Radiation plume after Japanese earthquake. Iodine-131 cloud reached France.

A 5.8 earthquake rocked Japan just south of the Fukushima area shortly after midnight on September 20 (Japan time). Apparently radiation measurements in this area have temporarily spiked.

I would like to introduce that we have observed a high radiation dose in the radioactivity measurement data of Fukushima prefecture around. Location was observed particularly high number is Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture and Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. You can think of it either because it is too high too, like a lump of radioactivity or are coming, instrument of what has failed the number of Iwaki. Near the Koriyama has also observed a high number, here was observed a number close to 10 times the peacetime temporarily… Cause radiation dose has been soaring in many parts of Fukushima, it is likely that it is off the coast of Fukushima intensity 5 upper that occurred the other day. It has also strengthened the monitoring of such Fukuichi live camera just to be sure, but such a big accident can not be confirmed at this time. (link)

This new plume would arrive on the west coast around Tuesday, Sept. 24. Previous earthquakes have also generated plumes. I remember that the one that arrived after the Jan. 1, 2012 quake was really nasty.

In a previous discussion Iodine-131 from latest criticality it was noted that the iodine spike in Chiba prefecture sludge was deposited in the period August 7 through August 20. According to CRIIRAD, Montélimar, France had spikes in alpha and beta atmospheric radiation on September 4-7. Rhône river water in Avignon showed a spike in iodine-131 on Sept. 7. The iodine cloud must have widened and dispersed quite a bit in its journey across the northern hemisphere… and 75% or more of it would have decayed by the time it reached France. So it must have been quite a substantial radioactive cloud.

Fukushima not only affects Japan, but the Pacific ocean, North America, and Europe too. Australia has had average radiation levels increase substantially, also.

UPDATE: On September 27th 2013, CRIIRAD laboratory sent to me a message explaining that the increase of alpha-bêta radiation in Montelimar on September 4Th 2013 and the increase of gamma radiation rates in the water in Avignon on September 7th 2013 were linked to variations of natural activity and had nothing to do with Fukushima.

COMMENT: Yes, this was explained on the CRIIRAD graph. How do they know that it is not from Fukushima? I have not seen scientific evidence presented that it did not originate there. Why would iodine-131, which is a man-made isotope, be presented as if it was detected, as a result of natural processes? If this is not a measurement of iodine-131, but a measurement of gamma rays in a range that includes lead-214 and bismuth-214, then these graphs are not useful for reporting levels of iodine-131, and it is questionable why they are published. Also, lead-214 is part of the decay chain of uranium-238. If Fukushima is emitting U-238 into the atmosphere, this would also cause a spike in these energies.

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  1. I had the metallic taste in March & April of 2011, off and on a few times that summer, January of 2012, and the middle of August 2013. The last time lasted 4-5 days, thyroid hurt…girls and I lost handfuls of hair. Daughters complained for days they couldn’t taste their food. Geiger readings in rain highest ever (1800 cpm) and decayed 100% in 24 hours. This was NOT RADON.

    • Hi RadChick. I had the thyroid problem from the beginning of June till mid-July. In August, it came back even worse, but for a short time. The last few days it’s back a little. (Maryland)

      Nov 2011-Jan 2012 was a thyroid & pituitary nightmare.

  2. Have you tried rinsing the nose with baking soda solution? I start my day with it, after pulling with sunflower oil for 20 min:
    Old yoga habits. Somedays I feel like having a mild flu without these 2 habits. Recently I added aspirin solution for rinsing before the baking soda one and do them in the evening once again. Yoga explanation for the effects of oil pulling is clearing the lymph nodes in the head. Then my breakfast are several apples or grapes, or carrots. On the other hand I have a lot of unhealthy habits, like smoking and drinking coffee and beer, so my body should be acidic, and at least in the morning I need some healthy start.

    • For me, the coffee and beer are imported with little or no contamination, and the grapes and carrots are contaminated. Still can get OK apples though. For which I give thanks, apples were one of the most contaminated fruits at Chernobyl.

      • I can not be sure how much is the contamination in what I consume. No one measures and I do not feel it (except the constant sneezing), so the best I can do is to provide the water from a deep spring and stay low in the food chain, giving the body enough resourses to clean itself ( as much, as possible).
        I have heard from producers that tomatoe plants are very sensitive – they go black like burned from radiation. This summer happened again like after Chernobyl and depleted uranium fallout. Many people built plastic roofs over their vegetable beds this summer. One such a roof and a well in the garden can be a simple and good solution for vegetables. I started to think about a place with a well.

    • Quoted from Bobby1’s article above:

      “According to CRIIRAD, Montélimar, France had spikes in alpha and beta atmospheric radiation on September 4-7. Rhône river water in Avignon showed a spike in iodine-131 on Sept. 7.”

      I hope that helps.

    • Thanks for the update!
      Why it was not natural when the alarm was set in Europe? Or may be it is from the Middle East? We do not know all the problems these scientiests have with the mainstream scientific community and institutions, but I believe it is hard for them to function, so I am not angry with such reactions. Just scared how brutal the nuclear industry could be.

      • We don’t know if iodine-131 spikes are necessarily from Fukushima, they could be from nuclear power plants or other installations. The timing of this one was suspect, though.

        There is very little research being done on internal contamination in the US. Russia has more than here, but most of it is in Slavic languages. Doctors (as well as us) are being kept in the dark not only about radioactive contamination, but what the effects of radiation are, especially on the immune system.

        The fact is, we know next to nothing, except we are being irradiated, by unknown quantities and proportions of isotopes, in the air, water, and food.

  3. (Translation from French)

    English-speaking users misinterpreted graphs radioactivity measurements taken in air Montelimar and water in Avignon in the period 4-7 September 2013 and published on the site managed by the CRIIRAD tags. They are circulating on the internet information that would CRIIRAD detected in September 2013 on the French territory abnormal radioactivity bound to Fukushima. This information is false and comes from a misinterpretation of graphics online in French on the website. CRIIRAD will redesign its graphics to reduce the risk of misinterpretation by non-French citizens.


    • CRIIRAD now claims that the measurement formerly labelled as “I-131” now refers to radon daughters in Rhone river water at Avignon. It is a range of gamma energies that includes these nuclides and iodine-131 also.

      If they cannot distinguish between iodine and radon daughters, then they cannot say that it is NOT iodine. The interpretation that the nuclide levels mentioned here results from Fukushima is my own, and is corroborated by Japanese sludge measurements, and personal health reports.

      If I use this information in the future, I will refer to “gamma energies that include radon daughters and iodine-131”. Certainly if uranium emissions are involved, Fukushima contamination would include uranium decay products.

  4. Note in the first graph the colored labels for “ALPHA” “BETA” & “IODE”.

    There is no spike of “IODE” in that first graph near point [1], yet there is certainly a distinct spike for “BETA” as well as a smaller corresponding “ALPHA” spike.

    The second graph point [1] appears at a different date with it’s own notes below the graph for that particular data point.

    Here are some “before” and “after” translations utilizing Goggle:


    Contrôle de la radioactivité de l’air par la balise de Montélimar (Drôme)

    * Prélèvement de filtre et/ou cartouche pour analyse, ce qui nécessite
    l’arrêt de la balise et entraîne donc une interruption ponctuelle dans
    l’acquisition des résultats

    Alpha Beta Iode

    Limite de détection

    [1] Des dépassements de la limite de détection (1 Bq/m³) se sont produits sur la voie bêta direct le 04/09 entre 5h et 7h TU. Ces
    dépassements ne sont pas liés à une contamination mais à un pic de concentration en radon (maximum le 04/09 à 7h TU : 22,4 Bq/m³).
    En dehors de cette période, toutes les activités volumiques sont inférieures à la limite de détection (1 Bq/m³).

    Translation from Goggle Translate:

    Monitoring of radioactivity in the air by tag Montelimar (Drôme)

    * Removal of filter and / or cartridge for analysis, which requires
    the judgment of the tag and therefore leads to a break point in
    the acquisition results

    Alpha Beta Iodine

    Detection limit

    [1] Exceedances of the limit of detection (1 Bq / m³) occurred on the beta channel live on 04/09 between 5am and 7am GMT.
    These overruns are not related to contamination but a radon concentration peak (maximum 04/09 at 7h UT: 22.4 Bq / m³).
    Outside this period, all activity concentrations were below the limit of detection (1 Bq / m³).


    Contrôle de la radioactivité de l’eau par la balise aquatique d’Avignon (Vaucluse)
    Voie “Iode 131”
    (rayonnements gamma compris entre 320 et 400 keV, incluant notamment le pic de l’iode 131 à 364,5 keV)

    Voie I 131 (données CRIIRAD) Limite de détection Voie I 131
    Seuil d’alerte Iode 131 Précipitations Avignon (données meteociel,fr)

    Activité volumique (Bq/l)
    Seuil d’alerte “Iode 131”
    Limite de détection Voie “I 131”

    [1] Des dépassements de la limite de détection (1 Bq/1) ont été observés le 07/09 entre 19h et 23h TU. Le seuil d’alerte (3,5 Bq/l) a été
    dépassé le 07/09 à 19h13 TU (valeur maximale : 3,8 Bq/l), ce qui a entraîné l’intervention des techniciens d’astreinte à la centrale de
    gestion. Ces dépassements sont trés probablement liés à la variation de la charge et du débit du Rhône (lors de fortes pluies ou
    orages) et ne constituent pas une anomalie. En dehors de cette période de dépassement, les valeurs mesurées sont restées
    inférieures à la limite de détection.
    Les fluctuations des valeurs en dessous de la limite de détection sont dues aux variations de la radioactivité naturelle et à
    l’électronique de comptage.

    Translation from Goggle Translate:

    Monitoring of radioactivity in the water by the water tag Avignon (Vaucluse)
    Way “Iodine-131”
    (gamma radiation between 320 and 400 keV, including in particular the peak of iodine 131 to 364.5 keV)

    I channel 131 (CRIIRAD data) Detection limit Way I 131
    Alert threshold Iodine 131 Precipitation Avignon (meteociel data fr)

    Activity concentration (Bq / l)
    Alert threshold “131I”
    Detection limit Way “I 131”

    [1] Exceedances of the limit of detection (1 Bq / 1) were observed on 07/09 between 19h and 23h UT.
    The warning threshold (3.5 Bq / l) was exceeded on 07/09 at 19:13 UT (maximum: 3.8 Bq / l), which led the technicians on duty at the Central management.
    These overruns are very likely related to the variation of the load and the speed of the Rhone (during heavy rains or storms) and do not constitute an anomaly.
    Outside of this period is exceeded, the measured values ​​remained below the detection limit.
    Fluctuations in values ​​below the detection limit are due to variations in the natural radioactivity and electronic counting.

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