Sick for the last 5 months.

It is now September 1. I have been sick for 5 months.

The worst neurological symptoms of M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis) have subsided in the past couple weeks (though this disease is unpredictable and they could come back at any time). I finally started to work again on the programming project which was interrupted by the sickness and the WIPP catastrophe, though I have to pace myself and I am much slower than I used to be. The cognitive aspects are getting better, but the physical aspects of the disease (pain & fatigue) are still there and are worse in some ways.

This has been the damndest thing, everything I have done to cope with this disease I have learned myself, through trial and error, but especially going to Pubmed and trying to figure out what the hell is going on based on the symptoms I was having. This is a distinct neurological disease, but the medical establishment insists on confounding it with an inflammatory syndrome called CFS, or chronic fatigue syndrome. They even call it ME/CFS. This intentional confusion on the part of insurance companies and psychiatrists has caused untold suffering for people with severe ME. I have had a taste, just a taste of these very bad symptoms, and it is torture. There are people who have been suffering this torture for decades with no treatment, nothing to relieve the misery whatsoever. This is in spite of medications avaliable that are already in use for other diseases which have potential to relieve this suffering.

I have no doubt that oxidative stress from internal radionuclides is the cause of this disease in my case, but it was triggered by the flu-like virus that hit me 5 months ago. Something funky happened to my fingers a couple days before I got sick, they got pruney like they had been submerged in water. I also got minor Raynaud’s-like changes on the cuticles and nails. This is not a normal thing for flu or ILI (influenza-like illness) viruses. Perhaps I ws infected with two viruses. Usually ME is associated with enteroviruses or herpes viruses, which have a Th2 profile, and suppress Th1 cellular immunity. This suppression is augmented by the oxidative stress from radiation. When cellular immunity is deficient, the body cannot clear the viruses out.

Or it could be that the violent illness brought out the HHV-6 virus that hides in the brain, and that everyone has. According to the HHV-6 Foundation,

Like the other herpesviruses—Epstein Barr virus, varicella zoster virus, etc—HHV-6 establishes life-long latency and can become reactivated later in life. This reactivation has been associated with many clinical manifestations that can be seen in the “Associated Conditions” section of this site. Reactivation can occur in locations throughout the body, including the brain, lungs, heart, kidney and gastrointestinal tract. In some cases, HHV-6 reactivation in the brain tissue can cause cognitive dysfunction, permanent disability and death.

A growing number of studies also suggest that HHV-6 may play a role in a subset of patients with chronic neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, mesial temporal lobe epilepsy, status epilepticus and chronic fatigue syndrome.

I had incredible skin and joint inflammation since WIPP. And I had a pituitary tumor for over two years that shut down cortisol production. Dr. Martin Pall has said that inflammation and low cortisol are major risk factors for ME.

I am taking it one day at a time. Just barely hanging on.

“My bone cleaveth to my skin and to my flesh, and I am escaped with the skin of my teeth.” – Job 19:20

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  1. Genesis 12:3–

    “I will bless those who bless you.”

    You’re a great Soldier Rob,……shining the light back onto the path for those who follow. Yes,….the oxidative stress (assault) onto our cellular matrix,….breaking our DNA strands,….causing ‘irregular cells’ as a RESULT,…which get multiplied, etc,……never again to be whole, complete,….or sustainable!

    For me it’s been about infection. I got bitten about a month ago,…..which went EPIC (almost) sepsis. When it subsided last week,…my teeth went into abscess immediately. I am calling to (surrender) my old dead teeth,…tomorrow.

    In AA they say you can’t save your FACE and your ASS at the same time. Time to save StillJill’s ASS,…..screw the FACE! 🙂

    I love you ALL!

    Suffer on,…….you KEEP me inspired to do the same! 🙂

      • I am not 100% certain,…..but I saw a baby snake in the very same area the previous day! Very serious systemic edema, hot, pulsating pain,…..with fever and nausea! But,….the red angry rings are almost gone now. The teeth are every bit as bad unfortunately. I was just told that oil pulling with coconut oil is GREAT for teeth and abscesses! I am holding some and swooshing as we speak!

        Where there’s a Jill, there’s a way! 🙂

  2. StillJill, Oil Pulling really does help. I’ve been doing it daily for about four years now, and so far so good. It also helps with health. I started out doing it for 20 minutes three times a day, for about six months. Then twice a day for six months. For the last few years, once a day. It’s amazing, really. I use unrefined Sesame oil and Sunflower seed oil. Coconut oil is too likely to come from Hawaii, ergo radiation. I will say that it took about a year before my teeth and gums healed, but it cleans, whitens, and brightens the teeth immediately.

    • Bless your heart weez. I did it twice last night,….and will go to three times today! The throbbing was GONE the very first time! God how I love cheap, simple, GOD-GIVEN cures!

      Amen! 🙂

      • Good luck, StillJill. I had half a tooth fall out about three months after I started oil pulling, so I think it may take time for some people’s teeth to fully heal. The dentist told me I would lose them all within a year or two, but since then it’s only been that one half tooth. I found out about oil pulling from customers who would come in periodically to the bookstore where I worked. They swore by it. Now I am like them—I swear by it. Plus, it leaves my teeth so clean and white that I haven’t had to go to the dentist once to have them cleaned. Plus, it gives one good breath. Plus, as I said, it helps with health, but that’s a whole other story.

        • Well I’m a ‘convert’ now too Weez! 🙂

          Yes to the breath improvement,….and all the way down the line,…no down-side! 🙂

          I am doing it three times a day,….and Yes,…I think ‘it’ will throw one tooth OUT,….it is past the point of no return,….and my body knows it. (It knows better than me, of course!) 🙂

          Thanks again Kiddo! 🙂

  3. A hidden fungus may be making you ill.

    A 35-year-old recently walked into my office suffering from a whole list of health problems (which is why I often call myself a “whole-listic doctor”). She had chronic fatigue, recurrent yeast vaginal infections, itchy ears, dandruff, patchy itchy skin rashes, irritable bowel syndrome, muscle twitching, acne rosacea, malabsorption, headaches, and more. …

    fungus loves radiation …

  4. Can you get rid of Candida (fungus) from the inside?

    Yes, but it is difficult, if you mean a septic fungal infection. Flagyl is a popular medication for treating candida,and I believe Zofran and vancomycin also are used as well as other medications. It takes a long time because fungal DNA is a lot more similar to human DNA than is bacterial DNA, and anything that kills fungus is more likely to be harmful to humans. And there are other reasons, such as protective sheaths on fungal spores, etc. but it certainly is possible to treat fungal infections from the inside.

  5. Marti LeRoux published an article on WordPress.

    I’ve been suffering from writers block for the last few weeks, but I managed to put together a short episode. Towards the end of the episode, I discuss my struggles of being exposed to iodine-131 following the Fukushima meltdown.
    Please share with as many people as you can. The public has been operating under the assumption that the new naked body scanners are safe, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Links to reports and documents are in my show notes at

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