Radioactive isotopes in the Japanese black substance.

I found this table on a Japanese website this morning. It is a spectroscopic analysis of the mysterious Japanese substance at different sites all over Japan now, and coming to a pair of lungs near you soon.

It contains radioisotopes such as plutonium-241, cesium-137, uranium-235, gallium-57, cobalt-57, cobalt-60, manganese-54, and technetium-99.

This web page is an interactive spectrographic analysis tool which enables the user to analyze the black substance him or herself, using a mouse. Outstanding web programming here.

3 thoughts on “Radioactive isotopes in the Japanese black substance.

  1. Just saw the children’s movie “Rise of the Guardians,” and my blood ran cold with the sight of this black dust moving just the way that the black dust moves on the Fukushima webcam.

    In the movie, the black dust covers Santa’s model of the earth and that is how the good guys know that the bad guy is back…the bad guy, the “boogeyman” who causes nightmares, is connected to this black dust that often takes the shape of scary horses. The black dust represents fear.

    The whole thing is very strange for someone who has been watching the Fukushima webcam for over a year, closing in on 2, and has nightmares about the black dust.

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