Xenon detected by CTBTO, blamed on North Korea.

Fukushima Diary has a story where the CTBTO (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization) radiation monitoring station in Takasaki, Japan has measured elevated levels of xenon-133 and xenon-131m. They say it is due to a North Korean nuclear test on February 12.

The Huffington Post quotes a Reuters story on this detection. Quoting the CTBTO,

“Two radioactive isotopes of the noble gas xenon were identified, xenon-131m and xenon-133, which provide reliable information on the nuclear nature of the source,” it said.

“Detection of radioactive noble gas more than seven weeks after an event is indeed unusual. We did not expect this and it did not happen in 2009,” the CTBTO added, referring to the reclusive country’s previous nuclear test.

Yes, it certainly is unusual to detect the xenon seven weeks after the event. The story posted on the CTBTO website has a graphic, using a depiction of the atmospheric dispersion of these gases. You can see it starting in North Korea on April 7, getting to Takasaki a day later.


Of course, what is really going on is that the release of xenon gas signifies a MAJOR FISSION AND CRITICALITY EVENT at Fukushima.

Going back to the Enenews webcam thread to the period April 7 or so (Japan time):

April 6, 2013 at 12:20 pm Log in to Reply
Close up of…

The Giant RED Spark/Flash/Bolt.

Check it out at 1:14 in on the above recording.

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All I know is it looks very bad….I was hoping it was fog….but I don’t think so. Earlier today I saw several white flashes come from the third building.

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Does anyone here recall seeing it that bad on the Tepco cam before? I know the JNN cam is blacked out sometimes, but I have never seen the Tepco cam like that.

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Interested in people’s thoughts on this:

I’ve seen the plant largely obscured by fog before.

My question: Is what we are seeing actually FOG?

If PattieB is correct in her assessment that the fog is actually radioactive steam then, HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!

I’ve been trying to figure out why Tepco is telling us about the plant power-outages.

It is not like them to admit to something as bad as two power-outages for spent fuel cooling in 3 weeks.

If what we are seeing is a gray out caused by radioactive steam then my guess is that the plant is going to be uninhabitable for awhile, maybe forever.

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I don’t recall it being this bad… since.. oh,.. going into week 2 ?? of April 2011 as far as steam goes. Wasn’t this bad last year at this time.

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Have been observing a persistent flash at the upper right corner of the Common Spent Fuel Pool for several minutes.

Can’t really tell what it is.
Like a welder’s torch maybe?

2013-04-07 20:44 jst

And so on. Here is a youtube video of the JNN/TBS Fukushima cam around this time.

Radiation has been bothering me more the last two weeks than anytime since last June. And I believe that was a skinny rogue plume. This looks more like a major cloud over the northern hemisphere.

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  1. Yes I think you are correct

    Tepco has now announced three outages of spent fuel cooling, all caused by rats.

    I think there must be some code for those in the know. Maybe the rats are meant to signify ‘duck and cover or run fast.’

    Thank you for your great analysis, as usual

    • Majia, since all the xenon in the underground coriums has been released, this criticality must be in a spent fuel pool. And judging from the comments, it sounds like the common pool. This has way more radioactivity than SPF #4 which everyone talks about.

      • The dry cask storage area appears to be the source of emissions now visible on the TBS cam, since a more panoramic view became available a few days ago

        I think there must be a reasonTBS widened the view

  2. Thanks for the heads up….more 2010 seaweed soup on the way…..actually, never stop taking the stuff…

    Maybe Korea was hit too…kids started getting sick on the 10th and are just getting over a cold.. i got sick last week but over it quite quickly…

    ass clowns….the whole bunch

  3. Bobby1, are you sure that all the gases are gone from the begining? Because steam events still follow the 2 weeks pattern. Sometimes not so strong and sometimes really horrible. This one at 6-7 of April was one of the worst and at 18-19 was weaker, though tbs was shut down and there were no records on 18, so we can be missing things.

    • pure water, welcome. I know that xenon doesn’t just sit there for 7 weeks. The wind would have to be perfectly calm the whole time, which never happens. The steam events do happen every two weeks, on average, but the xenon from the underground coriums went away a long time ago. We are seeing the spent fuel pools contributing more and more over time to radioactivity emissions. Which are a lot worse.

      • Thank you! Your investigations are very interesting, as usually. From statistical point of view people should pay attention to your data for the mortality rate, but they are trained to listen to the established experts, not to check the methodology. On the other hand the experts have no other choice, then to fix things the way they can be accepted by larger audience without making themselves vulnerable.(The carrot and the stick for them are bigger).
        I wish there is a chance and search for it in Nature. It is older, stronger and evidently wiser than humanity.

        • Nature is taking care of the radioactivity problem, by having fungi consume it… so the radionuclides collect in the fungus and are removed from the rest of the environment. Unfortunately, plants, animals and people are full of the radionuclides that are consumed.

    • Yeah, not only did we have a Fuku criticality, but the LaSalle plant was venting radiation recently. Hopefully the LaSalle radiation is mostly out of here. Except for what fell in the rain and in now in the soil, of course.

    • Gail, looking on your recent post, at the map of critical load exceedance… the tree damage last year followed that map, except there was less from central Virginia, and south from there. Richmond VA had almost no damage, while Baltimore, a couple hundred miles north, had awful damage.

  4. Bobby

    I believe it is the water storage pools. I think they are having sub-criticalities.

    I will post my analysis tomorrow but look at these screen shots
    Major steam/smoke release

    Black tendrils FROM THE GROUND envelope the plant

    For though I walk through the darkest valley

        • Hey dr fox. Like I said to Majia in her blog, my visual acuity has decreased, so it’s hard for me to judge what is going on from the videos.

          I know Tepco is taking fuel assemblies out of the common pool, and transferring them to dry cask storage, to make room for assemblies from SFP #4. They might be taking them out before they’re ready. Majia thinks the storage tanks are going critical. I don’t know what it is, except the main problem lately is not the underground coriums.

          Sorry, moving slow… got some sun this week, very fatigued, but actually went out for a walk today. I haven’t done any exercise for 2 years. Both good and bad things going on.

          • Yes, before they are ready, ..many may be long before a six to eight year water cooled storage, ..would seem futile to try to dry storage them ? Maybe just to move them to another pool somewhere nearby ? This Xenon gas shows something is a miss for some time. Hope you can take more walks, see some wildlife up close.

  5. Yes,..the fungus is a two edged sword,…..it’s eating the radiation we ingest,…but then when that’s gone,….it starts munching away on your liver and brain, et. all,……

    O.K., God,…….remember that little bit about returning before ‘those days’ get so bad that no flesh can survive? Ummmmmmmm, if you ask the sea lion, seal, and manatee,…now might be a good time, Yes? I’m all packed and ready-Thanks! 🙂

    • Mark 13:27, the angels will gather the elect from the uttermost part of the earth to the uttermost part of heaven…

      I’m ready to be gathered!

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