Radioactivity outside the jet stream.

The heat wave over the eastern US has introduced higher radiation readings with it. Upper air description.Pittsburgh beta radiation Again, this has to do with sinking air from upper levels of the atmosphere… but, unlike the recent Indiana radiation event, where the sinking had to do with convergence of two separate air streams in the vicinity of the jet stream, this time the sinking air is from an upper-level ridge which features sinking air (subsidence) from the upper levels, compresses it, and heats it. It is the same principle that your refrigerator uses, the air is compressed, heats up, the heat is pumped out. This time, though, there is no jet stream nearby. Beta radiation on the morning of June 20 was elevated Pittsburgh wind speedin Pittsburgh PA, which was under the upper ridge. The wind in the early morning was calm which caused the radiation to build up, just like in South Bend. Later, the wind picked up and the radiation level dropped. A similar thing happened in Baltimore and Washington DC.

So there is radiation in the upper air (30,000 feet) far away from the jet stream. It is worse in the jet stream, but there is a substantial amount outside of it, as Potrblog pointed out in his recent rain radiation measurement. We have a radioactive cloud over most or all of the US now.

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  1. NoNukes
    June 21, 2012 at 12:35 pm · Reply

    Thanks, Bobby. I hope that you are feeling better, although it looks like most of the country is getting hit today. Radiation Network is spooky, I posted on enenews:

    Has anyone else noticed high readings on Radiation Network today? After reading Bobby1’s blog today (I’m so glad that you are on our side, Bobby1):

    …I noticed high readings on Radiation Network, 50+ in WV, VA, PA, CA, WA, etc….the readings seemed highest in MN (60+), which has just shifted to 0.

    AZ, UT, NY/CT/RI (where is that station?),OR, etc. have also gone over 50 CPM.

  2. I live in luzerne county pa. seems 1/2 of “yew” bushs are dying all over. don’t know why. nothing in common [flood drowning etc…] could be female or male. All over. started the spring they did not bloom.

    • Bobby, I have cuttings of coleus, usually they root and are healthy and happy in a glass of water… not the case, some of the cuttings are literally rotting and dying, i have been doing this for over a year and never had a cutting die while in a glass of water….. more than several have done this….bizarre….

    • No crickets here, 2 years ago they were like a biblical plague. It’s possible that it’s early and they will still come, but it is strange.

  3. What have you been finding for Montana? What kind of G counters do you recommend?? Could this be why our kale, basil, etc. have been continuously trying to go to seed this SPRING? Thanks for the feedback!!

  4. Has anyone considered the fact that the Rockies took the brunt of the fallout, and have been for the entire time…now the wildfires are kicking that cesium into the air again!?!

  5. Reviewing data from PA Dept. of Environmental Protection, Pittsburgh has high levels of radon. Given that June 20th was an orange air quality day, which would suggest a pretty stable air mass keep things down on the ground, it would seem much more likely that you’re seeing a radon event than any “atmospheric” fallout. I do radiation monitoring in Washington State and haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary. And I’ve been doing it for 22 years, so I have a pretty good baseline to go by.

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