Tepco finally admits radioactivity leaking into the sea.

Tepco has finally admitted that radioactive-contaminated water has been leaking into the Pacific Ocean. Surprise, surprise. The Japanese nuclear regulatory commission, which is in bed with the nuclear industry, has already said so.

Huge increases in the amount of cesium-137, strontium-90, and tritium have been found recently in trenches and pools under the plant. Contaminated fish have been found in the sea far away from the plant for some time.

Tepco announced in December 2011 that the plant was in “cold shutdown”. A lie, huh? They have also admitted that more than 10 times the number of Fukushima workers have been exposed to carcinogenic amounts of radiation than they reported to the WHO last year. It is not surprising that criminals lie about the crimes they have committed.

“We would like to offer our deep apology for causing grave worries for many people, especially for people in Fukushima,” Masayuki Ono, Tepco’s general manager, told a news conference in comments broadast on public NHK television.

So they apologize for making people worry? What about the murder of the largest ocean on earth? What about the sickness, the death, the millions and probably BILLIONS that will die from their incompetence and mendacity? Children’s lives blighted, dying in agony? They’re talking about creating anxiety?

Tepco said that based on water sample tests, any impact of the leakage appeared to be contained by silt fences erected near the devastated reactors.

A silt fence is gonna stop the ocean from being contaminated? Are they nuts? They didn’t even bother to build a cofferdam, not that that would have made much difference either.

This item has generated news stories in the mass media, but itself has little significance. The real issue is the silence of the US government, the UN, the mass media, the medical industry, and all other institutions which have failed to recognize the enormity of the situation, and have either stuck their heads in the sand like ostriches, or are actively collaborating with nuclear sociopaths in destroying all life on earth for money.

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  1. Trickle truth from the liars.. The greatest fear in the beginning was not the calamity of the Fukushima situation it was that the public would panic.. Since the establishments(Gov,Nuke industry,et al.) knew full well that there was three full core meltdowns at a minimum that was going to contaminate the worlds biggest fish net lets unleash the full power of the propaganda machine to pacify the masses. We knew that the truth would come out eventually Bobby1. What pisses me off the most is the ones that perpetuated the deception since the beginning are now the ones that are repeating the same dribble of trickle truth all wide-eyed with the who knew expression on their faces. Shame on the mainstream media for not having the balls to do an ounce of investigation and report the truth from Mar 11 2011 onward. I think its time to start naming names and making those that helped with the deception fully accountable by the masses that were so wronged. Unleash all the fear that they were afraid of. I know you could get plenty more pointed Bobby1 on those damned souls.

    • The fuckers that are suppressing Fukushima truth are the same Orwellian fascists that are trying to kill Edward Snowden. There is no hope in the political arena. All you can do is abolish the political arena in the first place.

      What can you do? We need a revolution. But the revolution should have occurred 100 years ago in 1913, with the founding of the Fed. We are in these dire straits because nobody did anything for so long.

      There are too many people who support the fascists, whose livelihood depends on them. This is the main problem. They are ostriches sticking their heads in radioactive sand, because their livelihoods depend on them doing this. I don’t know the answer. I have my hands full just trying to survive this shit.

      • Remember what it is they value debatably as much as their vain pursuits towards “wealth”, “power”, and other fleets of ephemeral vanities.

        It is their privacy.

      • Um, i neglected to commend you on your interview.
        Congratulations on your interview! 🙂

        Sadly, i had been mispronouncing your name.

        I hope you do more interviews!
        You are wrong about your speech.
        You are a very good speaker, a talented researcher, and have much to say that is factual.
        You were prepared, clear and concise.

        What more could anybody ask? Entertainment? Bah!

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