Recent health issues update.

Sandy Point State ParkI went to Sandy Point today to get some sun. Sun is the only thing that helps my psoriasis, which has gotten much worse since Fukushima. Maybe I got a mild sunburn, but it was 72 degrees and beautiful… the sun was bright, and all the dark clouds were kept away by a bay breeze off the water. Of course I didn’t go into the water, are you kidding?

My health is improving… the left eye is still flashing, but not as much, it is not bulging out anymore. This never got as bad as the right eye did in January. The wart on my nose is gone, the sore on my gums went away, my tooth doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall out, my heart is not racing, proteinuria is way down, the pain is down to a dull ache in the back, no chest pain.

On the other hand, the bumps on the belly are worse, and I seem to have lost the desire to eat. I have lost 9 pounds. I forced myself to eat some soup (Thai chicken stock, Thai rice noodles, Mexican celery and green onions, Croatian water), and then I passed out. Weird, it’s like I can’t remember what it is like to be hungry.

We’ll see what it is like tomorrow, last time I went to the beach, I couldn’t walk when I woke up the next day.

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  1. From the Yablokov Chernobyl book, p. 37:

    “Ms. Aleksievich writes of a doctor seeing a lactating 70-year-old woman in one Chernobyl village. Subsequently well-founded scientific papers reported the connection between radiation and abnormal production of prolactin hormone, a cause of lactation in elderly women.”

    From the scientific article “Prolactin and autoimmune diseases in humans”,

    “Despite being known primarily as a lactogenic hormone, PRL (prolactin) is in fact also an immunomodulatory hormone.There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating an intriguing link between PRL and autoimmune diseases in humans. At present, the best evidence for a relationship between PRL levels and
    disease activity exists for SLE (lupus), but it may also exist in RA (rheumatoid arthritis), Reiter’s syndrome, psoriasis , and other yet unstudied conditions.”

    So here is what is happening. The radiation exposure makes my body react like I am a nursing mother, even though I am a 57-year-old man. There is an association of increased levels of prolactin with psoriasis and arthritis. Every time I get zonked with radiation, symptoms of these two pre-existing conditions jump off the chart.

    Bromocriptine is used to treat hyperprolactinaemia. It is a dopamine agonist. More dopamine, less prolactin. This substance is derived by ergot alkaloids, which are found in morning glory seeds.

    • Dude, are you going to do the morning glory seed thing again? It magically cleared your skin the last time. I didn’t know you made it to the beach yesterday, how do you feel today?

      • Vgirl, not sure. Last time it wasn’t nearly this bad. Plus it’s a legal gray area, you’re not supposed to eat them. If you take a certain amount, you get high. Getting high is BAD. We can’t have that. Of course I would take less than 5% than what is necessary for such an experience.

        • Seriously? a possible legal thing? That’s kind of bizarre. Would it be ‘illegal’ for me to consume say, toothpaste? Since is says ‘do not swallow’ on fluoride toothpaste. Interesting.

      • I’m really tired and bushed. Eyelids feel like they have lead weights on them. Felt a hunger pang this morning, though, and that’s good.

    • I try to avoid medications, because of hypersensitivity, especially steroid-type stuff. I do use external hydrocortisone cream once in a while when things get really bad.

      One Advil makes me bleed for 3 days… I used to live on that stuff. One of the worst aspects of this condition is that I can’t treat the pain, have to live with it.

  2. It was not a good idea to have gone to Sandy Point at that time. I believe I was contaminated with uranyl fluoride and hydrofluoric acid when I did… though it had already started, this made it worse. I am still suffering from the effects of this.

    Live and learn.

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