Uranium in sardines off Japanese coast.

Security Tokyo has found uranium daughter isotopes in sardines caught in the Pacific off the coast of Ibaraki prefecture.

Proactinium-234m: 23 Bq/kg (uranium-238 daughter)
Thorium-234: 10 Bq/kq (uranium-238 daughter)
Cesium: 0.3 Bq/kg

There was 110 times as much uranium than cesium found in these fish. Apparently the uranium is leaking directly from the corium underneath Fukushima Daiichi. This reading, and Chris Busby’s recent discovery of large amounts of uranium, including extremely dangerous U-235, in a Tokyo apartment A/C filter indicates that uranium is all over the place. It would seem that the 3 underground coriums are breaking up, some is leaking into the sea, some is becoming aerosolized and is entering the atmosphere.

The Japanese government thought this was a good time to reopen the Fukushima prefecture beaches. Happy children bathing in a uranium solution.

The Security Japan website also has some results for American produce:

Florida grapefruit (peel): 0.14 Bq/kg cesium
California orange: 0.96 Bq/kg cesium
California prunes: 0.19 Bq/kg cesium
California almonds: 0.17 Bq/kg cesium

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