US is conducting Z-machine tests on plutonium.

Toadmac has reported a strange phenomenon in Australia, involving radar interference, ionospheric disturbances and high radiation:

We have had very unsettled (almost strange) weather today in Melbourne, Australia. There has also been Strong radar interference picked up on the Australian BOM network at 05:10 UTC on September 27, 2012 as well as very high scintillation and ionospheric readings during the last 18 hours. My counter had a very high background reading in the morning (0.30 uSv/hr) almost double the average here.
I tested a rain sample and it was the highest (1.74 uSv/hr) I have had in months? Did I miss something or is it just a random act of God? Strange weather from where I’m standing any ways! Anyone else have any answers?

Andrew Kishner at is reporting that the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has been conducting Z-machine shots on plutonium recently. This involves subjecting a mass of plutonium to X-rays with 80 times the world’s energy output for 70 nanoseconds. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum considers this to be a nuclear test in violation of the test-ban treaty.

Helicopters have been measuring radiation in San Francisco, Seattle, Baltimore and many other US cities lately. Apparently Fukushima radiation is being used as a cover for these nuclear tests.

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  1. Unbelievable.

    What is the matter with these sociopaths.

    And what is going on with Fukushima today? Two earthquakes in the same location. Is that common?

    I have been trying all morning to get a sense of how many petabequerels of radiation are estimated at the plant.

    This is the only figure I could find:
    “The 2,000 tons of nuclear fuel at the Fukushima Daiichi Plant is estimated to contain about 20,000,000 tb of radiation. This means that the Fukushima plants holds an accumulated total radiation equivalent to 138 times the amount that leaked from the Chernobyl plant, or 24% of the total radiation released during the history of atmospheric nuclear tests. Two Headed Dragon

    20,000,000 tb is 20,000 petabecquerels

    Atsushi’s about volume estimate seems to include ALL radio-isotopes.

    Alavarez just provides us info on Cesium 137:

    The total spent reactor fuel inventory at the Fukushima-Daichi site contains nearly half of the total amount of Cs-137 estimated by the NCRP to have been released by all atmospheric nuclear weapons testing, Chernobyl, and world-wide reprocessing plants (~270 million curies or ~9.9 E+18 Becquerel). (cited at Akio Matsumura

    I want to know how RAPIDLY we are going to die given what is happening at Fukushima….

    Is it WITHIN a generation or BETWEEN them?

    • Majia, thanks for the info. I want to point out that re-criticalities increase the amount of radioactivity over and above the fuel inventories. This is because the neutrons from the chain reaction activate other substances and make them radioactive. So it is possible that the coriums are more radioactive now than they were on 3/1//2011. This is the huge danger… the plant releasing its inventory is a horrible catastrophe, but re-criticalities make it a possible ELE.

      I also believe that phase 2 of the Fuku catastrophe is starvation. There must be humungous amounts of tritium and carbon-14 to cause the damage we are seeing to plants worldwide. This is global.

    • Vgirl, the ostensible reason is the government ‘is testing the safety of its nuclear weapons stockpile’. Who knows what the real reason is. Russia is starting up its own tests too:

      There is also this thing called HAARP which sends electromagnetic waves into the ionosphere. Supposedly, this controls the weather. Russia has its own HAARP too.

      They will never tell us the real reason for all this due to ‘national security.’

      • Blog comment for the Bobby’s! Blog site.

        12 HAARP devices that I know off, most are in the Northern Hemisphere.
        The IPCC climate change and global warming report used the Northern Hemisphere as evidence to support the Global Warming report and the Arctic melt down. They left out some details like the Antarctic getting more ice than it had in recent recorded history. Consider the Ionosphere Van Allen Belt Nuclear tests conducted by the US since 1959. 1962 Starfish Prime was detonated. How many others that are still classified?
        Did Al Gore know about these tests when he and others in his company pushed for changes in the CFC gas we used in Car and Fridge cooler applications?
        He or his Blood and Gore Investment company had shares in the alternative gas used as replacement. From recollection of the day.
        Again a young Japanese Solicitor from California or Los Angeles brain stormed the carbon trading scheme, who pushed for the carbon trading?
        Was Mr Al Gore involved?
        Check the membership of the Bohemian Grove and in Australia the Fabian Society, then the Bilderberg Group and Club of Rome.
        Consider the Chem Trails and spraying fine metallic particles and chemicals into the air and ask if the HAARP device would work better with an reflective particle surface layer in the sky?
        Legislation existed for weather control devices since 1988 in 1992 Agenda 21 was signed and introduced by UN member countries.
        Can we prove that the HAARP devices can cause earth quakes and storms?
        Tectonic plate movements in known Earth Quake zones will cause these and after shock events.
        No defenite proof! Conspiracy theory??
        Nikola Tesla did state that he could split the earth in half with his harmonic resonance invention and he did cause localised earth quakes in the surrounding area of his lab. HAARP is the modern more powerful and bigger version of his device that was the size of a 3 lt coke bottle.
        But all these things do not prove that the nuclear blasts caused holes in the ozone or are responsible for the earth’s magnetic field getting weaker since 1970 nor do the prove that HAARP and some evil control power freaks are doing this.
        Since I am suspicious and try to read between the lines or pick up on sly messages. I thought what?? And wondered if it was coincidence.
        I wonder why on the news the U N claimed that the typhoon in the Phillipines was NOT caused by climate change??? Stupid press release when we know that area is subject to these events due to its location. All the environmentalists and the UN has been pushing for global climate action are claiming that the global climate events in the past few years are due to Global warming.
        This press release is suspicious as far as I am concerned. A few weeks ago I received an email from the thrive movement and they sent a copy of a news article with the head line Vatican or Catholic Church opposing or fighting the Illuminati? I read it quickly and ignored it. Then this happens. Just prior to the Phillipines the UK and Europe had a hurricane that as far as I know has never happened in that area of the globe, they get cold snaps, heat waves, earth quakes, volcanoes, floods but the hurricane was out of place, went through Germany with winds over 200 Klms. The Phillipines is primarily Catholic is it not?
        A strange coincidence isn’t it? In addition we know that the US has Naval ships in that Area and as such they were the first to arrive to offer assistance. Were they expecting this or monitoring it? The data they could collect for the damage caused would be invaluable if this was an experimental weapon. But this would be in breach of the protocol set up for the HAARP device usage as it is not to be used outside of the Countries borders. Another web site after the Phillipines claimed IT WAS THE CHINESE using HAARP, a day after the typhoon? Wow, this web site had well informed people and to add to this they claimed that the Chines hated and had conflicts with the Phillipines, Japan and Vietnam. They missed Japan didn’t they.
        However, my name is Thomas after ‘doubting Thomas’ and I must be reading into this too much!

        The US arrived first? Hmm, nope that could not be right, just my mind playing tricks on coincidental events. However, the reality is that they are there to offer assistance and first aid to a disaster stricken area.
        God bless them and thank them for their speedy response.
        Disregard all of the above as I did not post this crazy conspiracy based analogy…

  2. Hiroshima, Nagasaki warn Obama on plutonium tests

    HIROSHIMA/NAGASAKI – The mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki separately sent letters of protest to President Barack Obama on Tuesday after the United States revealed it had conducted an experiment using plutonium to examine the capabilities of nuclear weapons between April and June.

    “I just can’t stop being angry,” Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui said, pointing out that Obama two months ago in Berlin proposed reducing stockpiles of U.S. nuclear weapons by up to one-third.

    Nagasaki Mayor Tomihisa Taue said in his letter that the latest testing “let down a lot of people and hurt the sentiment of the bombed places.”

    He then called on the United States to stop all nuclear tests and take the initiative in abolishing nuclear weapons.

    • Thanks, Thomas. Good link.

      The plutonium in the upper atmosphere from Fukushima is interacting with solar activity. This is the same principle as the Z-machine, except on a global scale.

      • No Problems Bobby1.
        It’s all about making people think outside of the box.
        The people visiting this site may also like to watch Thrive what on earth will it take or visit the Thrive web site www,
        And for an objective view there is the Thrive debunked website set up after a month or so after the thrive video was released.
        Another thing I found Interesting was Michael Tellinger from Africa Ubuntu Party. com and his research involving the ancient African structures claimed to be way over 6,000 years old. I am reluctant to believe the 50,000 year probability he claimed. But I am not an archaeologist he is.
        The interesting outcome from this was that he claimed sound and vibration was used by the ancient builders of these structures. The stones he claimed were found around these sites could be used like gongs, Harmonics and Sound. Most of the sites were old Gold mines? Gold for the gods, how interesting I wonder if it was for electrical use, Mono atomic Gold food or just to be crafted into jewellery.
        Some were placed in certain locations that were magnetically aligned with the Earth’s poles and with astral bodies, like the Pyramids. While standing in the circles the GPS Signals failed from GPS devices. There is still energy being transmitted by these ruins according to the author.
        Recent discoveries claimed (as Nikola Tesla did) that the Pyramids were Microwave generators and transmitters. So I have done electronics and this was curious. Research. Then I found a website claiming that a group of undergrads and a teacher managed to push sound waves faster or as fast as light. A few years ago a Technical College teacher advised me that some of the Internet signals (I.T. Course) travel faster than light.
        I responded in a comical way and told him we could built a time machine jokingly. I stated “we could place RJ 45 Cat 5 cables around a framed chair next to a computer, connected up, and walk out a bit younger”. 🙂
        Now I feel silly for not believing him. 🙁
        How do the communication (some are microwave based) frequencies react with our environment?
        In order to get the larger picture here we have to look at a lot of varied information and at times things just do not add up.
        In my search I have often tried to link History, Religion and Science and technology with Human Nature and Psychology. I spent ages going over You Tube and Internet information, The Religion part can be very helpful (A long but detailed version of this is presented by Professor Walter J Veith).
        Then again other things fit in and we can plot a chart and connect the dots.
        Disinformation agents can fool the best of us at times and we have to be careful what we believe. However, other information although it may be hard to swallow and accept may be valid. There could be mistakes and exaggerated agenda based information but it may have facts that could come in handy.
        One thing I have realised. We could spend a life time researching and not learn everything.
        So many hidden and secret agendas some that are staring us in the face and we just ignore them or do not see them.
        People are usually wired to take the easy way out that is handed to them by the establishments.
        These mental and behavioural traits are taught and reinforced into our Psychological make up from birth.
        Our education is often indoctrination.

  3. The Vatican VS The Illuminatti
    and the current weather and climate.
    Could this be modern warfare in action?

    Wednesday 20th Nov 2013

    Italy Sardinia Floods claimed to be aftermath of the Typhoon from the Phillipines on ABC 24 News Cyclone emergency declared.

    Recent news from “thrive” had an Interesting article regarding the Vatican fighting against the Illuminati. Shortly after the Cyclone or Hurricane hit the shores of England moving along Europe and passing Germany with winds over 200 Klms per hr. Never before had this occurred as far as I know in that region of the globe.
    A few weeks later the Phillipines gets slammed and devastated by the typhoon, hurricane combination, 19th Nov 2013 up to 75 cyclones hit mid west USA devastate 6 states in what is considered a non Cyclone period.

    The Philippines is predominantly Catholic.

    What is the connection?

    This is a strange coincidence or is there more to it?

    Under the normal climatic change scenario this would nor raise an eyebrow, however if we look at the HAARP, Nuclear-armed rockets detonated in space since 1959 (Like the Project Starfish Prime in ) and the Chem trails we may be able to draw a line in between the dots?

    Is the Vatican and what it stands for under direct attack?

    Are the Catholics of the world seen as the terrorists that need to be controlled or used as an example to show the rest that we are powerless to do anything and God will not rescue us?

    Strange, some years ago the US Congress labelled religious groups as a threat to national security. I was watching the news at the time.
    Prior to the communist regimes in USSR and China the religious aspects of society were brought under swift control and contained. Some of these freedoms and human rights are still under Government control.

    These were radical Christian groups that more than often try to promote love, peace, freedom and liberty in a democratic and fair manner? Some may have been more radical on an individual basis as per member inclination and personality. A few were and are cults. Break away groups, similar to the Secret Society groups functioning globally?

    Another conspiracy theory?

    If we examine history and the Royal links we can establish connections from the beginning of the Christian period and beyond.
    We can go further to the Sumerian periods some 5,000 years BCE or before Christ.

    However, the primary concern is that the church is supposed to have been the protector of the peoples god given rights entered into a considerable number of Constitutional rights by countries globally.
    If the church is seen as a threat for the creation of a NWO and a OWG that would require a hard line communist system to maintain.

    Yet, another conspiracy theory?
    I hope I am wrong, however it was stated that this may be the period of the last Catholic Pope. If this eventuates how will the other Christian religions be effected?

    • Christianity will NOT be tolerated. They will, “Transport us to a non-physical dimension”. (With the World’s backing)

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