Revised WIPP map, Fuku event, skin eruptions.


Radioactive material continues to leak out of WIPP. There was an event on March 11, and another on March 13.

They sent a worker into the ventilation system to put foam in the dampers of the ducts, because they were not totally closed.

Plus, as I had mentioned before, tritium and a whole host of radioactive gases are not caught by the filters anyway.

It turns out that the original release that started late on Feb. 14 lasted for 15.5 hours. Then it rapidly dropped off.

The previous WIPP contamination map for tritium was based on a one-hour release. I re-ran the HYSPLIT model for the full 15.5 hours, and I got a significantly different result for the airborne contamination. Most of the eastern part of the country was affected. This map does not include a source term, so the different colors simply reflect amounts of radioactive concentrations relative to each other. Yellow is worst, dark blue second worst, then green, and light blue.

This is available in Google Maps format here. I have also included the kmz file for use in Google Earth.

Please bear with me. This is a learning experience.


Meanwhile, Fukushima is acting up. Dust was observed and measured coming out of Unit 2. I’m guessing this has to do with the #2 SFP.

For the high alarm generation of Unit 2 reactor building exhaust system outlet dust radiation monitor A system Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station… (March 20) 11:09, (※) indicated value of the outlet dust radiation monitor system A from 2.24 × 9.96 × 10 ^ -8Bq/cm3 2 Unit reactor building exhaust equipment Fukushima first nuclear power plant today It rose to 10 ^ -4Bq/cm3, “dust radiation monitor high” alarm has occurred.

An increase of cesium to 4,200 Bq/kg was detected in Edogawa sludge on March 11:

The amount of cesium in Fukushima City sewage sludge has tripled. There was an especially sharp increase on March 16. (Japanese)

Record cesium levels in the sea were found on March 16 also near the Unit 5-6 discharge channel:

So there is a new plume on the way, and it may already have arrived in the US. There are events under way at Unit 2, and possibly Units 5 or 6. Tepco has discontinued the ALPS decontamination system, so they are not bothering to filter it anymore. It is all going into the Pacific, except for atmospheric releases.


I have psoriatic arthritis, and I have been experiencing a major psoriasis flare. It started in January… there was a Fuku release just before New Year’s. It has gotten much worse since WIPP, and it is the worst flare since 2012. I need to find a way to treat this without heavy drugs.

EGCG comes from green tea. Fermented grape marc is an ingredient in pomace brandy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen pomace brandy around here, but then, I never heard of it before.

In a mouse model of T-cell mediated inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, dietary intake of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a catechin derivative, exerted a favorable effect, in part by increasing the Treg population in the spinal cord [47]. Furthermore, fermented grape marc (FGM) was found to promote Treg differentiation of human CD4 + T-cells [48].

Th17 cells are powerful tissue inflammation inducers associated with various experimental and human autoimmune diseases. However, the extreme importance of Th17 cells appears to be in host defense especially in clearing of invaded pathogens, which are not sufficiently handled by Th1 or Th2 cells… IL-17 also enhances the production of mucin in the airways, which traps pathogens in the lung mucosa(85).

For an invaded pathogen, think of plutonium particles. Th17 cells are extremely important in clearing them from the body. They also produce mucin, which traps the particles in the lung mucosa.

So severe autoimmune diseases like I have feature Th17 cells, which are working overtime to clear plutonium, etc. This is why I flare every time there is a Fuku event, or something like WIPP happens.

Regulatory T cells are the subset of T helper cells important in immune suppression and prevention of autoimmune diseases(169). It has been shown that IFN- γ and IL-4, produced by Th1 and Th2 respectively, inhibit the differentiation of Th17. Tregs has been shown clearly to suppress Th1 and Th2 cell immune responses(170)… During an immune response, antigen presenting cells (APCs) such as dendritic cells in responses to activation by microbial antigens produces IL-6. IL-6 acts in concert with TGF- β to inhibit adaptive Treg generation and to induce Th17 cell differentiation(63, 65, 67)

Interleukin-6 is generated as an immune response by antigen-presenting cells. These are the cells which are contaminated.

The IL-6 induces formation of Th17 cells and reduces Tregs. Since there is always new APCs coming, because Fuku will not stop, my inflammatory Th17 is always up and my immune-suppressing Treg is always down.

My skin eruptions are not going away as long as new radionuclides keep coming. Psoriasis has more to do with Th17, and little to do with Th1 & Th2. So I need to find substances, like EGCG and pomace brandy, that promote Treg differentiation, and reduce IL-6. None of the conventional treatments like Enbrel do this. I can’t take them anyway. I’ve got find something or my life will be permanently unlivable.

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  1. Nuclear waste from state lab may go to Texas
    With the nation’s only permanent nuclear waste dump shuttered indefinitely by back-to-back accidents, officials are making plans to ship radioactive waste from Los Alamos National Laboratory to rural West Texas.

    From its home base of Andrews, Texas, Waste Control Specialists (WCS) has emerged as the nation’s leading provider of treatment, storage and disposal services for low-level radioactive waste, mixed low-level radioactive waste, and hazardous waste. The Texas-sized, 1338-acre, facility is a one-stop shop for radioactive generators across the country.

    Richard Dolgener, the county judge for Andrews County, said the DOE has had the West Texas plant “on the drawing board” as a contingency to the nuclear waste dump for about 10 years.
    “I guess they’re going to execute it,” he said
    Cyrus Reed, spokesman for the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club, questioned whether temporary means one year or 100 years.

    The Sierra Club is suing on behalf of Ms. Gardner and two residents of Andrews to have its claims heard in court. In legal action against W.C.S. dating to 2007, the Sierra Club has challenged the company’s state environmental licenses because of the discovery of groundwater in some of the waste disposal site’s 520 monitoring wells.

    But officials with the company, which is owned by the Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons, say the site is safe.

    It’s an important question because although the dump’s profits flow to its owner, Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons, the state and federal governments will eventually own the dump and its millions of cubic feet of radioactive waste. In other words, the taxpayers could be on the hook for a lot of dough. What’s to guarantee that Waste Control won’t take the profits and run? What if the dump leaks? What if the company goes belly-up? That’s where, in theory, financial assurance comes in. Typically, high-risk facilities like those for hazardous and radioactive waste are secured with a bond, letter of credit or insurance. But in November 2011, TCEQ allowed Waste Control to use 12 million shares of Titanium Metals Corp., another Simmons company, to provide financial assurance for the dump.

    It was a highly unorthodox arrangement that critics panned as a “polluters’ dream.”

  2. It is all so incredible. Some days I get mad, and some days I get sad. I know that we all have to die, but for countless billions of people and creatures to suffer so horribly before death is unforgiveable. And radiation death is agonizing suffering.
    I went to a baby shower last weekend, and, I swear, half the people there were sick, mostly with upper respiratory and breathing problems (I’m in Indiana). They blamed it on everything from allergies to colds to food poisoning.
    Right. Like the infant deformities in Washington are being blamed on lack of zinc (Can you believe that one?), and the polio-like paralyzation in California children is being blamed on a retrovirus. Polio was a disease that struck American children in the 1950’s right after the beginning of atomic testing. Now isn’t that just a coincidence?
    I grieve in so many ways for so many things.

  3. Sorry to hear about your flare up. What area are you in?
    Psoriasis is an immune system fighting something trying to attack you. Keep up your immune system, clean surfaces with Dakin Solution, and cover skin areas with baby oil.
    The best I can do. Drugs usually suppress the immune system, not a good idea.

    • Psoriasis is caused by an over active immune system NOT an under active one. Making your immune system stronger will make the condition worse, that’s why they give steroids for treatment.

  4. Interesting article. has a lot of extracts with pomace and EGCG (40%) in them, but they probably contain fluoride, as well. It sounds as if you’re on top of the game and have done a lot of research. I do know what to do for the itching, though, if the psoriasis is bad that way. Two (not one, and not three, but exactly two) capsules of Yellow Dock, and within 1/2 to 1 hour, you’re good to go, (completely itch-free) for 12 hours. It’s a miracle worker.

  5. Wow, the grappa (pomace brandy) I drank last night actually worked. The skin eruption on my hands has cleared up somewhat.

    • After the apparent success of the grappa pomace brandy on my skin symptoms, I am looking into other ways to get this stuff into me without getting drunk. Grape seed extract is the obvious choice, tho 99.9% of it comes from California grapes. It’s possible to find imported extract, though. I’m not sure tho if the grape skins and sticks might not have more of the good stuff.

      I regularly use grapeseed oil for cooking already.

      It’s not in the grape, I regularly drink wine and ordinary brandy, and it either does nothing or makes it worse.

      This is wild. It’s like buying a bag of weed and throwing out the flowertops, and keeping the sticks and seeds.

      • Bobby1, you are obviously well-read. I also am a firm believer in GSE, after successfully treating an infected molar. You’re Psoriasis…could it be from an overgrowth of Candida?

        • Hi Joan. Many people think psoriasis is a fungus, and cancer is a fungus.

          But it’s a deficiency of Treg T-cells of the immune system. Lack of Tregs also makes you vulnerable to fungus infections.

        • The grape pomace boosts Tregs. It’s amazing… nothing has worked like this before. I have been suffering for 3 years. The only thing comparable is UV-B light, and I had tried that too.

  6. I very much enjoyed reading this article. Also, In case you didn’t know there are repository storage (permanent) disposal sites in Idaho, Tooele Utah (Skull Valley Goshute Tribe) and now I am hearing that the NEW corporation in Wyoming has agreed to build a monitored retrievable storage facility. I have also heard that since Yucca Mountain is off the table, thirty-nine sites nationwide are being considered for repositories.

    • Thanks, Jennifer. All these sites are potential disasters. Any site for spent nuclear fuel will be the worst of them all.

      But not as bad as leaving spent fuel pools right next to nuclear reactors in or near major metro areas, like we have now. All these nuclear plants are potential Fukushimas.

  7. pomace brandy is a misnomer since brandy is made from the juices and pomace is what is left behond. the distillate is properly “grappa” we have a craft (dmall scale) here in washington, Soft Tail Distillery. but you can probably score all the pomace you desire. free or close. it is compost…fertilizer mostly…to be disposed of.

    as for imune response, as slways beware “burnout” the wise doc was correct to advise “nourish the yin” and any herbally trained accupunturist can lead you to the proper herbal recipe for your condition as it presents currently.

    • Thanks, waltinseattle. Pomace is a waste product from winemaking, I know. But I want to avoid US pomace because of Fukushima and WIPP. Perhaps if there is some pre-Fuku pomace I can obtain that has not been exposed to the rain, I can haul it away in a truck, and make wine out of it.

      • Aims: To evaluate mechanisms underlying modulation of inflammatory chemokines in primary human keratinocytes (normal human epidermal keratinocytes) and repair-related processes in wound models by plant polyphenols (PPs) with antioxidant and superoxide scavenging properties (verbascoside [Vb], resveratrol [Rv], polydatin [Pd], quercetin [Qr], and rutin)…

        PPs perturb the EGFR system in human keratinocytes, and this effect may be implicated in the regulation of inflammatory and repair-related processes in the skin.

        • According to this view, the presence of a yet unknown (auto)-antigen
          causes the generation of effector T-cells that infiltrate the skin and initiate the inflammatory
          process (Wolk et al., 2009a). Over its course, cutaneous infiltration of various immune cell
          populations and, subsequently, an activation of numerous immune and tissue cells in the
          skin take place. Secreted cytokines from activated cells then induce keratinocyte alterations
          such as excessive growth and aberrant differentiation forming the basis of the epidermal
          acanthosis, hyperkeratosis and parakeratosis which characterize psoriasis plaques. The
          trigger of keratinocyte response is thought to be the activation of the cellular immune
          system, with T cells, dendritic cells and various immune-related cytokines and chemokines
          implicated in pathogenesis.

          Resveratrol inhibits the proliferation of normal human keratinocytes in vitro.

          Resveratrol has low bioavailability compared to polydatin. Low amounts of resveratrol increase IL-17 rather than decreasing it.

          This is a reminder. It really looks like polydatin cleared up my hands.

          • It didn’t help with the inverse or plaque psoriasis, just the guttate on the hands. But I don’t look like a freak now. I was thinking of wearing gloves so I didn’t freak people out.

            • Hallelujah!

              Might it be an idea to avoid that UV-B (etc – see NoUVIR) light in preference of sunlight? It seems from your replies that it wasn’t very effective. At least we (presumably) know the spectra of solar photons.

              I looked like a freak working grill at “Rotten Ronnie”‘s, but that didn’t deter management from allowing me to daily work in direct contact with condiments and meat with no gloves. I felt like i was less than nothing, as they cared not about my suffering – let alone my health or even the health of customers. Technically, it would seem that customers who ate my production may have been unwitting cannibals, of sorts….

              At any rate, it is good to know that you have at least some relief and expanded knowledge!

              BUMP THE SLUMP! 🙂

            • The UV-B works on the inverse, not the other kinds.

              But, yes, what I need is spring and sunshine. This winter has lasted an eternity, it seems like.

  8. Plutonium-238 is 270 times more radioactive than -239.

    “Immediately after the leak was discovered, the public should have been given a detailed explanation of what was released, said Dr. Neill, who received his degree in radiological medicine. Americium 241 and plutonium 239 were mentioned. “But there are four other radio-isotopes of plutonium, namely the 238, 240, the beta and 241,” he said. “They’re all bone-seekers. So you want to be able to report all the values—how each one may have contributed. It’s just essential.”

  9. “… neither the filtered ventilation system nor the underground air monitor that triggered the ventilation system to switch to filtered mode is a credited safety system. In fact, for six days after the fire, no underground air monitors were operational. Had there been a failure on February 14 of the air monitor or filtered ventilation system, or if the release event had occurred three days earlier, the release of radioactive material from the aboveground mine exhaust would have been orders of magnitude larger.”

  10. Quote of jump-ball: “Imagine your bank saying they will remain closed for about a year, because a whiff of blow has been detected on several $100 currency straps, but it’s all good?

    I think my WIPP and Hanford nuclear waste ‘depositories’ should contain, filter and maintain an environment that is safe for employees 24/7/365.

    Think of a year long WIPP closure as your bank having failed, without FDIC insurance, telling you all deposits will be fine by next year.”

    Quote of preavette86:”The Nuclear Regulatory Commission estimates that many of the nuclear power plants in the United States will be out of room in their spent fuel pools by 2015, most likely requiring the use of temporary storage of some kind.”

    Quote of jec: “FOUR more WIPP workers tested for Radiation. And New Mexico officials formally ask WHY no required inspections done; by regulation, to be four times a year..but only twice in past three years. In this could be jail time…for WIPP contractors…or whomever ignored the requirement.”

  11. Italian grappa (pomace brandy) cleared up my hands well… very surprising. Unfortunately, it rained for the last two days, and not only is the skin breakout back, the skin on my fingers has puckered up like it does after you go for a swim. Weird. This kind of stuff seems to happen only when it rains.

    My son has had a 103 fever this weekend. Everyone around here seems to be sick. I had a bad flu 3 weeks ago, the worst since 2002.

  12. Norman Woman Finds At Least A Dozen Dead Birds In Yard

    There’s a bit of a mystery in the Norman area. Birds were seen falling dead out of the sky.
    One homeowner, near highway 9 and I 35, found more than a dozen dead in her yard. Becki Miller does not consider herself a bird watcher, but she’s identified a potential problem with a flock of black birds.

    “I heard this thump and I noticed a bird had just fallen out of the sky,” she said.

    In the last 24 hours, she’s observed at least a dozen birds drop dead in her yard.

    WIPP contamination map, yellow is worst.

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