Vermont town to anti-nuke protesters: Don’t pee.

The Vermont town of Vernon, the home of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, has passed an ordinance outlawing public urination and defecation in their town. Anti-nuclear protest organizers have attempted to set up porta-potties in the area, but have not been allowed to do so. Apparently there are no public restroom facilities, and they won’t let them use the facilities in the town hall.

One thing I can think of in response to this, is to pee on the members of the Vernon Select board. But personally, I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

10 thoughts on “Vermont town to anti-nuke protesters: Don’t pee.

  1. Land of the ‘free’ and home of the ‘brave’. Free to do what? Free to follow to the letter of the ‘law’ anything the government tells us to do, nothing more, nothing less. period. Oh, and raise your hand if you have to use the bathroom, they might let you use it, they might not. And don’t pee yourself, you might get arrested for public urination. Watch out toddlers, babies…..

    • for realz… 😉 love you Jilly! Goin (on reading everything you’ve said in recent months, and Bobby’s much valued opinion).. 🙂

    • Vgirl saved me again when I was stranded at a grocery store parking lot (my car battery died). She does all these good works, but she can’t understand sometimes why the world is ungrateful or actually intentionally hurts her in response.

      • Oh Bobby, turned out you didn’t need me there anyway, but it’s nice to have company when your car breaks down…it doesn’t feel quite so lonely. Plus Bubba is entertaining. The mechanic that helped you out was very cool also.

  2. I know in many towns there are ordinances to keep signs of roadways but the business beat the system by parking a van with there logo and inf on them at the roadside. Could they possible load a simi flatbed truck with Porte pot’s on it for the people to use, if it on wheels and mobile they may not be able to do anything to stop them from having a rest rooms on site !

    • I was already all over that idea in my mind!!!! you and I are cut from the same cloth xdrfox!!!! Ha! right this WAY!!!!!! pee HERE ——>

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