Tepco admits to releasing false radiation figures for 2 years.

Enenews is reporting that Tepco has admitted to reporting false radiation levels for 2 years at Fukushima. Tepco claims that it was an ‘unintentional error’ in the under-reporting of cesium levels. NHK reports that “the error was due to the wrong assessment of the impact of radiation in the surrounding area”, and experts commented that it was an “elementary mistake.”

But Tepco admitted that it had “underreported the amount of radiation in contaminated water that leaked into the ocean” from the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant after an earthquake in 2007.

Tepco has admitted using radiation detectors that max out at levels far below those that are found at the Fukushima plant. 18 times too low, as a matter of fact.

It’s called lying.

The truth is, we don’t know how much radiation Fukushima has released, into the ocean or the air. Tepco hasn’t reported tritium levels until recently, and rarely has reported anything but cesium before that. They are no doubt lying about iodine releases, which have been showing up in Japanese sludge. There are around 2,000 radionuclides to be concerned about, and we don’t have valid scientific measurements of any of them.

And they lied about the nuclear explosion in Unit 3, lied about the 3 melt-throughs, lied when they said the plant was in ‘cold shutdown.’ The whole planet is becoming contaminated with radiation, and they lie, and we really don’t have firm data on how much radioactivity has been, and is being, released.

The tanks holding contaminated water are leaking. They did not measure and report the isotopic concentrations of nuclides like strontium-90, tritium and plutonium in that water. They gave measurements of external radiation, in sieverts, and claimed that it could kill people in 4 hours. This is not appropriate. We don’t know which isotopes are in the tank water and how much of them there are. They have been releasing tritium measurements from a well in that area. This is not the same thing. More deception.

And South Korea, which has banned the importation of much Japanese fish, may sue Japan for the leaking contaminated water. China also has import bans on fish. Not America, though. Even though the contaminated water is heading directly for the west coast. The USA’s response has been a gigantic increase in the amount of allowable radionuclides.

10 thoughts on “Tepco admits to releasing false radiation figures for 2 years.

  1. They wouldn’t falsify documentation.
    Like Jeff Goldblum once said in the movie “Jurassic Park”; “That’s a massive pile of shit!”
    Have they yet admitted to crimes against humanity, human rights, and especially sanity?
    It would be a good first step towards their mental recovery, would it not?
    Should they theoretically collectively be prescribed anti-psychotics by a qualified physician (or psychiatrist), or have they lapsed in their dosage of what they are already on (doubly ironically)???
    During “Eat Japan” support sessions maybe they were first in line.
    I think the leakage really started at their brainstems and worked it’s way up.
    They are likely now in-effect defunct and invisibly on their individual crucifixes.
    They are on the razor’s edge, and have been for too long.
    Only being allowed to split their company could they ever run another plant.
    If you were a regulator, would you ever, on God’s green earth, let them “manage” another, even their “own”?
    Hitachi and other heavy-equipment suppliers (and engineers) should be considered for compulsory Conscription. A market for them for cleanup should be opened up to them as part compensation.
    Let us hope they finally make “war” on this merciless and barbaric enemy with GOOD counsel, and then show some urgency.
    The only urgency we have witnessed so far, seems to be when one has to visit the water-closet!

    Interesting times. The prophets wanted to live at this time.
    They couldn’t have known about the goo.
    One could guess they might say “God always offers a way.” “He takes care of His own”. That avenue already offers us the food Laws of Leviticus. Is not violating those laws not necessarily sins against God, yet sins against our own health?

    Speaking of Fuku-goo; i have to ax myself how any forest fire on the West Coast could fly beneath my own rambling “radar” for so long. Perhaps it is because it hasn’t been overtly present like the last two days. I distresses me greatly to remember that the area being scorched to temporary desert was probably heavily coated with goo over the last 2 years and change, at least whatever hasn’t washed into groundwater and reused by vegetation. I don’t know at this time when the fire started, nor humidity, precip., wind speed and direction over that time.
    I think if during the worst health effects suffered by the majority of contributors coincided at times while that smog was heavy and visibility poor (like the 15mi. or so here) that we should give creedance to such matters and perhaps that respirators would be advisable as a precaution, especially in public during less-than-ideal air-“quality” days. Positive-pressure HEPA (oversize-doubled?) could be an idea for the home, yet it is likely as expensive as an air-conditioner. Ooo, i wonder if the two could be combined somehow (duct tape? NOT THE DUCT TAPE!!!) |:-u
    I haven’t seen any phenomenon that could confirm hot-particle activity, and would like to hear of any possibility, because i don’t know of any. It’s mostly oxides that i think might be concerning. Would P,u,Am, Cs, Sr, Co and 14C (& other forms) oxides be on the “menu list”?
    Should i be setting up square-meter sized plates to make a directional capacitor of a high atomic-number dominated, conductive material like lead sheet (on side grounded) to assist in determining ionizing radia, read it with a capacitance meter (might have to tune plate-size), and determine full-spectrum max absorption? It would likely include a wide range of frequencies including noise, but it is the highest energy star-stuff that would matter, would it not?

    I appreciate and would respect any input on these matters.
    Am i off the mark here?

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  3. Korean government suing Japan….right now they are suing this group

    for trying to protect their families ….
    the main contention the government has with the group is that the group posted the results of baby formula on their site after it sent the formula away to Germany to be tested and found it to have been contaminated from fallout….the government’s position is yes it is contaminated but too low to affect the child……..

  4. I think it might have been someone reporting on the tank spill (possibly from the BBC) who measured it in sieverts. I remember reading a statement from TEPCO after that information was released saying that all that radiation was the least deadliest form and could be blocked with a sheet of plastic wrap. You are correct to say that there has been so much lying and deception that nobody really has a clue what is happening and the situation would benefit from a heavy dose of reality so that we can all move forward in solving what can be solved. In the meantime I will continue to believe Albert Einstein who said that nuclear power is a dumb way to boil water. We have so many possible ways to generate electricity that does not involve leaving waste behind that needs to be cared for over hundreds of generations.

    • Geoff, whether the radiation can be blocked by a sheet of paper is irrelevant if it is going into the ocean, where it will bioaccumulate. The amount of external radiation is irrelevant, except if you are talking about the dose to the workers.

      The recent media stories about Fukushima should not lead anyone to believe that there is any kind of full disclosure happening.

  5. Chosun Ilbo (Major Korean Newspaper), Sept. 16, 2013: […] A researcher at TEPCO conceded that it was “impossible” to contain the radioactive water leak from the devastated power plant. […] Yet the Japanese government claims that it is unfair for Korea to ban fish products from Fukushima. […] The Japanese government has lost all credibility. […]


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