The Indiana high radiation event.

South Bend, Indiana experienced high radiation on the night of June 6-7. Radiation readings on the Radiation Network and Black Cat systems soared into the thousands of CPM, hundreds of times above normal. Potrblog has shown in a new post that this was indeed a genuine reading, and not an equipment malfunction.

It can be seen from meteorological analysis that these high readings are likely to have come from Fukushima emissions. First, a series of steam and smoke events were visible on the Daiichi webcams several days prior to this event. Second, Potrblog noted 5x background radiation in St. Louis air readings shortly before this. The first graphic (click to enlarge) shows the wind direction and speed at the 18,000 foot level on June 6. There is a ridge in the middle of the country, which forces the wind off the Pacific north into Canada, where it dives down into Minnesota. The wind in Illinois is from the northwest, and is at a fairly high rate of speed (shown by the colors). But, over Michigan, the wind is from the northeast. This sets up a convergence zone where the wind piles up radionuclides. The second graphic shows the situation on the next day, June 7. Now the wind is from the north. The fire department in Traverse City, Michigan notified the NRC of high radiation readings. South Bend (80 miles east of Chicago) is south of Traverse City.

The third graphic depicts omega at 18,000 feet on June 6. The yellows and oranges indicate downward motion, while purples and blue indicate upward motion. We can see that South Bend was in a region of downward motion that day. The downward motion was still in place on the next day, as shown on the fourth graphic.

So, it appears that convergence of two different air streams at 18,000 feet piled up radionuclides in the South Bend area. Downward vertical motion sent it to the surface when the surface wind became calm. When the wind kicked up again at 4 AM, the radiation cleared out.

UPDATE: I’m not sure what to make of this, but the Longmont radiation monitor in Colorado had an enormous spike on June 3, according to the graphic. It is up around 114 uSv/hr, which is brutal. This was 3 days before the Indiana event, but the plume would have had to go up into central Canada, and then dive down into the US again.

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  1. Bobby1, Many thanks for this post on the SBN Radiation Event. It clarifies Potrblog, and presents some new data. I’m interested to know the source for the Traverse City reading, as well as the high reading they recorded on 6/6/12.

  2. The reddit link at the top has the info on whoever called Traverse City. There was also a link to a Chicago cop who that said radiation was detected in their police labs.

    • Hey StillJill! I think he’s the best in the world frankly…I don’t know anyone as dedicated to what they do as he is. He has what I call ‘hyper-focus”. He REALLY gets into it! Thanks be to God, cuz , without, what would us commoners do?

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    • Vgirl, majia has had my name on her blog, and I have a link to my main website with a list of publications:

      The links are still messed up here. I had to learn and do the whole blog thing while having uranium poisoning. So things aren’t finished yet.

  4. When you feel up to it and time allows, I am assuming we will learn where this amount is compared to what the new PAGs say is just fine. Thanks for all you do.

    • Hey dogleg! I think of you regularly,…and I’m a ‘lurker’ now! 🙂

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      How did you and your family adjust to the newer place further east as I recall, Yes? Now ‘we’ have WIPP,…oh JOY! (Not)

      Take care bud,…..great that you asked about us!!


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