The Helsinki cesium-137 spike.

An abnormally high spike in cesium-137 was detected in Helsinki, Finland on March 3 and 4. It measured 4,000 microbecquerels per cubic meter of air. It was the highest reading since immediately after the Chernobyl catastrophe in 1986.

Officials at STUK, Finland’s radiation protection agency, explained the spike by somebody tracking cesium on their shoes in the parking garage:

In a bizarre twist, nuclear safety regulator STUK said in a statement that caesium-137, a radioactive isotope of caesium, had been tracked to the basement and garage of the very same building where it has its offices.

“In the same building there is also a company that deals with low-level radioactive waste,” STUK said.

Yes, this organization dedicated to radiation safety shares their building with dealers in low-level radioactive waste. Yes, this is bizarre, but perhaps not too surprising, given the track record of radiation protection organizations in covering up radiation disasters.

And you gotta wonder where their detector is, how the particles made it there, etc.

Leaving this strangeness behind, maybe we can explain this by an authentic emission of radioactivity from somewhere. I used HYSPLIT to trace back any wind-driven plume. STUK was not too specific as to the timing, though… they said it was “between March 3 and 4”. So I used midnight local time on the night of the 3rd as the terminus.

The path brings up two possibilities:

Theory 1. The Leningrad nuclear plant is nearby, and the plume path is very close to this location. Last December, there was a radioactive release from this plant. The plume went up through Finland, and the spike was visible on many monitors. Maybe something happened at this plant again.

Theory 2. The plume path intersects the Arctic Ocean at the city of Severomorsk. “The town is the main administrative base of the Russian Northern Fleet. Severomorsk has the largest dry dock on the Kola Peninsula.” (Wikipedia) This would suggest an accident with a Russian naval submarine.

Another possibility is Fukushima, but this spike is higher than any in 2011, and this would seem unlikely. Though the Fuku plant has been actively emitting steam recently.

There is additional discussion at the Allegedly Apparent Blog.

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    • Thanks, Weez! It is been just too difficult to maintain concentration and memory long enough to write the blog posts. My latest relapse started last June. It cleared up enough just this week to write this.

      It seems like it’s getting worse. In multiple sclerosis there are two kinds, relapsing/remitting, and progressive. The relapsing/remitting has undulating time periods when the symptoms clear up and they come back again. The progressive kind keeps getting worse and worse with no breaks. It is like that with ME too… it looks like it has changed from relapsing/remitting to progressive. Though maybe it is clearing up a bit now.

      I spend most of my life not being able to focus on anything for more than 10 seconds. This is more conducive to Facebook, where nobody has to think, lol.

      I don’t know how much longer I can maintain this blog. I pay for the hosting, and I’m hanging on by my fingernails financially. I might try to copy it to a free hosting service.

  1. Oh, Bobby, I am so sorry. I wish there were something that could be done for you, but, of course, the authorities in our society are focused more on killing rather than healing. It is awful not to be able to think clearly; I, too, have “episodes”. One of many frustrating results is that apparently other people can’t always tell when your mind is out to lunch so they think you’re normal and don’t understand when you tell them you’re sick. My thoughts are with you.

  2. Bobby1 You are the best and brightest. I know some thing about MS. A russian surgeon in california does a pretty safe procedure that helps a lot. Also you may consider a course of prussian blue therapy. I will forward the article from the surgeon to your email.

  3. Here ya go bobby1
    This is decay heat. Decay heat is the heat released as a result of radioactive decay in radioisotopes like iodine 131, st90 and cesium 137. This heat is produced as an effect of radiation on materials like in the overheating water tanks with cesium in them noted at hanford. The storage tank for cesium at hanford have to be periodically cooled off with water and have water added.

    The radioisotope decay heat is the energy of the alpha, beta or gamma radiation that is converted into the thermal movement of atoms as a radioisotope loses electrons, protons, or neutrons.
    It is not fission. It is a property of radioactive elements and accounts for nuclear waste dump fires and explosions in other waste facilities, in spite of what some amateurs proclaim. Its known to exist by any freshman taking a physics course.

    Bobby 1 posted an article on radionucleides raising surface heat of pacific ocean after fukushima blew-up.
    His data may have not been perfect but, considering 80 percent of the radionucleides ininially released by fukushima went into the pacific, and the sequesting effect of the islands of garbage in the pacific it has merit.
    There is also ongoing release of cesium 137 and other radionucleides into the pacific.

    Bobby1 raised some good points about radionucleides ability to create energy in the form of heat through radioactive decay.
     Cs137 decays by β emission, with minor γ emission. While its half life of 33 years is much shorter than that of 238Pu, it also has a lower decay energy with a power density of 0.46 watts per gram. Because the energy output is lower it reaches lower temperatures than  than say
    Plutonium-238 has a half-life of 87.7 years, reasonable power density of 0.54 watts per gram.

    Cs137 is a high yield waste product of nuclear fission and was one one of the major radunucleides released from fukushima and still is.

    Cesium 137 releases .46 watts per second of heat energy through radioactive decay heat, which is 5 calories/gm/second. There were and are at least 100000 lbs of cesium137 in the ocean now from the explosion,  meldowns, ongoing releases and fuel pool fires.  At 450gm/lb x100,000lbs = 4.5×10 to the eighth gms of cs137 x 5 calories/gm/sec  or about 23 billion calories/sec of heat released from cesium 137 alone into the ocean. Thats a lot especially considering large islands of plastic in the ocean which can sequester rnucleides causing much higher decay heat. The plastics and organic that get hot by decay heat can also get hot and generate gases or even small fires making even more heat.

    Certain people have hassled Bobby1 one about this and have come up with simplistic spread sheets ingnoring radiosotope decay heat. They claim to debunk his article. They have also used a very simplistic two dimensional spread sheets to deny global warming in spite of ice sheets melting which I have witnessed for myself in alaska. Climate change and global warming are mutiple variable events that are least three dimensional phenomenon mathematically and stump even super computers.

    They used the spreadsheet trick to try to debunk bobby1s suppostion. The spreadsheet trick is biased because they are obviously trying to quell concerns about global warming and climate change or have some other agenda.

  4. I am so sorry, Bobby. For your health and the sufferigs of many and much more for the indifference and stupidity of the future victims. Frogs in radioactive soup – not a good condition for beings claiming to be superior.
    I wish you try something new and not invasive to help yourself. May be the society does not deserve your efforts, but your family certainly does. It`s a fact that instincts and intuition are wiser than logic in matters of health and survival. Ask them, for the sake of people who love and respect you.

    • pure water, I’m working on it. Got to get the financial situation straightened out first. There is something in the works but it is not here yet. Having extra money helps with the diet and things like that. Really my diet has gone to crap. I used to spend lots of time and energy with it.

  5. Polonium210 has an amazingly high heat density from radioactive decay whereby a half gram can heat up to 900 degrees centigrade, which is 9 times the boiling point of water, quickly when in a small amount of water. a small amount of water. A 1/2 gram pellet of Po can cause a gallon of water in 3 minutes. It is a contaminant at Fukushima. Residual strontium 90 , cesium 137 , uranium , and plutonium from the original meltdowns are present in tokyo and at fukushima. The more concentrated theses radiositopes are the more heat they generate especially in Water. There are many dozens of different radioisotope contaminants at fukushima and in the water that is pouring into the pacific. They are not the necessarily the result of recent fssiong. They each have different heat decay coefficients per gram and heat densities. Some of them have very high heat densities. This of course has not been brought up much, except by bobby1 and I. Same thing for the media in the poisoning of life in the pacific with high radionucleide contamination. If it were pronuclear people would poo poo it because of their bias.

    • To heat up the ocean surface, you just need to heat up the very top layer. If it is fresh water, like what is coming out of Fukushima, it will float on top. So I think the radiation could easily have heated it up. But the water gets turned over by storms and gets diffused into lower depths. I think that has happened. The El Nino actually cooled off the ocean in areas to the north because of this. The El Nino is almost gone, and we will see in the coming months whether the warm blob comes back.

      • thanks boby. I highly respect your intelligence and obective mind. Heat decay is effecting the Fukushima site because of old contaminants and new meltdown contaminants at fukushima.

        Some of the radionucleides, new and old could be sequestered in the island sized heeps of garbage and plastics in the pac ocean.

        Many and high quantities of poison occured from the initial fuku event.

        I think the initial event did create a large warm blob. I think there are many smaller warm blobs now in the pacific from sequestering.

        There are pools and streams of hot, highly radioactive water around the fuku plant from old contamination and new contamination. New contamination from the ongoing neltdowns.

        The storage tanks at fukushima are calorically hot from radioactive heat decay like the tanks at hanford.

        Fukushima is about as big a mess as there could be. No use denying it.

        Fukushima continues leaking tons of radionuleides into the ocean daily.

        There was much radionucleide contamination before fuku in the ocean from waste dumping and continental runoff.

        The nuc industry has and continues to lie about everything. they say we cannot prove radionucleides have killed people in japan from fukushima. Pronucs say that radionucleides are not killing the ocean yet we know radionucleides and heavy metals are deadly.

        They know heat decay exists and it is destructive yet they have hidden the manmade effects of heat decay in the environment from the getgo.

        They will say that the heat in magma in the earth is from heat decay and yet, deny heat decay from more potent and refined radioactive elements that are the spawn of man.

        Another killer spawn effect from the death machinations of the nucleoapes.

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