Uh oh.

Wow, it’s impossible to overstate the danger here.

From fukushima.over-blog.fr (Le blog de Fukushima):

A careful watchman Fukushima nuckelchen , noticed smoke or steam south of No. 2 reactor on TBS webcam video. This event took place between September 4, 2012 10:57 ET 11:20. Here is his record:

A similar plume was also spotted at the same place on 28 February 2012, from 10:52 to 11:58. Here a reminder:

However, the video is September 4 this time clear enough to distinguish between two large objects and clear the basis of this release.

It is clear that even the clearance escapes from the object to the right.

With this new video, there is no doubt that these objects are shared pool chimneys, fireplaces that I identified by studying the building near the beginning of the year. Here is a picture made ​​on the site, showing all these chimneys.

It shows a set of four vertical chimneys on the left and another 2 fireplaces cubits on the right. As the camera is located TBS inversely to the shooting, the two visible objects should be considered as 2 fireplaces cubits. This is confirmed by another picture of early 2012 which shows that the chimneys are straight in the axis of the ventilation tower, so logically chimneys are bent to the left of the vertical chimneys webcam image TBS.

We have thus a unique information: TEPCO conducts regular discharges from the swimming pool. Must exclude the idea of ​​a fire. It is rather a plume of steam that condenses in contact with outside air at a lower temperature. No doubt these gaseous effluents are they usual in such nuclear installation, since there are at least six fireplaces in this building. But it would be interesting to know why they are so hot as to produce a plume visible for miles. Another outstanding issue, are they radioactive?

Until we know more, we must return to the 4 September 2012 because another event took place that day: at 10:30, TEPCO began injecting nitrogen into the suppression chamber of reactor 1, following an increase of the hydrogen content and krypton 85. This event was far from trivial, because the rate of krypton was 2000 times higher than that recorded in November 2011 at the latest alert on the No. 2 reactor. Then trapped krypton krypton or fees which would indicate a resumption of criticality corium? issue is quite clear here .

And today, an additional question is obvious: half an hour between the start of two events of September 4, the effluent air from the swimming pool building – containing more than 1000 tonnes of fuel it must be remembered – Is there a connection with the sudden activity gaseous reactor 1?…

September 4, 2012, it is something happened to the former Fukushima Daiichi, something that caused an abnormal production of hydrogen and krypton-85 in the reactor 1, which seems to have caused a sudden increase the temperature in the reactor 2, which has required ventilation of hot gases in the building of the swimming pool. And if we spoke again of coriums ? Not always located 19 months after their disappearance?

The comment discourses about the stupidity and incompetence of nuclear engineers.

Something has happened at Fuku. Underground corium #1 has hit groundwater, and a major criticality has occurred. The neutron emission from this criticality has affected underground corium #2.

Or else it’s the other way around, #2 has hit groundwater and affected #1. It doesn’t matter.

Krypton-85 is being emitted from #1 at a high rate and #2 is hot. Tepco is injecting nitrogen into #1 because of hydrogen buildup. Hydrogen is building up due to radiolysis from the incredibly radioactive corium in contact with water.

A plume has already increased air radiation levels in Japan and is making schoolchildren sick. The plume has already hit the west coast and will get worse. The EPA has unplugged Radnet already.

The risk is a hydrovolcanic explosion, or an underground nuclear explosion, which not only would release huge amounts of radionuclides into the atmosphere, but also puts spent fuel pool #4 in danger of falling over.


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  1. So this is why nuckelchen pointed to the increased radiation at the beginning of every month, “TEPCO conducts regular discharges from the swimming pool.”

    Of course, what they don’t have control over is far more terrifying.

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