Time lag to sickness and death after nuclear catastrophe.

This chart shows the percentage of Ukranian liquidators and their children who were classified as “sick” by the Soviet medical authorities, for each year after the Chernobyl catastrophe. This data was taken from the page 48 of the Yablokov book.

In the year +1 after Chernobyl (1987), 18% of the liquidators were sick, and 14% of their children were ill. The percentage rises steadily every year. Note that in year +5 (1991) a large jump appears in the liquidators, from 42% to 57%. By year +18 (2004, not on chart), the percentage had increased to 94%.

So translate this into the Fukushima timeline. 2012 is year +1. We’re in the 18% range. Not too bad… yes, 53,000 people died in 2011, some (like yours truly) are sick now, but it doesn’t seem too bad to the average uninformed person. Next year (+2) it’s 27%, people will think “it’s a bad year for flu”, but not think twice about it. In 2014 (+3) they think “hmm, maybe there is something going on”. By 2016 (+5, 57%) it will become obvious. But by then people will have been eating contaminated food for 5 years already, and it’s too late.

That’s why a healthy person should not judge the health effects of Fuku by his or her lack of symptoms at this point. She should be asking canaries (uniquely toxic-sensitive people) about what is going on. This canary has been jumping up and down, waving his arms, screaming about it till he gets hoarse.

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  1. Quite so Bobby1,…but that’s Chernobyl. They compare in no other way other than that they were/are both nuclear reactors releasing radiation! The ONLY way our stats would be the same, or even similar, is IF the two were nearly identical in their size, scope, and meltdown status. As you know, they are not similar AT ALL!

    If Dr. Caldicott, and a few others are correct, Fuku is 3+ times as ‘potent’. So,…I’d divide all Chernobyl stats by AT LEAST 3!

    • StillJill, I think Fuku is at least 100 times as bad as Chernobyl. 36% of Fukushima children have thyroid nodules after 1 year. The Bikini nuclear tests released 132 times as much radioactive iodine as Chernobyl, but the Marshall Islands children had a 34% rate… decades later, much more time for them to develop.

      These graphs just give an idea of how long it takes to develop disease, it has barely begun.

  2. Thanks alot for reminding me of this graph.
    With two children 1 and 3 when the accident happened, I have tried all that I really can do in terms of water, food and supplements (btw, the lypo-C has been a wonderful recent addition to our daily regime!)

    Bobby, would you happen to know what medical tests are available to us (esp. kids) to see if we are indeed beginning to suffer?
    To date, I am lucky to say that I have not missed one day of work due to illness because I have not been sick since Fukushima. The kids are also doing fine and have had less colds since the lypo c ‘s been added 3 months ago.

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