Supplements and treatments I have tried since Fuku.

I have a host of autoimmune diseases, including psoriatic arthritis. I am ordinarly hypersensitive to medications. About a month after Fukushima Daiichi blew up, everything went through the roof.

A pituitary adenoma suddenly developed. The pituitary gland, or hypophysis, is an endocrine gland that is at the base of the brain.

It is the size of a pea. It eventually blew up to the size of a softball.

It threatened my vision… but worse, it increased the hypersensitivity to extreme levels, which is the last thing you want in a radiation crisis. The inflammation, joint pain, and skin symptoms were overwhelming.

This tumor secretes prolactin and thyroid-stimulating hormone. Prolactin makes dopamine go away, and is highly pro-inflammatory. It also causes hypogonadism and bone loss. I was also getting hyperthyroid symptoms, like a goiter.

Things have gotten better. And it is not because the radiation went away, I think that is worse than ever.

So I just wanted to share some of the things I have tried, to alleviate the autoimmune and radiation symptoms.

Air filter – IQAir Health Pro Plus. Expensive but worth it. It has really made a big difference.

Reverse osmosis water filter – I stopped drinking from it in Nov. 2011… but still rinse dishes with it, and use it in washing.

Charlie’s soap & borax – My clothes were accumulating radionuclides… not sure if it was from the water, detergent, or both. Charlie’s soap contains washing soda. Borax removes fluoride… I have to avoid fluoride like the plague, because I was poisoned with uranium. Mix them together, you get uranium tetrafluoride, a highly corrosive substance. The last thing I need is my bones dissolving like acid. Plus it turns uranium into a neutron emitter like plutonium. Charlie’s and borax is working well.

Sunlight exposure – I have gotten 6 days of sunshine from laying out this year so far. Raises dopamine levels. I have psoriatic arthritis, so I need the UV-B light.

UV-B light device – I got this for my psoriasis. It works… not perfect. 72 people are documented to have died from psoriasis. I could have been one of them. That’s how bad it got.

Fuyunhon Australian 10% urea cream – Works pretty good, not contaminated. For skin symptoms.

Nelson’s calendula – Good for what it is. My skin symptoms need something with more kick, though. Not contaminated.

Zinc oxide baby powder – Helps with fungus a little.

Desert Essence tea tree castile body wash – I like it.

Tuck’s medicated pads – Contaminated, as far as I can tell.

Fish oil – Ultrapurified omega-3 fish oil, from fish caught off Peru. This was definitely positive. But it was too expensive, and I switched to Norwegian cod liver oil. I like the Vitamin A. Not contaminated, as far as I can tell.

Gingko biloba – I have only tried a little of this. Pre-Fuku stock. Should be very positive, but not determined yet.

Curcumin – Everything says this should be ideal. Did nothing for me. Not contaminated.

Peony root – See curcumin.

Walmart pomegranate – Contaminated.

Pomegranate seed oil – From Europe… I use it both topically and put it in drinks. Helps with both joint pain & skin symptoms. Not contaminated.

Spanish solera brandy – Aged for years in oak barrels. Oak contains ellagitannins like pomegranate does. I wish I could find uncontaminated oak bark. Nothing in the world soaks up radiation like it, plus it has the wonderful anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties.

Lutein & bilberry – For my eyes. Seems to works some, though my vision is getting worse. Not contaminated.

Rutin – Antioxidant for ITP & bleeding. Comes from Brazilian plant. Not contaminated.

Cat’s claw – Una de Gato, from Amazon region. Just started this, undetermined yet. Not contaminated.

Sea buckthorn – Very interesting berry, should be useful for both radiation and autoimmune. I didn’t take enough to tell if it helps. Not contaminated.

Horny goat weed – Got this for bone resorption… the prolactin from the tumor is causing osteoporosis. From Europe (supposedly). Contaminated… Fuku or Chernobyl, I don’t know.

Tongkat Ali – Also for bone resorption. From Laos or somewhere near there. I just ordered it.

Jatoba – Antifungal from the Amazon. Haven’t tried it yet.

Turbina corymbosa – These seeds saved me from going blind. They contain ergot alkaloids… they are hallucinogenic, and are used by shamans in Mexico to induce trance states. However, the dose I took was never more than 5% of the hallucinogenic dose. Called “Seed of the Virgin.” Contains ergometrine, which causes muscle cramping, so this is unsuitable to use long-term. It shrank the tumor enough to where I could see… not more.

Hydergine – Co-dergocrine mesylates, ergoloid mesylates, dihydroergotoxine. Nonhallucinogenic, active principle of seeds above. Dopamine agonist used to shrink the pituitary tumor. Also has anti-aging properties, is a strong antioxidant, and is a nootropic. Worked better than I expected. I haven’t gotten metal mouth from food since I started taking it. Moved me from stage 2 radiation sickness to stage 1 (see Fukushima AIDS, part 2: Chronic radiation sickness).

Vitamin D-2 – Not D-3. I like this better. For my kidneys and bones. Less toxic than D-3, also D-2 is produced from UV radiation of ergot alkaloids (see above).

Cannabis – Thousands of studies indicate that cannabis and cannabinoids should be in the front line in the war against Fuku’s destruction of our health. THE US GOVERNMENT SAYS THAT IF YOU SMOKE MARIJUANA, YOU ARE A BAD PERSON, AND SHOULD BE LOCKED IN A CAGE WITH MURDERERS AND RAPISTS. THE US GOVERNMENT ALSO THINKS THAT PLUTONIUM IS GOOD FOR YOU.

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  1. There are a couple of pharmaceuticals that should be considered, in order to preserve health in this crisis:

    Phenibut – GABA-B agonist. Should block the endocrine system damage from potentiating immune damage… addictive though. If I went back to stage 2 radiation sickness, and was in danger of entering stage 3, I would take it. Being an addict is better than dying from radiation poisoning.

    Selegiline – L-deprenyl. MAO-B inhibitor, reduces breakdown of dopamine. It increases levels of interleukin-6… if I had radiation sickness, and not autoimmune disease, I would strongly consider this.

    • Thank you for thIs brilliant blog, Bobby1! Has it been a year yet? This is again so helpful, thanks for taking care of us all this time.

      What water do you drink? Fiji and Gerolsteiner are the two that don’t cause problems for me. My reverse osmosis is still noticeable.

      • I was drinking Fiji at the beginning… this is probably the best water available. But it is too expensive. Big Lots had Jana Croatian artesian water for cheap, for a while, this was also very good. But that went away…

        Some of the European waters have natural radioactivity, and a lot of them have salt. I have to avoid excessive salt due to kidney issues.

        Nestle Pure Life was one of the only waters that didn’t screw with my thyroid in Nov 11 – Feb 12. The water that is available here comes from Pennsylvania… from what I understand, there are a dozen or more different sources of the water, depending on where you live. So this doesn’t necessarily translate to the rest of the country.

        Aquafina was better than most, but it had some funkiness in 2011.

        Some of the purified waters had large amounts of iodine. Spring water is by far the worst.

        The water situation is worse than the food situation, to me. Both for drinking and bathing.

      • Yes I started this a year ago…

        Funny thing… I got sick just before I started the blog. Now, I have all these external hard drives for backup. I pulled one of them out today, it’s a hard drive & an external enclosure. Apparently I did the last backup May 3 2012, just before I got sick.

        The drive I pulled out was brand new then. I didn’t even think about radiation on it… and I have been handling it today. ACK!!!

      • Me, too! I haven’t taken measurements, but I did a little research and these two are very accessible and come from (relatively) pure underground sources. I really loved a water from New Zealand, but then it vanished? It was delicious and a good buy with no BPA in the plastic, no less. I agree that the reverse osmosis membranes can get worn out. Our livers are working hard these days!..

    • Well, when I wrote the above comment about phenibut, I thought that if I went back into stage 2 radiation sickness, it would be because of damage to the GABA system. I thought I was good for 2 years, at least. The GABA damage starting showing up in like 2 DAYS. Sucks!

    • Well, I tried the phenibut as I suggested in my first comment. It gave me tremendous pain relief.

      That means the vast majority of the pain and fatigue symptoms I have been experiencing is not due to arthritis, as I thought, but from fibromyalgia.

      This is a central sensitivity disorder, a disease of the central nervous system. Even though I have severe immune damage, the damage to the CNS is far worse.

  2. Today was a bad day… skin and musculoskeletal symptoms, as well as dizziness and chest pains.

    Things have been better for me lately healthwise, so a day like today is disappointing. Maybe it’s a plume coming through.

    • Majia, I feel better today. I think a plume came through… your blog has screen shots from early in the month that showed some pretty bad emissions from Fuku.

  3. Dear Bobby, I admire your strength to contribute to others, while being in pain. May be you are one of the few who can describe what a crying baby feels, while ignorant adults expose it to the poisons created by greed. It is a curse and a blessing to be so sensitive. The blessing part is that you feel instantly what can be figured out after years of research. According to Yablokov’s book “The myth of low level radiation”, about 20% of people are sensitive to radiation exposure, while other 25% endure it better than others. Bandazhevsky proved that previously exposed population is more vulnerable comparing the data from Chernobyl fallout with the maps of the bomb test fallout. KGB tried to kill him for this, and the book with the data about fallout from the bomb tests just disappeared from the libraries. It is a well known fact (but not publicly spoken) that autoimmune diseases are common among children exposed to radiation before birth. I can not be sure, but facts point to the idea that it can be a result from a disruption of the information exchange between the cells and organs. Often the researches are focused on the chemical changes and energy effects, because this is what is comparatively better known and easily measurable. Prof. Elena Burlakova has experimented with small doses of chemicals and radiation and the results show nonlinear effects from small doses. May be in small doses our bodies interpret radiation as information, but not as energy or chemical intervention into the system. I mean – it just triggers different reactions, without directly participating in them. Accumulation and synergetic effects are the next chapter of the same book for human self destruction.

    • purewater, thank you for this information. The accumulation of radionuclides in the body is accompanied by accumulation of radiation damage in the body. Even if the radioactive substances are eliminated, the damage done by them is still there. It gets worse over time.

      The symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are pretty identical to Fukushima AIDS. It is caused by central sensitivity syndrome. It is linked to excessive stimulation of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. This was demonstrated at Chernobyl with high levels of various pituitary hormones in those affected. Over time, a switch occurs and the HPA axis become understimulated.

      “The etiopathogenesis of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) remains poorly understood. Although neuroendocrine disturbances – and hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis hypofunction in particular – have been found in a large proportion of CFS patients, it is not clear whether these disturbances are cause or consequence of the illness. After a review of the available evidence we hypothesize that that HPA axis hypofunction in CFS, conceptualized within a system-biological perspective, primarily reflects a fundamental and persistent dysregulation of the neurobiological stress system. As a result, a disturbed balance
      between glucocorticoid and inflammatory signaling pathways may give rise to a pathological cytokine-induced sickness response that may be the final common pathway underlying central CFS symptoms, i.e. effort/stress intolerance and pain hypersensitivity.”

      This can occur whether the individual develops autoimmune disease or not.

  4. Bobby,

    You might want to investigate Bioage, which was developed by Kiriac. It was and probably still is widely used in Eastern Europe in dealing with radiation. He won many awards but moved to Canada after the economy collapsed in the USSR. There are some interviews available on places such as Rense. The product is made in Kamchatka, and many consider it a lifesaver.

    If you have the money and energy, I would consider injections of various sorts. Vitamin C, alpha-lipoic acid, ozone, and chelating agents. Of course, if your kidneys are shot, then chelation is out.

    • Ozawa, thanks. Hydroponically grown algae would be very beneficial. Outdoor grown algae from North America or the Pacific are probably contaminated… I have had a couple of bad experiences with it already.

      I do have spirulina from Costa Rica, this should be helpful. I have too many supplements… I have been throwing stuff against the wall, and seeing what sticks.

      The kidneys are much improved, but they are not 100%. I wanted to get to the point where I can undergo some mild chelation… probably not there as yet.

      The hypogonadism brought on by prolactin caused bone resorption to go down… which has caused osteoporosis, where calcium is not incorporated into the bones. I just realized there is a positive aspect to this… that means that the uranium and strontium I have been exposed to did not get incorporated into the bones as much as they would have without the pituitary adenoma. This is so very complex… there are silver linings to these dark black clouds.

      • Bobby,

        Standard spirulina is not nearly as effective. There are varieties of green critters that are a lot better than others. But, sure, I wouldn’t go with stuff from Klamath Falls or the North Pacific from California to Alaska. Unfortunately, the old Wacher’s sea vegetable extract was a tremendous product, but who wants extracts from that part of the world?

        An issue you must be aware of is the Herxheimer reaction, where you get a bad reaction before you get better. So just be sure that any bad reactions are bad because you are getting worse, and not because you are detoxing.

        • I didn’t know it was called the Herxheimer reaction. This certainly happened a year ago. I started getting sick in May, but June was worse. The tremendous amount of inflammation showed that my immune system was killing and removing a large amount of cells. I had a fantastic amount of toxins move through the kidneys… and it wasn’t only radioactive isotopes, it was the detritus from the cells, bacteria, chemokines. It certainly got a lot worse before it got better.

          • Bobby.. Herx we been talkin about for years! You Herx every time you touch anything that kills badasses and then you misinterpret it as bad because you feel like shizzle, and think it’s not good, so then you quit! Herx is miserable but ok really…., just cut back on the protocol a bit, and extra water and maybe walking to move the toxins thru the system faster…. it’s all good lovey……Love you Boo. Scrub and Morgan are bonding after the fact and have gone to a Unity church event where they are ‘analyzing’ Beatles lyrics to their songs searching for spiritual meaning today!!!! picking them up soon. so fun.

          • Don’t forget far-infrared saunas. They do wonders, and are far better than regular saunas. They are also cheap to operate, as they operate at relatively low temperatures and go deep in the body instead of frying your skin.

            There was an article about how first responders on 911 who got intensive far-infrared sauna treatments did immensely better than those who didn’t. Look for the Townsend Newsletter.

  5. Here’s something interesting from POTR.
    There seems something of an indication Chlorhexidene Gluconate could ease retransmission of various scourges. Would like to look up the MSDS for that though.

    I like tumeric. How many people from India do you know of that suffer from dementia? Any, that is, that didn’t reside near or downwind of NPP’s, Bhopal, or worse.

    ☢ Smile! 🙂 It confounds biometrics!

  6. Hold the fort! I seem to have remembered something about Gingko biloba around the InterWeb somewhere…

    “In 1997, a Denver-based company petitioned FDA to include ginkgo biloba in its list of ingredients that are “generally recognized as safe,” or GRAS, and are therefore allowed to be used as food additives. But the company withdrew its request in 2000, and ginkgo has still not been approved for use in foods.”

    Head’s up!

    Ah, UV_B to ensure sterile skin. Pre-Fuku Sphagnum moss is/was legendary as sterile. I think it emits Hydrogen Peroxide under moist conditions. Used for panty-liners for their absorbent capabilities; I kid you not. Maybe the better “quality” mature undergarments would use it to, but that depends. Also used for various purposes at some NPP’s, but “nobody” likes to talk about that.

    That is crazy, about your U2/Pu2 decontam. Fluoride to UF4, learn something new every day. Is this what “Alien” (Sig.Weaver) blood was supposedly made of?

    Oh, BTW. Speaking of soap; my favorite is Olive-based.
    Part of being an anointing oil is that it must have been used at least partly for healing. He got the stripes, (stars & stripes, eh?) we get the healing.
    My eczema/psoriasis is all-but gone except for two non-symmetric patches & a semi-symmetric set on those big toes, since changing soaps years ago. Goat’s milk soap is what i have been using & i need to switch back. I don’t know where them goats have been, but i can imagine something fuku; how you do?

      • Eczema/psoriasis made me suffer greatly, yet it seems that you have endured far worse, even though it covered my face at one time & i felt like “elephant man”. Feet swelled up to twice their size. Boss man visited from dognut shop to ask “when are you coming back to work”? Class act.

        Funny thing. As bad as my eczema was at one point years ago, even with flakes of skin falling off of me, they still let me flip burgers with a spatula and my hands at McDonalds. No one in authority urged me to seek treatment.

        They say this has a genetic component. If i have learned one thing, they tend to overlook epigenetic switching. That can have environmental causes. For me, at the time, i think binge drinking didn’t help. Yeast was mentioned as a component of the problem, yet i’m sure there’s more.

        I wonder if it had anything to do with childhood vaccination, being born downwind of several NPP’s, exposure to cigarette radiologicals, etc. or a combination of factors. At any rate, i wouldn’t be surprised if there is a connection with current insomnia, “sleep-paralysis”, extended 26 hour day, 17 hour sleep. Thankfully, chest pains are much reduced lately. I don’t notice the ringing in my ears as much lately. The periodic muscle twitching is weird, though. Smog hasn’t left the area much in the last couple of years. No surprise to me. They sometimes blame it on “fires in Russia”, methane from farmers fields as they literally spray the shit to cover their fields, or other cop-outs. Funny, it’s still the same color & shit smell that new arrivals to this valley always complain about for the first part of a day. Makes me wonder if H2S is partly involved from that particular effect of desensitization.

        Doctor checked my thyroid with one government-approved thyroid test (Hypothyrodism TSH first +/- fT4) which revealed nothing out of the ordinary (doctor disputes that thyroid function time-of-day-dependant), and physically by feeling it. Then he checked my prostate manually.
        I just wanted to scream at him “Fraud!”, but had to choke it down along with my humiliation. There is after all a protein test for that. Also, either should be far more evident with an ultrasound. I would have told him to “fuku” off if he wanted an X-ray with the question “what is my current burden of radiologicals?”
        Finally he says to me “it’s probably psychological”.
        In reply, i tersely stated “I cannot rule out the possibility of any specific psychological cause. However; the sleep problems and disturbances and anomalies have physical manifestations and symptoms that you cannot deny. Just because you cannot explain them, doesn’t mean that they do not exist.”
        This was the same doctor & i use the term loosely, that at one point prescribed me antidepressants and sleeping pills after i told him that i was an alcoholic. Thankfully i long ago quit drinking alcohol beyond the point of say one Canadian beer. I do prefer rum, though.

        Thanks for being a sounding-board. It does help to have somebody listen.

        Now, if somebody can explain to me what sick kind of world we are in when Angelina Jolie is forced to decide to have her boobies hacked off ??? Based on a genetic test ??? No consideration of epigenetics ??? I hate the thought of any vandalism.

        If she had only lived in the era of the Garden of Eden, maybe God could have taken those “useless boobs” & made a masculine companion for her!

        PS: “Fuku” Hans Blix! Kisses.

        • Certainly the drinking doesn’t help. It raises prolactin levels, which fuels skin inflammation. I have been drinking Spanish brandy, and even though it contains helpful ellagitannins, the alcohol is screwing with the warped endocrine balance. The hydrocodone I take for pain is much worse. Heroin addicts sometimes get prolactinomas because of this.

          The sleep disorders are extremely common with autoimmune disease, central sensitivity disorders like fibromyalgia, and in poisoning in general. Your doctor is a quack.

  7. Cannabis – Thousands of studies indicate that cannabis and cannabinoids should be in the front line in the war against Fuku’s destruction of our health. THE US GOVERNMENT SAYS THAT IF YOU SMOKE MARIJUANA, YOU ARE A BAD PERSON, AND SHOULD BE LOCKED IN A CAGE WITH MURDERERS AND RAPISTS. THE US GOVERNMENT ALSO THINKS THAT PLUTONIUM IS GOOD FOR YOU.

    They have him in immigration prison. He’s doing hard time for selling seeds.
    Look what they did with Tommy Chong. He took one for his son.

  8. I have tried Olive Leaf extract (from Europe, seemed ok), Tumeric (seems ok), extra Vit. C (seems good)/extra tropical sources from Amazon, Ashwaganda (India seems to be a good source–lots of organic herbs)…oh, I can’t remember. I try not to be too obsessed. -I think that keeps me healthier! 🙂

    Watch out for some CoQ10s–some versions have ingredients that are actually coming from Japan!

  9. There is an Olive Leaf extract liquid from Australia that seems wonderful, too!! Take care & blessings to all who are hanging in there!~

    • “Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men. Preventable measures for this malignancy are not well established. Among potentially beneficial natural compounds is the carotenoid lycopene, which is derived largely from tomato-based products. Recent epidemiologic studies have suggested a potential benefit of this carotenoid against the risk of prostate cancer, particularly the more lethal forms of this cancer. Five studies support a 30% to 40% reduction in risk associated with high tomato or lycopene consumption, three are consistent with a 30% reduction in risk, but the results were not statistically significant, and seven were not supportive of an association. The largest relevant dietary study, a prospective study in male health professionals found that consumption of two to four servings of tomato sauce per week was associated with about a 35% risk reduction of total prostate cancer and a 50% reduction of advanced (extraprostatic) prostate cancer. Tomato sauce was by far the strongest predictor of plasma lycopene levels in this study.”

      Lycopene reduces leptin, which decrease then reduces interleukin-6, which is associated with cancer. Also lycopene increases somatostatin, with counteracts elevated thyroid-stimulating hormone, which my mangled pituitary is producing in excess.

      I have been avoiding tomatoes due to radiation concerns. Gonna have to become a little more diligent about this.

  10. Asahi Shimbun, Oct. 14, 2013: A series of recent mishaps at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant may be symptomatic of declining worker morale. A major reason for this disturbing trend is the health concerns held by workers […] “If we exceed our radiation exposure limits, we will simply be disposed of as workers,” said a man in his 30s […] there has also been an increase in workers whose skin or underwear has become contaminated with radiation.

    The contaminated underwear is a big deal here, as it is in Japan. I have been having awful skin issues. But underwear that I hadn’t worn since Fuku didn’t bother me. Using Charlie’s soap and borax has worked really well.

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