Sick doctors and crashing birth rate in Japan.

I haven’t been posting much lately. Instead I have been focusing on my health, reading hundreds of papers, all in the field of immunology, trying to find out why my body goes crazy every time a radiation plume passes by here. I am hoping to post about this in the near future.

But Fukushima keeps spewing out radiation in the meantime. Unit 2 is heating up again, signifying that yet another criticality is under way. Fallout in Fukushima prefecture is increasing. It’s safe to assume that a new radiation plume is on its way to the US, or is here already. So what else is new?

Health problems of doctors in Fukushima jumped up from 5.6% to 20% after 311. In August and September, 19.4% of doctors in Fukushima reported that their health was not good. This is 3.5 times higher than prior to the catastrophe. I reposted a graph which indicates the rise in illness rates of Chernobyl liquidators and their children. This survey was 1.5 years after Fuku, so locate 19.4% on there, that would correspond roughly to the children. So you could infer, by year 8 (2019), 74% of the doctors will be sick. 74% of people in general would also be sick… so the demand for medical care goes up, three-quarters of the population, and the supply goes down, only one-quarter of doctors would be available. So medical care will become very expensive, with long wait times for appointments, and many will not get care at all. Meanwhile, doctors get to keep their monopoly on writing prescriptions. Is this not unconscionable? A similar thing will happen in the USA, except maybe at a lower rate.

Also the Japanese asyura board is reporting that the birth rate in Koriyama has dropped by two-thirds. Koriyama is a large city in a highly contaminated area of Fukushima prefecture. It is unknown whether this is due to miscarriages, abortions, or inability to get pregnant.

So we have the birth rate going down, while an increasingly sicker population starts dying due to a lack of medical care. DEPOPULATION. Japan’s population was shrinking even before Fuku. It is devastating.

4 thoughts on “Sick doctors and crashing birth rate in Japan.

  1. Yes,…..and we hear of servicemen and women who were part of the ‘relief effort’ after 3/11,…are getting sick,…one man (21) loosing a testicle the other day. We all know that Pu collect in the gonads,……so,…if I’m right,…conception will be down as well.
    Couple that with the admonition to not get PG, or if you do, to abort,…..will catch most of the fetus’s that should have been born!

    • Yes, and endocrine disruption might be happening, with loss of libido for both men and women. So people in contaminated areas might be having sex less often, which would reduce the birth rate. Or having sex might be painful due to inflammation.

      • Talk about synchronicity. Paul Langley has a post about the people in the Marshall Islands who were contaminated by the Castle Bravo bomb:

        “The Department of Energy officials sent me to New York for treatment. There’s this machine (I do not know what it was called) that they put me inside. I could not remain in it any second longer because my body felt like it was on fire and pierced by a thousands fine needles.”

        I was just writing about having sex might be painful due to inflammation. Imagine the sensation of thousands of fine needles piercing the most sensitive organ of the body. This ruins the mood… unfortunately I know this from personal experience. Inverse psoriasis out of control. This is why I am so motivated to solve this.

  2. Yes,…..when our own immune systems start attacking us,……which these sensitivities really are,…’s time to find solutions!

    I know Bobby1,…dancing that fine-line myself. But we’re onto it! 🙂

    I can feel it!

    Thanks bud!


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