Radiation in rain not going away.

Geiger counter readings of radiation levels in rain samples continues to be high. If this was just from the initial Fukushima explosions, it would have been down by 75% or more by now.

Portblog in St. Louis found levels of 11x background radiation. Here is a video from Lansing, MI with 25x background. Another video from Alabama with around 42x background. And Brazil checks in at around 14x background.

Here is some leaf damage, from New Brunswick, Canada I think. It looks like it might contain iodine.

29 thoughts on “Radiation in rain not going away.

  1. I hear the Fuku debris deposition will start picking up steam after the 2year anniversary of another day of infamy. The FukuGoo is a few months behind that, i gather.

    What will rainfall be like then, West of the Cascade/Sierra Mountain Ranges?

    Will it be more like Mars (if only they wouldn’t use “arbitrary units”)

    PS: Nice to see Occupy have a new lease on life in the aftermath of Sandy.

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  2. The snowball is in full gallop now,…careening us all into extinction!

    Things will start going very fast now,…and we will loose some creature comforts shortly.

    Let us get our affairs in order,….nearly time to close the hatch as it were!

    Look up, for your Salvation is near, Yes? Yes! 🙂

    Love you ALL!

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