Radioactive contamination spreading across the Pacific.

Click on the image to see a beautifully realized simulation of Pacific Ocean radioactive contamination from Fukushima through a period of years. A couple of caveats:

1. The leaking of radioactivity is assumed to stop at some point, likely the time of phony “cold shutdown” announcement. The leaking continues to this day.

2. The graphics do not include radiation contaminating the ocean via rainfall and snowfall, which is the same way the land mass of North America has been contaminated. In fact, it’s worse in the ocean, since these locations are physically closer to Japan than the continent.

3 thoughts on “Radioactive contamination spreading across the Pacific.

  1. Can I please live in a world with no Americans or Japanese?! You guys are destroying our planet! SHAME ON YOU

    • I don’t blame the American and Japanese people, but their governments.

      But it is high time that Americans and Japanese do something about the plague of their governments.

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