Thyroid cancer increase in Fukushima, vitiligo starts appearing in Japan.

New data has appeared showing a total of 44 Fukushima children now have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, or are suspected of malignancy (to be confirmed by surgery). According to Kouta Kinoshita, this rate is 24.9 children per 100,000 people. Dr. Bandazhevsky has said:

In the Gomel region (5 years after the accident), 1991, was most affected by the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the frequency of thyroid cancer in children was 11.3 children per 100,000 people. It is included in this but you, girl, will be 16.8 per 100,000.

So, if all the suspected cases are counted, the thyroid cancer rate for children in Fukushima is over two times higher than the rate in highly contaminated areas near Chernobyl… and these cancers appeared in less than 2.5 years in Fukushima, while it took 5 years at Chernobyl. So the thyroid cancer rate is over twice as high in less than half the time.

It is way ahead of Chernobyl. No wonder, Fukushima has been spreading iodine-131 and iodine-129 with every criticality for 2.5 years.

A total of 1,564 Japanese have developed symptoms of vitiligo, following the use of a cosmetic cream. Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease which causes depigmentation of skin, through the loss of melanocytes in the affected areas.. It turns out that many other Japanese are now developing this condition. This cow is Fukushima shows spots of depigmentation, and the sea turtle that washed up on the Kanagawa coast in July also has this condition.

Generalized vitiligo (GV) is the most common pigmentation disease, in which white spots of skin and overlying hair result from loss of melanocytes from the involved regions. GV is a complex disease involving both genetic predisposition and unknown environmental triggers. Whereas various pathogenetic mechanisms have been suggested, most evidence supports an autoimmune basis for this disease. Recently, three different genome-wide association studies of GV have been reported, identifying a total of 17 confirmed GV susceptibility loci. Almost all of these genes encode immunoregulatory proteins, together highlighting pathways by which melanocytes might be recognized and killed…

While these discoveries underscore the autoimmune nature of GV, they do not offer specific clues as to the environmental triggers that may initiate the autoimmune response. GV is a disease of the skin, the organ that is the first point of contact for one’s interaction with the external environment, and which is highly accessible for analysis of that interaction. Furthermore, because GV is so visually evident, it is usually diagnosed early. (here)

Well, I’ve got a real good idea of one of the environmental triggers… radionuclides. Vitiligo has an association with psoriasis, another inflammatory autoimmune skin disease, and I know for sure that radioactive contaminants trigger it, because I have psoriatic arthritis myself. These skin diseases show up early, which is advantageous. Another inflammatory disease, atherosclerosis, causes plaques to build up on arteries, which may cause heart diseases, heart attacks, and strokes. This is the #1 killer in industrialized countries. The symptoms are not as obvious as skin symptoms, and often the sufferer does not know if he/she has this condition until it is too late.

Skin symptoms were the most prominent type of radiation symptoms in Japan last year. But we can see that the skin symptoms are a leading indicator of inflammatory disease, which has a genetic component affected by radiation, and that in the near future heart disease will take over as #1, to be followed at some point by cancer.

Fukushima is now considered “uncontainable”… it will leak into both the ocean and atmosphere for decades, centuries, or millenia. A tank on the site started leaking, and it released 24,000,000,000,000 Bq of β radionuclides. It is still leaking. How many Chernobyls are stored in the tanks? They didn’t seal the tank connections with welds, but with cheap rubber sealing to save money. The cobalt-60 that was detected suggests an interaction from neutron emitters like plutonium which are making the metal brittle and rotting the rubber seals. Soon all the tanks will empty into the sea.

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    • ChasAha, yes, Fukushima is much worse than Chernobyl. We have a much higher thyroid cancer rate already. Also, the prevailing winds blow out to sea… so the children exposed to radioactive iodine are not in the prime area for radioactive contamination. Plus, an enormous amount of radiation has been leaked/dumped into the sea.

      The Castle Bravo bomb of 1954, which caused the jellyfish babies and the evacuation of Rongelap Island, emitted 132 times more I-131 than Chernobyl. But thyroid nodules were not detected for 9 years. They used manual methods for nodule detection, but still…

      I’m sure Fuku is at least hundreds of times worse than Chernobyl already, and it is getting worse.

      • Dear Booby1, thank you for all your research and efforts to explain the health consequences! All the things, you write are in front of my eyes for years after Chernobyl, just talking with people. It may contradict with the official medical results, but the first cases of thyroid cancers I know personally were 2 years post Chernobyl. With 2 people who went to surgery, I shared one table, and they were salad lovers, both of them. I see heart problems, cancers and dementia. One doctor expressed her own observetions of rapid increse of dementia among her patients. So, my personal experiece confirms your investigations. Something triggers brain tumors recently – in people who were children during the accident. Reproductive problems are in about 1/4 of the couples. And I do not understand those who say that money is the biggest problem, even when they had heart surgeries!
        Thank you once again! Do the best for your health, for the truth needs you!

        • Thanks, pure water. Chernobyl affected me too, but not until 3 years after it happened. Symptoms started to subside around 2004, 18 years after the catastrophe. But it wasn’t remotely as bad for me then as it has been the last 2+ years.

          The bomb tests also affected my health… my back didn’t loosen up until 1972, also 18 years after the Bravo bomb.

        • Thanks, pure water, for all of your work. I remember watching Chernobyl on the news every night as a kid, horrified. It has never stopped.

  1. On, it showed their Long Beach station going up to 10,552 CPM. It is a private station and they pulled it.

    The EPA station in San Diego shows 7779 CPM

    The NRC turned off the system that detected the high radiation this week in Washington state because the high background was getting in the way of its alert system


    “At 1013 hours PDT on August 19, 2013 the Reactor Building Stack Radiation Monitor High Range Detector was declared nonfunctional due to increasing background noise. The Reactor Building Stack Radiation Monitor Intermediate Range Detector remains functional and shows no increase in effluent radioactivity.”

    You know, now may not be a bad time for a trip to Disneyworld and tea with xdrfox, say by Tuesday. This is jumpy NoNukes talking, but just saying.

      • Vgirl,

        This plume is already through Colorado, I was thinking of you guys! You want to go on a little trip tomorrow? There are plenty more plumes on the way for us, but I want you all to dodge this one…

        James Tekton
        August 24, 2013 at 9:01 pm · Reply

        Wowie is what we said when we saw this reading. This is the highest it has ever been here in Southern Colorado since we started taking readings two years ago. Today’s reading just matched the reading we took over two years ago on the hot pile of radioactive uranium slag down by the river bicycle trail.

        It hit 1.084 u/Sv just after a good hard rain fall. OMG!! The ten minute count came in at 215 CPM with a comparison reading from indoors that read 53 CPM and .137 u/Sv respectively.

        HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE RAIN IN COLORADO!!! – 1.084 u/Sv – 8/24/13

        Outside Ten Minute Count:

        Indoor Ten Minute Count:

        This is bad, really bad as it is now apparent that this stuff is increasing in the accumulations in our atmosphere here. It must be worse in another areas. What is of noticeable import today is when checking the jet stream link at this moment, we see that this region is far far below the whole main jet stream. It shows the region in the middle of a high pocket. Clear as a bell…except for that radioactive rain of course.

        What this means is now the radiation is probably planet wide compared to a year ago and getting worse every day because of the releases at fucushima now. They talk about the water releases at a local level, but do not speak to…

        Report Comment

        James Tekton
        August 24, 2013 at 9:05 pm · Reply

        …They talk about the water releases at a local level, but do not speak to the global level atmospheric releases at all. No one does. This is the record worst reading we have taken so far and now find ourselves restricted to the house for a drying out spell. As strange as life can be sometimes, guess what the subject on the radio was? Almost fell off the chair at the end of the hour!

        What is more worrying is what could be happening in the garden. Stay tuned for more on that if we see significant alarming results, which are almost certain.

  2. Mr. Langley has some interesting corroborating facts on his blog.

    Quote: “Beta Burns on Fukushima cattle ignored by Japanese officials”

    Excerpt Quoted: “Following the Fukushima nuclear disaster, farmer Masami Yoshizawa kept his cattle alive to monitor changes due to prolonged radiation exposure. Now, mysterious white spots on the fur and skin are appearing on 10 of his Japanese black cattle.

    As revelations about continued problems around the nuclear plant emerged, it should be a major concern for Japan’s agricultural business. But so far, nothing has been said about the issue.

    Kazuo Suzuki, the Ministry of Agriculture official responsible for livestock within the 20 kilometre exclusion zone, was informed of the white spots by Mr Yoshizawa when he visited Mr Yoshizawa’s farm in December 2012.

    However, when he was asked about the visit, he claimed that he did not remember seeing the white-spotted cows and explained that the cows should be tested by the Livestock Hygiene Service Centre and not the Ministry of Agriculture.”

    • It’s vitiligo, it’s from immune system damage from radiation. It’s just like plaque psoriasis, except the skin turns white in spots instead of scaly patches.

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