Radioactive black fungus in Japan, blowing to the US.

The Australian Enenews contributor vital1 has analyzed a sample of black fungus (black substance) that was originated in Minamisoma, Japan.

I was sent this resin encapsulated sample of black fungus like material. It has reportedly come from somewhere in the Minamisoma area Japan. A contact in Japan sent this sample to a friend. This is my test chart of it. For those of you who have not looked at a scintillator test chart like this before. The position of the peaks in a the chart indicate what isotopes are present… This black fungus started growing on the concrete, and rock surfaces in Japan after the Fukushima Nuclear disaster. It appears to be bio-accumulating Cesium.

Correcting for the weight of the sample, it appears to be highly radioactive, perhaps over 500,000 Bq/kg of cesium. The sample contains cesium-134 and cesium-137 isotopes, and also the sample peak at 795 keV for cesium-134 has shifted to the right. This is likely due to the presence of cobalt-58, which has a peak at 810.8 keV. Cobalt-58 was previously detected in the black substance in Japan.

Cobalt-58 is generated by neutron irradiation of nickel. The metal nickel is used extensively in nuclear power plants, in tubing and alloys. It is likely that large amounts of nickel are present in the molten coriums. The neutrons necessary for transmutation of nickel to Co-58 would have come from either re-criticalities in the coriums, or the presence of neutron emitters like plutonium, curium and californium.

It was shown in a previous post here that an astounding amount of fungi were transported across the Pacific from Japan to the US in spring 2011. It is springtime again, and this is the season for fungus transport.

It is likely that fungi are growing on the spent fuel pools and underground coriums. Tepco announced that they are adding hydrazine to the pools in order to control the growth of microorganisms. But these fungi are highly radioresistant, and probably can tolerate toxic chemicals also. They are almost certainly mutated by radiation.

Vital1 has also detected high amounts of radon isotopes in an Australian rain swab. Background radiation in Australia and New Zealand has increased by 20%-40% since Fukushima. Radon is a radioactive daughter product of uranium. Very small uranium particles on the surface emit a much larger amount of daugher isotopes by weight, than large deposits of uranium miles underground.

If Australia is being showered with uranium dust from Fukushima, it must be much worse in Japan and the USA. Uranium would have been released in the initial melt-throughs, but continuing releases of uranium would be coming from the underground coriums turning into powder, and being released into the atnosphere and sea… or alternatively by fungus spores growing on these coriums. If this is true, there must be significant amounts of plutonium present in the fungi also.

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  1. Analysis of Black Fungal Biofilms Occurring at Domestic Water Taps (I): Compositional Analysis Using Tag-Encoded FLX Amplicon Pyrosequencing

    Mass growth of dark fungal biofilms on water taps and associated habitats was observed in various German drinking water distribution systems recently. Customers of affected drinking water systems are anxious about potential and unknown health risks. These environments are known to harbour a fungal flora also comprising a variety of fungal opportunists that are well known to cause superficial mycoses in humans (Exophiala equina, Exophiala lecanii-corni) but are not known to establish dark biofilms so far… E. lecanii-corni was found to be the major component in 10 of 13 biofilms analysed independently of the method used. Alternaria sp., E. equina, Fusarium spp. and Ochroconis spp. were also relatively abundant. As expected, TEFAP usually revealed a higher diversity than the cultivation approaches. For example, opportunistic species like Candida albicans or Exophiala dermatitidis were detected in very low amounts.

  2. Most people have never seen the walnut twig beetle, a tiny insect that spreads fungal microorgamisms which kill walnut trees.

    No wonder. The insect, measuring about 1.5 millimeters long, is much smaller than a grain of rice.

    Now, however, they can see a teddy-bear-sized version, thanks to University of California, Davis, entomology major Kristina Tatiossian, a member of the Research Scholars Program in Insect Biology. …

    Early Blight is the most common and devastating diseases of homegrown tomatoes. Early Blight, also known as Alternaria leaf blight, is caused by a fungus known as Alternaria solani. …

  3. The mighty oak, that East Bay native tree that grew from that little acorn, is threatened by a fungus-like water mold known as sudden oak death.

    There is no cure for the condition, which researchers believe is spread by infected bay trees, but vigilant tracking of the condition of trees can slow its spread. Tracking will be the aim of a two-day survey by volunteers on April 27 and 28 and the public is invited to be part of the “blitz” assessing the condition of coast live oaks.

    A pair of one-hour training sessions to prepare volunteers for the blitz will be held on April 27. Bill Hudson will lead a session …

  4. It is a sad thing to witness the majestic oaks die knowing that they have the capacity to live 200 years+. We have lost a fair share of oaks to this over the last ten years. And many of our pine tress have died due to to bark beetle. I can’t say that I have seen an acceleration after Fukushima —yet. I think the prior damage has been caused by geo-engineering (chemtrails), radiation (Chernobyl, Diablo Canyon,Livermore, etc) and overall emission drift from Asia. Poor trees, if they could think I bet you they would say ” I just wasn’t made for these times”.

  5. Compounding the woes of cancer patientsBy: PATRICE WENDLING, Family Practice News Digital Network
    Three compounding pharmacies in as many weeks have issued voluntary recalls of their sterile products, heightening concerns about the safety of compounded drugs and infusion products.

    Cancer patients are among those at risk. Med Prep Consulting Inc. issued its recall after a Connecticut hospital reported particulates, later identified as fungus, floating in five 50 mL bags of magnesium sulfate IV solution. The fungus was spotted during routine surveillance of intravenous bag preparation by an oncology nurse at Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven (Conn.).

    “We bought quite a number of medicines from Med Prep, and we removed all its products immediately from circulation across the hospital following the discovery of this particle,”…

  6. The Fungus Link to Multiple Sclerosis

    The fungus link to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is not new to me and it shouldn’t be to physicians since the documentation below has existed for sometime. Years ago, I worked with a very bright young physician, David Holland, M.D., who just happened to also be a microbiologist and he took immediate interest in my fungus link to disease theory. Here is what we wrote …

  7. Cases of Fever Caused by Fungus Rise

    Cases of valley fever in the American Southwest have risen sharply in the last decade for unknown reasons, federal health officials said Thursday. The fever is caused by inhaling a fungus that thrives in desert soil. The disease resembles flu or pneumonia. Though the illness is rarely fatal, more than 40 percent of known patients are hospitalized. From 1998 to 2011, cases went from 5 per 100,000 population in the region — Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah — to 43 per 100,000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  8. I had black mold just like that growing just under my kitchen window inside the kitchen, four clumps of it, golf ball sized. On the floor under the window there was a small carpet of the stuff. It had all been hidden under the table and blinds.
    It was fast growing because it was not there in Nov. and I found it in March.
    The painter came and cleaned it up and not a good job either. I have been sick with Bronchitis now for 41/2 months and can’t shake it after 3 months of antibiotics and steroids. I had a chest xray yesterday and they found a black spot on my left lung.
    I don’t smoke, never have, and now I have asthma. I cough constantly. My lugs and throat feels like its on fire since January. Now this story!!!!! F__K!

    • I’m going to force the owner to have pros come clean the whole place and get paid back for my medical expenses, and maybe rip up the carpet
      I have never had a cough like this in my life, nothing more than a week or two.
      this has been in my lungs since Jan 15.
      I’ve been spraying Clorox and Lysol every where and that hurts my lungs too.
      I have photos, where can i post them?

      • Don, Getting rid of carpet is a good idea, I tore mine up and put wood floors down. Too much exposure to chemicals is not good for your health at all, there are alternatives such as vinegar or baking soda with water, both good cleaners ..”not to mix them !” lol
        If you have a Face Book or can open an account, post pic’s there. There are other upload sites as well, some here may give sujestions…

  9. Source: “Very interesting” mystery black substance in Fukushima — Beta particles too intense to be only cesium-134 and 137 (VIDEO)

    We Not They Finally
    May 28, 2013 at 8:38 pm Log in to Reply
    A lot of highly radioactive BLACK FUNGUS was found there, also in TOKYO. It is said to measure 170,000 [not a misprint] CPM, when only 100 is considered safe. This article says 140,000 CPM, but who is going to quibble abut certain death? Where is the info about HOW MUCH there is of this? It’s NOT an anomaly. It’s just one of countless samples.

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    May 28, 2013 at 8:52 pm Log in to Reply
    This fungus was the FIRST thing I thought of, We.

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  10. Another Infection Outbreak Tied to a Compounding Pharmacy

    Seven patients injected with corticosteroids from a Tennessee compounding pharmacy have fallen ill, including at least one case of apparent fungal infection, the FDA said.

    The agency said it was working with the CDC and authorities in Tennessee to investigate the adverse events, linked to methylprednisolone acetate compounded by Main Street Family Pharmacy in Newbern, Tenn.

    “Clinical information about these patients is pending; at least one of these infections appears to be fungal in nature,” an FDA statement said.

  11. Feet home to more than 100 fungi

    The data reveal that fungal richness varies across the body. The most complex fungal habitat is the heel, home to about 80 types of fungi. The researchers found about 60 types in toenail clippings and 40 types in swabs between the toes.

    Other favoured fungal hotspots include the palm, forearm and inside the elbow. These had moderate levels of fungi, with each location supporting 18 to 32 types.

    I have had a heel spur for year… it has destroyed a dozen pairs of socks already. The heel is a fungus paradise.

  12. “I’ve had CFS for 6.5 years and my son has been getting progressively sicker for the past two years, now with very similar symptoms to me. Last week, I got back lab results from our mycotoxin tests. I have Stachybotrys mold in my body and my son has Aspergillus in his. These are serious molds which have been known to be made into chemical weapons.

    We’ve been on an mold detox regimen for a couple days and are already seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Yesterday, we were both feeling awful, but today we were feeling so much better, even hitting balls at a driving range. Standing for 1.5 hours would normally be impossible for each of us, but somehow we did it today…

    The M.D. that’s treating us is Dr. David Buscher in Redmond, WA. He treats CFS and is very knowledgeable and understanding. Oh – the mycotoxin lab test is not cheap, but worth it at $600 per person. ”

  13. I watched a “Monsters inside us,..last night from May, 2011. It was a story of a 16 y.o. boy caught in the Joplin tornado. The wound festered with fungus,….and took over his body. He turned black,…and needed 20% of his body cut off,…both feet, one hand,..etc. Fungus. The entire episode was on fungus,…many attacking the brain and turning the people VIOLENT!

  14. some more biological growth in waters…

    April 29th, 2011 – Consortium of Industrial and Governmental Organizations analysis of TEPCO Roadmap at Fukushima Daiichi

    After using sea water for emergency cooling in the reactors, experts felt that consideration should be given to biological growth which may occur in the reactor vessels, containments, and spent fuel pools. This had been witnessed at Three Mile Island, where it had been learned that the growth of such life forms could reduce visibility in the waters at best, or even worse could affect coolability of the fuel by reducing flows or heat transfer coefficients from surfaces.

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