1231309_5117.html (Japanese)

So perhaps this is associated with the “event.” They didn’t mention strontium, tritium or beta. I would think this is from an aboveground source. Hard to know.

The tritium levels in the underground water have increased again, to 260,000 becquerels:

It is the underground water pollution just a record high yesterday, but it has detected a higher number… Radioactivity was detected for the first time from the groundwater in the 8th September of this year, radioactivity of 4200 Bq per liter of degree only was not detected at that time. When compared with the 260 000 becquerels of this time, there is a difference even 61 times indeed, it could be said to be a very dramatic surge… A number as high as competitive contaminated water it is in the tank, and also the possibility that nuclear fuel melted in the basement of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant reacts with groundwater, has created a new contaminated water a large amount of high is. I think that steam is occurring even now in Unit 3 is the evidence, and he is like underground water vein deep in Unit 3.

This Japanese blogger is probably right, Unit 3 is at it again, causing a dramatic increase in amounts of tritium, strontium, and other beta radionuclides in the groundwater. This would be due to a re-criticality. But it is possible that massive leaks have erupted in the tanks, which would also explain these measurements, and which would also be bad news, but would not have resulted in the atmospheric contamination aspect of a criticality.

On October 9, Tepco reported a measurement of 1,200 Bq/liter of radioactive cesium near the seawater intake of Unit 2. This is the highest amount of cesium detected in the port area in 2 years. It had surged over 1,000% since the previous day.

Then it was discovered that 1,400 Bq/m3 of cesium was found in the ocean, one kilometer from the port. Obviously the silt fence (which gets damaged every time there is a storm) did next to nothing in preventing cesium from getting out of the port.

And, according to our Japanese blogger,

After all, such as the cause of abnormality of Fukuichi camera that occurred on October 7, was unknown, but from the fact that things like that exposure of six workers immediately after that also is occurring, and announced officially really Just do not, issue critical or would not than had occurred seven days before and after October? Including Tokyo, has been observed spike in radiation dose in eastern Japan in early October… Because there is a track record of said large lie many times in the past, TEPCO is no wonder even if you did not hide any abnormal situation really.

Six workers were contaminated with radioactive water, in doses of up to one sievert. The spikes in atmospheric radiation observed on Oct. 7 and 8, the cesium in the port and ocean, and the tritium underground. Something is abnormal.

There are also reports of metal mouth, headache, and chest pain in the Tokyo area since Monday:

Shozo @ Etosha0824 9h
Taste disturbance has continued ever since Monday. Taste of the so-called metal. Chest pain and slight headache.

Valvane @ Valvane 7h
Is herpes in the corners of the mouth from Tuesday around. Though it is the amount of work and content as usual Saturday and Sunday …, it is easy to fatigue or more for some reason, headache was also. After the story of the human part, the person was also similar. Place of business this Saturday and Sunday, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture. @ Etosha0824

There are two separate things going on. The tritium underground, and the cesium in the sea. They are different. The tritium can be explained by underground corium. The cesium is more likely from an aboveground source. Spent fuel pool #2 comes to mind, since the cesium was detected near the seawater intake of #2.

The webcam has showed smoke, spiderwebs and other phenomena. This probably started on Oct. 5 or 6.

I want to stress that this as not as obvious as the criticalities that occurred in May-June and July-August. So hopefully, any plumes released will not be as contaminated as in those time periods. But it is still very early in this event. The plume would be showing up on the west coast in a couple days to a few days.

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  1. Thanks, Bobby. I posted what you said about Oct 7 at Enenews, and Heart of the Rose said:

    Heart of the Rose
    October 9, 2013 at 5:08 pm · Reply
    Bobby says some kind of event..Oct.7.
    I’m trying to catch the beginning..
    At the moment..see ‘fire’ in the’pit’..at :02…then watch the emissions to the right of the light. then the whole plant..

    2013.10.07 19:00-20:00 / ふくいちライブカメラ (Live Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cam)



  2. The PIT that Heart of the Rose mentioned on the webcam blog of ENENEWS was a HUGE glowing ball of light at the left side of the viewing screen, It was larger than a building at Fukushima, and was bright white with a dark blue edge all around. It just came up from the ground, There is a video at that time frame showing the event. Great capture and good ENENEWS is there to document.

    • jec, do you have an idea as to the building (and radioactive source) the pit came from? There are two events in progress, and they may be connected.

  3. * I finally decided to document my facts, since my thyroid gland felt like a pin was going into it on Wednesday, October 9th.

    * I’ve been following Fukushima since the beginning, when Joe Cirincione, during an interview on Fox News, was brave enough to ring the bell that this was not a good situation (while everyone else was downplaying it).

    * Because of this heads-up, I kept detailed diaries and screenshots of the EPA rad graphs throughout mid-March and April and May, but all this was lost when my computer got a virus. I believe the virus came when I clicked on the movie “A is for Atoms,” but I’m not positive. I can attest to seeing spiking levels of radiation on some Florida EPA graphs in March and April.

    * I’m in SW Florida, near the ocean, and imo it is a “hot spot.”

    * In the early morning hours about a week after Fukushima, I heard a small helicopter hovering and flying around the coast for quite a few minutes, which I have researched and I believe was measuring radiation levels along the coastline.

    * ENENEWS reported that Florida received the most Iodine-131 on March 22-23, according to the CTBTO.

    * I can affirm that I smelled iodine in the air during that time frame. It smells just like the topical Iodine you buy at the store.

    * When I went outside, it was hard to breathe. I believe this was due to the Xenon in the air.

    * Around this time, a haze (unlike any I’d seen before) blew in from the ocean and it settled in the air, looking like smoke.

    * I also detected a “powderiness” to the air. That’s the only way I can describe it, but the powderiness did not go away for about a year.

    * Several local reports discussed how sick people were; kids throwing up when outside; coughing fits; but it was blamed on “allergies.”

    * I once experienced bad chest pains and muscle pains in my left leg during this time. (never had before – Cesium exposure?)

    * I could also smell the “radioactive sulfur” in almost everything; including in all the merchandise in stores such as the clothes, etc.

    * This is not the same sulfur odor that Florida can have. This was different.

    * In 2012 I experienced several bad nose bleeds and prior to this I’d never had a nose bleed.

    * Vegetation around me has changed. Many palmtrees have browned leaves; gardenia bushes that used to bloom ONCE a year have bloomed several times in 2011 and 2012 and 2013. The vegetation seems confused.

    * There are almost no birds singing.

    * There have been almost no “love bugs” during lovebug season since Fukushima.

    * I’m experiencing hair loss, fatigue, headaches, and liver tested unhealthy, even though I don’t drink, smoke or anything.

    * I’ve done some weather-research and this SW area of Florida has some type of “eddy” that carried the Fukushima radiation here; I also found old diagrams of atomic testing fallout, which show the same pattern of radiation flowing here.

    * The temperatures have been 10 degrees higher since Fukushima.

      • I directly concur with several of your observations.
        …for the record, what I know.

        ** Vegetation around me has changed.
        The vegetation seems confused.

        Clearly. No doubt!

        ** There are almost no birds singing.

        In the fall of 2011 I had the thought of recording the bird sounds so I could come back to that spot later and record the sounds and determine the number of chirps. I regret now I did not do that.

        However, I do not need a recording at this point to tell me that the sounds of nature have acquired an eerie silence.

        ** There have been almost no “love bugs” during lovebug season since Fukushima.

        I documented on the comments section at EnviroReporter.com back in April of 2011 about the ‘love bugs’ I found dead, frozen in time while ‘kissing’ on a fence post near my front door. I noted at the time how odd it was for these two to die simply from the exposure to rain. (?)

        I woke up this morning with an ‘itchyness’ to the outside of my throat. The last time I felt that was also late March or early April of 2011.

        Located in the foothills of central California.

  4. Bobby1, How are you feeling with all of this rain in the area?? It doesn’t seem so bad, as compared to other long-term downpours??…I think the storm came up from the south and is blowing NNE??…I noticed that the Mid-Atlantic has been spared the largest plumes on the Jet Stream straight from N.E. Japan. I’m just surprised that the “tacky” feeling is not so much in the air and wondered how your were doing??…It’s sad we have to just make our best observations.

    • trooper, this rain started in the Gulf with Tropical Storm Karen, now the wind is blowing off the Atlantic. It may be that it is actually reducing radiation levels in the reservoirs that supply tap water… I am still having skin problems from tap water, have been since Nov. 2011.

      • I’ve been holding up pretty well, but I had baseline good health and have taken precautions. I also had a chance to stay on the east coast and reduce my flights. I try to watch foods. It’s getting increasingly hard. I tend to favor bottled water right now. I still need to upgrade my water filter for the whole condo.
        The one thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve racked up more grey hairs on my head, although I’m pretty young. I understand that hair follicles have some of the most vulnerable cells to radiation because of their rapid replication, when the DNA chain can be broken, as opposed to the final, adult growth stage of most cells in adult humans??… I also noticed some irritation in my throat during those dastardly months of spring 2011 after 3/11. I have momentarily noticed some nausea when having to travel in rain with Fuku/Jet Stream overhead and after one perilous air flight through a storm. That’s all that I can report???…

        I’m sure that I am fortunate for now…but, get your filters ready–the Jet Stream is coming this way by late this week…And winter should be a doozy…

        Thanks for the updates! I’m in NoVA/D.C. most of the time! Is anyone measuring levels out here??? I followed a few people in the area, but I lost track of them. Take care & Thanks again!!~

        • Welcome, trooper. I’m in Anne Arundel Co MD. There was a site that graphed Washington DC radiation, but it went down a couple of weeks ago.

          Yeah, the jet stream hasn’t come down here yet, all the recent activity has been preliminary.

  5. I just uploaded my collection of screen shots from the night between 7th and 8th of October:

      • You make me think about many of them happening in the dark. Not all. But why they do not shut the camera before some one of us talks about it?I have no idea about their relations with the brodcasting companies, but there are some, for sure.
        I think that the coriums travelled faster than in a single experiment, because they can reinforse each other, due to their proximity. The 2 separate events are may be a deep underground criticality which blew up the tritium and then the heavier components were not well swallowed by the new venting system and released into the ocean.( I tend to believe there were several underground explosins this summer and judging from the distance the smoke comes out they should be many kilometers underground. They may have left some radioactive material for the water to dissolve in time).This is just a suggestion of an observer.
        Thank you for once again for the detailed research! You make me dig more into this idea.

  6. I’ve a post ready to publish tomorrow making the same general argument about a criticality on oct 7

    I echo observations about animal population declines.

    There have been many documented collapses as well: Alaskan king salmon, seals, walruses, polar bears, sea lions. Etc

    The fallout is everywhere. I hope we survive it intact. I’m afraid the genome may be irreparably harmed by the latest and greatest assault against the biosphere.

    • Dear Majia, Bobby1
      and all decent people here,
      Genetical experiments on people are criminal! I do not like them on other beings too. Once I asked a psychopat about the meaning of Fukushima. The answer was – it is good for creating humans able to travell in space. I asked him how he will feel if cancer kills him and favours somebody else ( both his parents had different types of cancers and I have one ancestor of impressing 115y and cancer victims too among my relatives).The answer was deep debilliating silence…It is all about moral values and we must address the issue to normal people, and never let the opponents state immoral ideas. Personal aproach can reach even psychopats!
      Can you imagine – only Bandazhevsky , Bobby1 and several more people bothered to explain the simple truth that one radioactive element transforms into another toxic and/or radioactive element! The rest count half life as the end of the problem. What happens when your personal incorporated Cs goes into barium? Can you take it out if you ingest more sulpher and fats hoping to form water unsoluble component and then run to sweat heavily and take it out?(Which I instinctively do for years) Highly paied and honoured science says nothing about this! And the future generations will probably curse us all, if each and everyone does not do his best.

      • pure water, I was reading in Paul Langley’s blog that uranium-237 was released by the Castle Bravo bomb in 1954. This was the contamination that occurred when I was a fetus a few weeks old. Uranium collects in the bones… but U-237 decays in neptunium-237 in a few days or weeks… and this lasts for millions of years. So I have had neptunium in my bones for 59 years.
        Could Spiking Fukushima Rads Be Caused by Nuclear Criticalities, Rather than Spilt Radioactive Water?


  7. Surge of 100 times with “contaminated water release” day! The 2300 becquerel detect β line from the drainage ditch at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant! Most likely you have to flow out during typhoon

    Again, contaminated water with high dose considerably had flow out to sea when the typhoon passed through the other day. According to the materials TEPCO announced on October 17, is that of 2300 Bq per liter of β line was detected from the drainage ditch that connects the sea and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant…

    We investigated the water, at most, radioactive substance 2,300 becquerels per liter (Bq) is detected.
    Have risen to 100 times more than the previous day, this is, that it is the highest value ever…

    Legal standard of strontium 90, which accounts for half of the radioactive material that emit beta radiation 30 becquerel.

    http://www.asyura2.com/13/genpatu34/msg/271.html (Japanese)

    • I lived through that era… I had the same health issues from radiation as a kid that I do now. I missed half of 4th grade (1962-1963). There would be times I couldn’t walk, I was always sick.

      It’s worse now than it was then. A lot worse.

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