Substandard tank construction at Fuku.

I’m recovering from a major pain event. I have psoriatic arthritis and my leg went out… it was like my leg became disconnected from my hip. Lenny brought over his cane, I will be needing it occasionally from now on. There have been 4 days the last couple of months where I needed it. It seems that this happens after every criticality. It is less bad now, but I am still worn out from this.

For what it’s worth, I have NEVER had arthritis or psoriasis symptoms in the summertime before Fuku. They have always come with cold weather prior to this… not any more, it doesn’t make any difference now.

I am not sure that I have communicated the following point, or maybe I haven’t stressed it enough, or something. I deal with radiation symptoms EVERY DAY, and have been doing so since April 10, 2011. This is ongoing, it never stops. It is not only gross radiation symptoms like loss of memory, swelling thyroid, and drooling metal mouth… the garden-variety symptoms of pain and fatigue are worse because they never go away. Quality of life disappears. I have had to spend an enormous amount of effort to find out why I am so radiation-sensitive, and how to reduce radiation sensitivity. How much medical literature exists on this topic? NONE. They know that people with some diseases like HIV/AIDS and autoimmune disease are more radiation-sensitive than others. Why am I more radiation-sensitive? I was exposed to radiation from the Bravo bomb as a fetus. Radiation damage doesn’t go away, it is accumulative. What happened in 1954 is still affecting me. What happened in 2013 will still be affecting people in 2072 (assuming anyone is still left). How to reduce radiation sensitivity? It has something to due with the balance of neurotransmitters. I don’t have enough dopamine. Someone else might have too much serotonin. I don’t have enough noradrenaline… my son had symptoms of too much noradrenaline two years ago. We breathed the same air, and ate the same food. It’s random.

The total collapse of the biosphere is in progress. I see on Enenews, and blogs, where people who are hip to extinction and the ongoing destruction of the planet, saying things like “I’m going to live my life to the fullest,” or they are making philosophical arguments on existence, or theoretical discussions on how to terminate industrial civilization. They are sipping their tea, with a pinky lifted in the air, satisfying their need to release their intellectual pressure in pointless debates. I am struggling just to survive, and have been for over two years now. You certainly get a different viewpoint when you’re in the middle of it, when it’s not something you just see in the future. Here is an example from Collapse of Industrial Civilization:

The conniving little games of corporate states and petty dictators continue to play out as our global ship sinks quickly into the dustbin of history. The unwashed masses will continue to be kept busy on the hamster wheel of “modern progress”, an overpowering and die-hard myth. The infinitely small percentage of people who are fully aware of our dilemma may continue to wring their hands in despair and self-torment while others lecture us with overly analytical psychobabble, but for myself, I have decided to embrace what is inevitable and savor each day as it comes like the last sand granules of a depleting hourglass.

Savor each day? IT MUST BE NICE. It’s just GETTING THROUGH each day that is the victory. And it is just a matter of time before everyone else joins me… you don’t need no intellectual speculation, your theories which don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world will be gone, and your whole focus is on getting clean food, water and air… while your mental focus and memory says bye-bye due to the effect of radiation on the central nervous system.

I don’t know if any readers follow football. The Denver Broncos beat the Baltimore Ravens 49-27 last Thursday. Peyton Manning tied an NFL record with 7 touchdown passes. He was like Superman. The Ravens couldn’t keep up.

Radiation is like Peyton Manning. Every pass is deadly accurate, every pass gets there before the defender has a chance to break it up. I am like Corey Graham, getting toasted on every play. This happens over and over and over… then the next morning, you get up and do it again. EVERY day.

Well, this was supposed to be about the tanks. Dr. Paolo Scampa kindly pointed out to me that the steel used in the Fukushima Daiichi tanks that contain contaminated water, is a type called SS400. From this site:

JIS G 3101 SS400 is one of the most commonly used hot rolled general structural steel. Supplied as plates, sheets, flats, bars, sections etc. They are cheap, excelling in weldability & machinability.

This is a very common and cheap type of carbon steel. But the tanks made of this not only hold contaminated water, but also seawater… which contains salt, sodium chloride, chlorine. Does this kind of steel have properties that resist corrosion by seawater? NO.

The first graphic shows that SS400 had the greatest rate of weight loss due to corrosion compared to other alloys. The second graphic compares the effect of salt water sprays to stainless steels. The third graphic compares corrosion in untreated SS400 (the bottom row) to electroplated steels.

Of course, the salt water is not the only problem, there is the problem of neutron irradiation of the steel, from plutonium and criticalities, both inside and outside the tanks, making them brittle. And they used cheap rubber seals instead of welds, or even cheaper plastic seals, which will deteriorate even faster. Why didn’t they use welds? After all, one of the advantages of SS400 steel is its weldability. They said it takes too long to build them. The real reason is it costs more. They save PENNIES by using cheap steel and seals. This is with the entire Pacific Ocean being contaminated, and all sea life and human life at risk. But you can be sure that Tepco didn’t skimp on the furnishings of its executive dining room. The executives’ butlers wear the finest clothes, I’m sure.

But the worst problem is not the leaking tanks. It is the possibility of a major earthquake. The Daiichi site is built on fill, and now has groundwater coming to the surface. The foundations of the reactor buildings are losing integrity. If a major earthquake occurs, the whole site may collapse, and the fuel will be spilled. The flooding groundwater in contact with the fuel would cause huge criticalities. The whole place may go up like a massive dirty bomb.

And a major earthquake is CERTAIN within the next few decades… and it is LIKELY to happen soon. A major aftershock from the 3/11 of 7.8 magnitude of more may still occur. This is just so unfathomably dangerous.

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  1. We’re so sorry you are in pain a suffering again, but your tenacity to keep focused and writing for other to learn is amazing. Keep up the good fight Bobby1, We love you.

  2. The leaking tanks may be because of the earthquakes and the seals moving with the steel. They can not stay near one of these leaks for 4 hours or they will have ill fate because on the increase since last week. In a month will it be so high that 2 hours will be fatal ? Since the beginning of this, they have just been buying time and losing time and ground to a larger problem each day.

    I had a Hundred Gallon RUUD water heater a few year back that a leek from a crack in the side rolled steel (CHINA) had rusted through very small and unnoticed until it became noticeable on the floor Five days after the warranty ran out. grrr What will they do when these tanks collapse during a quake ? And to add, Wasn’t it seals that cause the Shuttle to Blow up ? That risk wasn’t a good one ether !

    • IIRC, that was twinned O-Rings in the Solid Rocket Boosters lifting Challenger that lost their flexibility in low temperature that contributed to the failure. Failure by NASA to acknowledge the potential for disaster and schedule launches accordingly was another contributing factor.
      Therein lies a good question. How will those rubber gaskets perform during a cold-snap?

      • Yes, frozen rings, I remember clearly seeing them fall to earth and their screams were silenced by… as these seals may through ground movement ! the screams from this folly will be silenced also ~

          • With so many impurities, it is difficult to foresee the contents freezing.
            With Grade 8 bolts, one would expect tank walls to be a source of failure on a “shake table”.

            Add dye, gelatin and sugar to prevent leakage?
            Jello can “weeble and wobble”, yet it shouldn’t fall down.

            What would “calcified (Sr)” and tritiated Jello look or perform like?

  3. I am so sorry that you are in so much pain, Bobby1, because of nuclear technology. It brings tears to me eyes, I wish I could fix it. Thank you for writing so eloquently about your experience, as, at most, what is recorded is usually cancer, or maybe heart attacks, as if otherwise everything is fine.

    I was so sick yesterday. I felt the familiar poisoning that isn’t a virus. It just built and built until I collapsed in bed, my husband said I reminded him of April 8, 2011, which was much worse. I haven’t been able to read, etc., my world feels like it is shrinking. Vital1 posted this link about spikes in radiation in Seattle Sept 5 & 6.

    My thyroid was aching badly Sept. 3 and 4. I believe the plume was bad enough that they zeroed down Radnet more than usual this week, in general. I grew up nine and 23 miles away from Pilgrim Nuclear plant and have been on synthetic thyroid medication since the age of 8. (If anyone ever wants to put you on thyroid medication, resist it and use alternatives as long as possible, it is no replacement for a thyroid, that is more disinformation from the nuclear industry.) As bad as Pilgrim has always been, it is a cakewalk next to Fukushima. What about the babies there, how can they take any more?

    You are so strong, Bobby1. Thanks for fighting.

    • Thanks, everyone! I love you all, too!

      NoNukes, I am so sorry about your thyroid. You have been suffering since you were a child, and a lot more than me! And I’m sorry that you’re so sick from the latest plume. You’re a fighter, too!

      It looks like this latest criticality won’t stop, and there is more bad stuff on the way.

      • Any chance of in-place shelter with asbestos abatement and recovery methods?
        That is, positive-pressure dual-HEPA filtration?
        It would also allow for a regular source of filter readings.

        I assume that this is already in place, yet i must ask for the benefit of readers.

        Of course, this is only one facet of contamination with water and food being other facets.

      • Canadian tax rules may change soon for Americans living in Canada.

        Lots of bugs here. We even have fire ants now.
        The white doves are a recent addition. Dragonflies upwards of 4″ long!
        Mosses in lawn are turning a reddish brown on their tops (unusual).

        The smog here is bad though. It is allegedly ozone and methane.
        Many people note when first entering the region how “it stinks like shit”!

        Perhaps the pollutants have been a mixed blessing.

        As dispersion is not even, there are bound to be “oases” in divers places.

  4. Thanks for the share. To add, I’m nuts. Well, that is the feeling I get from people when I say my kids can’t drink/eat milk, yogurt, cheese b/c of the continuing meltdowns in Japan. I have learned since then to say they have deathly milk allergies. They will sick and die if they eat it.

    The day the reactors blew in Fukushima, I said to my wife, well no more milk in this life… My daughter will never know what a nice cup of warm chocolate milk ( I have learned of alternatives since then).

    As I continued/ continue in the mad scramble of buying cans of tuna, bottled water, pre-Fukushima rice, meat, fish, leaning about fallout and ways to boost the immune system, my employees and Korean in-laws thought I was crazy. (Oh yes, pouring iodine on my 11 month old daughter as the first wave of fallout hit Korea..but I didn’t tell anyone about that).

    2 and a half years later, Korean TV stated the government is banning fish from Japan and now my employees are telling me they are starting to worry about radiation…

    The government here has taken aggressive stances against a blog of concerned mothers (mainly) and fathers (not so many) members who have sent products to Germany for testing. Instead of being responsible men and women of the community, the government in partnership with large milk producers are suing the blog community for reporting the results that show the 134,137 fingerprint of Fuku.

    What is the point of banning the fish? You should be banning mushrooms (as the local shop shows the results of contamination,) the eggs? as the bloggers tests show contamination… the baby milk powder? ditto…. Who are these insane moronic people?

    These people are way more dangerous than drug dealers and drug addicts but we let them run around anyway….

    Without you Bobby, I would have thought I was going crazy too….. thank you on behalf of all my family…..

    • You’re welcome, David. Mushrooms are probably still the most highly contaminated food product, but Pacific fish is catching up.

      Of course the government persecutes those that try to save lives. All governments represent monied interests only. None of them have concern for their own citizens, or citizens of other countries either. And the natural world, of course they have absolutely no concern with.

      But now it’s on TV and people are starting to wake up. How sad that most people depend on the idiot box to learn about what is going on. It is suicide in these times.

  5. Sorry to hear, Bobby, of all the pain you and others suffer related to radiation sensitivity. Your blog is helping a lot of people realize that life and health are precious, worth more than all the money in the world. One day soon we will all realize what has been lost, what was forsaken; why did we waste the soul of our humanity and all life on our planet? I hope, by some miracle, that someone saves us soon from ourselves, and arrives to cure you.

    • Please, i beg you Anne, don’t put your faith in otherworldly migrants.
      The answers may already be here, perhaps even written of long ago.

    • Hi Girly ~ You are well It seems, see you here, make us all feel better. Do you have readings from where you are ? Did your green house’s do well this year ?

  6. Hopefully, they didn’t use the same galvanized bolts as on the Bay Bridge. <– probable shill alert
    (also "father of directional drilling", etc, etc, etc, etc ….)
    I haven't listened to any of his shows since shortly after he was let go from AM810 during a format change well over a year ago. It was distressing to hear his views that echoed industry concerning Fukushima. That effected his credibility in my eyes. Wondering if facts released since then have changed his views at all. Hoping he has awakened. What a bio!

    Would it be that the use of bolts made from any dissimilar alloy could catalyze bimetallic corrosion? Would not at least some of the time to construct a tank be for corrosion protection? Magnesium bars (or zinc) are apparently used for oceangoing vessels, as electrochemistry dictates that those would be most effected by corrosion.
    One thing i don't understand is why they don't precipitate out more of the contaminants with chemical means or simply with clay turbidity. Naturally tritiated and heavy water would remain, presumably near the bottom of the tank after settling.
    Perhaps welding would make such a tank more rigid and less likely to hold together during an earthquake event, yet then again we are back to the shear strength of those bolts as they age.

    Quote: "My big concern still remains that if there’s a significant earthquake, significant means like M7.0 or M7.5, that that building [Spent Fuel Pool No. 4] can still collapse.

    Now a prominent scientist just came out and said there is a 70% chance of an earthquake of that magnitude this year. and there’s a 98% chance of an earthquake of that magnitude in the next 3 years"
    Quoted from:

    "They have no real concrete plan should another 7.0 or greater quake befall Japan!"
    Quoted from:

    Certainly they have no plan should another tsunami strike the area.
    Have they built up the seawall there at least?

    • 80,000 Bq/liter of tritium leaking from unit 1. Nitrogen injection into unit 1 in progress, to prevent explosion.

      There has to be large amounts of carbon-14 present (half-life 5,700 years). It comes from neutron bombardment of nitrogen. This becomes radioactive carbon dioxide. It escapes from the ocean like the fizz escapes from a can of Coke, if you leave it open all night. No measurements of plutonium either.

      Perhaps unit 1 is responsible for current criticality. I think unit 3 was the site of the one in May – July.

      • Lake Barrett appointed to aid contaminated water efforts. Another phony who thinks that Fukushima radiation is no big deal, and the whole problem is “public confidence.” This is strictly a PR move to manage information and public perceptions.

        Fukushima plant operator names U.S. adviser to aid clean-up

        Tokyo Electric (Tepco) said in a statement that Lake Barrett, an independent energy consultant and former head of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Civilian Nuclear Waste Management, will advise it on steps to decommission the plant and contain contaminated water at the site.

        Barrett, who was also a director for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission at the Three Mile Island plant, the site in Pennsylvania that suffered a partial nuclear meltdown in 1979, will join Tepco’s clean-up effort this week.

        March 28, 2011: “Lake Barrett, a nuclear engineer and former staffer for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said the risk of exposure from the Fukushima plant is very small, “much less than that we encounter in everyday life.”

        Barrett: “Tepco and the Japanese government have done a good job of containing most of the highly contaminated water, which poses the highest risk to the public. They are, however, having great difficulty in managing the overall contaminated-water situation, especially from a public-confidence perspective… There will still be some who will claim that any release of radioactivity is unacceptable because it will ruin the Japanese fishing industry in the area. I, for one, do not believe this, and someday I hope to be able to introduce my dear grandchildren to the fantastic seafood from the Tohoku coast. Assuming the Fukushima accident water has been properly processed and released, and that the Japanese government has declared the seafood safe for eating, I will gladly feed my own grandchildren these delicious delicacies without a moment’s hesitation.

        Life is too short and precious to be marred by unnecessary fears and doubts.”

  7. “Leaking tank had the bolts inside → Couldn’t be tightened from the outside

    In the press conference of 9/20/2013, Tepco commented the loosened bolts are inside of the tanks.

    From the beginning, it is not designed to be able to maintain from the outside. This means Tepco cannot tighten the bolts of other tanks either.

    There are 350 tanks of the same type in Fukushima nuclear plant.”

    *shudder* They didn’t put water meters in these tanks either. Gross incompetence at a basic level.

    “Japanese gov started asking for the international advice for contaminated water issue

    They have no technology to settle down the contaminated water related problems at this moment. Japanese government accepts domestic / international advice until 10/23/2013.

    They mainly seek solutions for the contaminated water storage, Tritium removal technology, decontamination of seawater, understanding and shutting down the groundwater flow.”

    They plead for help and nobody comes.

    • Akin to the Bay Bridge, did they use the correct bolts for the application?

      Quote: “Bay Bridge troubles began with design
      Jaxon Van Derbeken

      The team designing the new Bay Bridge eastern span had a problem.

      Pressure was building to move forward on what would become the most expensive public works project in California history, but Caltrans’ in-house steel experts reviewing plans for the new bridge had spotted what they believed was a major flaw.

      Among the more than 1,000 pages, they pointed to a single sheet that called for the use of a particular type of high-strength steel bolt coated in molten zinc, a process known as galvanization. Such bolts, the experts warned, were prone to cracking in a moist marine environment such as San Francisco Bay and shouldn’t be used…..”

      Quoted from:

      • Corporations nowadays don’t have the ability to perform basic construction practices that were known and used in 1900. Everything is about making a buck now. Cut corners, shoddy workmanship, pay off politicians.

    • “The utility is planning to transfer the tainted water in the flange-type tanks to the welded ones.”

      No word about using stainless steel or plating to minimize corrosion.

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