The anti-nuclear movement.

The established anti-nuclear movement does not speak for me. They minimize Fukushima, they ignore or deny the ecological crisis in the Pacific, they deny that spent fuel pool #4 is toast. They let the powers that be decide the scope of the conversation. While I applaud the limited and rare victories they may have, I am not on their “team”. They have no right to tell me what to think or say. They have no experience in dealing the daily realities of radiation-induced illness. And they don’t give a damn about those like me that have to live like that every day.

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  1. The same with me. Every organized community operates at the level of the lowest developed individual participating there. It will be a great loss if the brightest minds conform and you are one of them. As for me, I like my individuality and prefer to dig into unused biological strenghts, because people who are alive today have to figure out how to live tomorrow. There is no option to live as it was yesterday. And we do not need a mob, it is a personal choice.[[[

  2. Bobby I am in total agreement. I was in a hospital with leukemia at age 8 in an area that was downwind of nevada nuke testing, had a uranium mill that blew radioactive shit all over town, radioactive water from mines everywhere. Close to the headwaters of the colorado river where the us govt detonated 5 underground nuclear bombs. Out of 30 kids 7 of us survived.

    I saw the cancer cluster in this town I knew only too well in the western united states. Probably as radioactive as nevada or los alamos nm or wipp nm or kazakstan or tricities wa or neapolitan italy. Who gives a darned really the us is floating on a layer of radioactive ooze.

    I was a health professiona,l an expert. i have seen so much cancer and radiation poisoning effects in my life. I have seen so much genetic illness clusters in the united states west like instant cystic fibrosis, autism, cerebral palsey it will make a pronukes head spin.

    Places like enenews getting overrun by controlled opposition spooks and god knows what else. Perhaps embedded spooks already there.

    You and I know Bobby. Is that what it takes for people to open their eyes bobby? For they themselves to get sick or many loved ones to get sick? I have such a low opinion of the human race now bobby.

    • Oh, I know about the spooks at enenews, they’ve been there since 2011 at least. It’s always been a mixture of authentic people and paid trolls. I guess staying there depends on how much you can stomach.

      Those piles of uranium tailings in the west don’t stay there, they blow across the rest of the country. In the east, we have more nuclear power plants, and nuclear processing at places like Savannah, Oak Ridge, Metropolis, Paducah, Piketon. It’s all over the place. There are all these proiferating and weird immune and neurological conditions that nobody can quite figure out, in addition to the cancers. Mandatory vaccination on top of all this assault on our immune systems is a further catastrophe.

  3. They have billions of dollars at their disposal through cartels, supposed government regulators , govt intelligence agencies, and the whole military industrial complexg
    bobby. Enough money, eauipment, boots on the ground, faux scientist and acedemics to lie, spy, propagandize, force opinion, use lies within lies forever. Agents decievers, dupes, cointelrpo, operators in sweatshot callrooms. Embedded spooks and disruptors. Military intelligence agents like at enenews. Private koch bro hacks and political operatives. Sensationalist conspiracy hacks agents and operators of the controlled opposition. All very clever and cordinatated .
    I am pretty sick of a lot of conspiracy nonsense. Absurd claims and fabrication cause people to throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to fukushima and nuclear power.

    People are drawn like cocroaches to sensationalism. The fukushima meltdowns and explosion. The flooding of the the biosphere with radionucleides are not a conspiracy. It is very real. It is caused by severe human incompetence and psychosis.

    Chernobyl was not a conspiracy. It was another shitty reactor that should have never been built that exploded. There are four hundred other shitty nuclear reactors ready to explode.

    All nuclear reactors are shitty and extremely dangerous. All nuclear reactors are shoddy rube goldberg machines that should never have been built. There is no place safe on this planet to put the huge amounts of waste generated.

    People want to believe humans, and especially what appear to be our leaders are blessed with some divine spark of intelligence and rationality. The peopke making money off nuclear madness are not our leaders. They are our parasites, stalkers and killers . Our childrens too. No life is sacred to them. It is not so. Human consciousness is not so divine or rational.

    Study human physiology. We are all somewhat self contained bags of protoplasm that carry several liters of the earths oceans seas in us coursing through our hearts and brains and around our neurons. Those neuron networks give us the perception of consciousness. That same seawater is as contaminated with pollutants and radionucleides as any other seawater in the world. We live in a very tenuous and perilous equilibrium.

    People projecting any kind of rationality on the crimanally insane who perpetuate these crimes get my goat. I think they are either not thinking or part of agents who perpetuate these crimes against humanity. It is so very sad really.

  4. enenews is definitely over run by controlled opposition sppoks and spooks who want to convince everyone that fuku is a conspiracy not a catastrophe to throw people off and discredit the truth. screw enenews. amazing that the media corps govt etc go to such great extremes to suppress. i had forgot there was such a huge antinuke turnout in washington dc in 1979. 150 thousand people rounded up in 3 days. We are all in trouble. I hate the sick jerks that suppress this evil and madness.

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