Too tired for links & why do trusted pundits lowball Fuku?

The fatigue is back bigtime, skin symptoms are getting worse too. I was looking at Chris Busby’s estimate of Fukushima that he released on March 11, 2012, and he said the Fuku radiation release was 3 times Chernobyl. But he was using the NISA (Japanese gov’t) figures, which only applies to the Unit 1-3 reactors, not the spent fuel pools, and this only went through May of 2011, I believe. But the SFP’s have been emitting large amounts of radiation, they have been on fire (Tepco and NRC transcripts), and the emissions from the plant didn’t stop in May of last year, they have been ongoing. If Busby or Helen Caldicott or Arnie Gundersen (who have made similar statements) have been watching the Tepco webcam (and its still Tepcam predecessor), they would have seen the steam, the smoke, the blue flashes, steam coming out of the ground, flames too. Plus all the iodine-131 which has been released, much more than from the initial explosions, as shown in sludge measurements. Also, the reports of increases in radiation on airplanes (30x background when it should be no more than 5x), which is still increasing… or the increases in radiation readings in rain, which are still high, and haven’t come down like they should.

Also the reports of 36% of children in Fukushima prefecture with thyroid cysts and nodules. The rate was 34% in the Marshall Islands decades after the nuke tests there (including Bravo), 132x Chernobyl. I just read today a 4-year old had a palpable nodule. The first palpable one in the Marshalls came 9 years after Bravo. The nodules keep increasing for decades, Fuku has exceeded it in a year. Caldicott mentioned the amount, how it was unusual, but didn’t put it in context. Fish in the open ocean (deep with ocean currents) with 25,000 Bq/kg of cesium, this was exceeded in Chernobyl only in a couple shallow swampy lakes in the hardest hit area. Kiev reservoir fish (close to the plant) had like 5% of this.

Busby, Caldicott and Gundersen really haven’t followed this, I guess. Busby’s main thing is how the nuclear mafia lies about the health effects of radiation, but he doesn’t seem to grasp at how they are lying about the very amounts of radiation Fuku is emitting. When the coriums burned through the steel containments, and finally through the concrete underneath, the tiny particles of concrete in the corium help the radioactive elements & fuel fragments get released into the atmosphere. The concrete also makes the plumes go farther. So when there is a re-criticality (as visible so often on the webcams, starting with the blue flash), the fact that it has burned through concrete make it so much worse. Add to this that it appears other nuclear plants are involved… Onagawa and Tokai (Dr. Koide has talked about them), and Daini, and maybe more.

So this all adds up to something far far worse than Chernobyl. The pundits are doing a disservice by putting out lowball estimates. If they don’t know, they shouldn’t say anything.

So I was thinking about all this, and my head started swimming and I passed out. This is what was happening in June, I would pass out before noon, wake up in the late afternoon, and my sleep cycle would get all messed up. Here we go again.

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  1. Excellent points Bobby1

    Thank you for your explanation of the dangers of uranium. I found it very educational.

    Your analyses are always very much appreciated.

    I’m sorry you are not feeling well. I wish I could fix it.


  2. Those folks are not young and full of fight. There is an incredible amount of pressure on everyone remotely involved in the nuclear world, and Fukushima has aspects that look like they are military-related, which would cause it to go way beyond merely damaging to becoming something that has to be covered up at all costs.

    By the way, it isn’t just individuals who are awfully quiet. The web sites that used to be hardcore are now kind of lame. And the anti-nuke movement in Japan has become very manipulated.

    • Ozawa, certainly the websites in the US have become lame or lost interest. What a strange situation, the only isotope analysis of American food is on a Japanese website. The response from the powers that be is “eat your radioactive food and keep quiet about it”. Certainly many people here have figured out there is something wrong with the food, haven’t they made the connection with Fukushima?

      • Maybe you’ve noticed that both the US and Japan have become strangely dystopian. Take the old novels, such as 1984, Brave New World, and so on, and mix them. The news is theoretically free, but has no content. The tyrants in places like Tokyo Electric or BP or the bureaucracy just wear the masses down in kangaroo courts of redress, while politicians don’t even count. Notice how many politicians raising a stink about the BP spill. You are allowed to sort of let off steam at big rallies that have leaders who are obviously foundation operatives. Most of the charities and green organizations are no better.

        Fukushima is going to turn into one of the greatest cases of brainwashing in history. The health problems in Japan are going to be blamed on stress, heat, poor economy, overworked doctors, and a lack of things like vaccines.

        • Fukushima is a symptom of the decrepit nature of Western civilization, how it has turned its back on all ethics & traditional morals & indigenous peoples. The PTB rely on the brainwashed masses, but the masses will not be able to do their bidding anymore, because they will be physically incapable of doing so due to illness. The key is to stay alive so you can see it fall.

  3. All this is coming to the US, if it hasn’t already. It is just a matter of time, and it won’t be long:

    Japanese video with black substance in Tokyo:

    Some recent comments on Japanese blogs:

    VGXZSzK + O [1 / two]: (Wed) 15:29:07.94 ID 2012/09/05: Posted on
    Sunday, from around the body feel heavy.
    Consistent with that when the time felt that strangely listless even until now, it’s dark or Mokumoku is coming. (House) earthquake thunder fire nameless Name: 789 (Wed) 2012/09/05 18:40:05.83 ID:: JF4AAJvU0 Posted Nakama. Dari face swelling, throat swelling Dari, metallic taste in the mouth or tingly. I had looked rusty pot. I had to discoloration and deterioration of the plastic fan also just bought. Also interior wallpaper. Absolutely funny @ Tokyo

    – Tingly tongue, metallic taste, fatigue. Newly purchased fan discolored, in Tokyo. Points to a new plume on the way.

    Ana emigration female succession. Five friends metropolitan area, abnormal heart holes, two baby jaundice in human nature noise. Miscarriage. Hospitalized preterm labor.

    Measured three times in August fallout cesium [CAUTION] metropolitan area, in July, about the same as the end of March last year. Letter from mother to evacuate Takaoka.

    single women worked Tokyo evacuation 3a uterine cancer, uterine fibroids six, cardiac pain, and hair loss. Dry cough, missing teeth, the surrounding water in the lungs.

    About 200k from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Kashiwa, Chiba Takanodai 57.5μSv / h. About 35k from the center of Tokyo

    Between April 5 to 7 days, for elementary and junior high schools in Fukushima Prefecture, all radiation monitoring was conducted. As a result, 75.9% of elementary and junior high schools surveyed, where prescribed by law were found to have more than the standard “radiation controlled area”. The controlled area of this radiation, the task of dealing with radiation is a place that should not only contain (radiation workers) some of the people who have. 1.3 mSv, annualized basis so that in three months will be 5.2 mSv. Ban work in radiation controlled area is under the age of 18 do not have to record the time that I took the time and was in, do not eat things, dont even drink, dont even sleep is such a place. April 19, the Ministry of Education, however as a measure of radiation dose in the judgment on the Use of the playground, school and other schools, the criteria of 20 mSv per year did you notice to the relevant authorities and the Board of Education, Fukushima Prefecture.

    Of 20 mSv per year for this, are the limits that have been radiation workers may be exposed to adult and year. By the way, the Chernobyl 5 mSv per year was the subject of forced migration exceeded. Radiation workers in Germany is a lifetime limit of is good to bathe is 20 mSv.

    Husband’s vision continues to fall even after laser treatment. It also tilted his head to make the glasses optician maple over again and again.

    I went back to my Ichikawa 5 days at the end of August. Painful sensation when breathing through the chest and throat discomfort throat from 14-year-old daughter. That “sick somewhere every time you come here,” said. Nausea 10-year-old son on the way home. Daughter fever has continued from the day you return to the refuge. Second son of the fingertip of the hand skin began to peel off all the sudden. The pool does not contain the past 10 days, but that was because that contains the pool and was consulted a dermatologist. Was also called out of the examination room once the photo was taken “because it unusual case.”

    Then (when scattering radioactive material maybe) swelling of the lips may occur until around September 2011 with tingling sensation. For the skin of the lips is currently followed by August 2012… Vision loss, the ongoing August 2012.

    Current condition of the family in July 2012 was stable. After two days I went to Chiba end of July 2012, there was a catastrophe. 11-year-old son in the middle of the night I put a nosebleed that did not come out the next day that you go home a few months. Two days later, at a follow-up of pediatric lump in cheek lymph per nine-year-old child out in the middle of the night a nosebleed that did not come out a few months to return home four days later.


    Black powder (statement, Sat-black substance) from 950 micro sievert per hour seems to be detected in Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture. You can not simply compare and black powder found in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Kashiwa, Chiba, and, it is not enough to become a high number of comparisons. (Japanese)

    These kinds of readings have only been found inside the Fukushima reactor buildings, until now.

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